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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Speakers in 2024

With each passing day, technology has been evolving immensely, offering new forms of communication now and then. The latest addition to AI technology is the emergence of the AI speaker.

With AI speakers, you can create the speech by entering the prompt, and these artificial intelligence speakers won't make any mistakes, turning the text into a brilliant speech. Get into this post to explore the top 10 best speakers in the world.

Part 1: 10 Top AI Speakers in the World

Finding the appropriate AI keynote speakers is difficult, but this post has other ideas allowing you to explore the 10 outstanding artificial intelligence speakers.

1.Ajay Agrawal

Ajay Agrawal is also the founder and economist of The Creative Disruption lab. Ajay appeared on 1000 startups in the past few years and knows everything about artificial intelligence. If you ask us about one of the most popular and efficient artificial intelligence keynote speakers, we won't shy away from naming Ajay Agrawal, as he has immense experience and composure in making the AI artificial intelligence technology look better than ever.

artificial intelligence keynote speaker

2.Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson also works for the WIRED and is currently the 350-person media company's CEO.

Nick is good at making AI-generated strategies and is fairly reliable when asking questions to ChatGPT or other artificial intelligence services. He enjoys 1.5 million followers on LinkedIn and has been one of the sharpest and quickest minds around.

nick thompson


Kate Crawford maintains that artificial intelligence wouldn't have been as potent as it is without the assistance of people. She tends to develop news stories and ideas about artificial intelligence. Her value is top notch as multiple big artificial intelligence companies take the assistance from Kate Crawford.

artificial intelligence keynote speakers


Another powerful and commendable AI speaker you can watch out for is Radhika Dirks. She has single-handedly revolutionized the concept of AI technology, and her ideas proved correct and excellent in taking the growth of AI technology to the later and advanced stages.

artificial intelligence keynote speakers


Nita FARAHANY knows how to use AI technology for good and has been one of the most reliable and breathtaking AI keynote speakers. When you throw a query at her, she doesn't waste any time responding to that particular query. The substantial thing to like about this AI speaker is that she thinks about the future of the ai.

top speakers in the world

6.Douglas Rushkoff

You can read out the several brilliant artificial intelligence speakers going around, but getting the more efficient and popular person like Douglas Rushkoff is fairly difficult. Douglas has a clear mind when it comes to exploring the AI powered technology and he single handedly solved multiple complicated queries thrown at him.

Douglas suggests that we must not let the AI technology become an unknown force as controlling it is fairly important to make it more powerful and attractive.

artificial intelligence speaking

7.Salman Khan

If you're aiming for an AI speaker containing the transformative potential of AI, Salman Khan could be a case study for you. Salman Khan has maintained that the emergence of AI tools could turn out to be great mentors and assists for the people aiming to make a mark in the artificial industry.

The thing to like about Salman Khan is that he works based on research and tends to solve complex questions through artificial intelligence.

ai speaker

8.Jeremy Gutsche

Jeremy Gutsche is another powerful and sublime AI speaker that doesn't look back while suggesting others to rely upon the certain data generated by the artificial intelligence. Jeremy Gutsche is a Trend Hunter's CEO and Jeremy Gutsche is fairly good at making and developing the different strategies depending upon the AI technology and making the artificial intelligence thrive better than ever.

jeremy gutsche

9.Justin Reilly

Like the Internet brought vast innovations in the digital world, the emergence of AI technology has taken this world to a storm coming up with various flawless and eye-catching ideas. Justin Reilly is Wavelo's CEO and also served as Verizon's head product.

Justin Reilly maintains that AI is now built into the hearts of people and taking it out from the people's heart won't be possible. Justin Reilly isn't shying away from teaching his followers a new lesson about artificial intelligence and how this technology holds the credentials to make the lives of others better than ever.

ai keynote speaker

10.Alexandra Samuel

Alexandra Samuel reveals that he is going to create a new workplace where all the matters of artificial intelligence will be discussed thoroughly. Apart from being Remote Inc's co-author, Alexander Samuel is a brilliant digital workplace expert.

She is excellent at giving amazing presentations about AI technology, and her new ideas surely helped artificial intelligence to get better and more manageable.

ai speaker generator

Part 2: Best AI Tool with Multiple Artificial Intelligence Speakers

You are watching a video but unfortunately couldn't understand the meaning courtesy of the language barrier. Aiming at the English speaker would have been a great help for you, allowing you to understand the meaning of the video.

Luckily, you can go for the HitPaw Video Translator that has the reputation of translating the video automatically becoming one of the best AI keynote speakers. While adding the subtitles to the video, HitPaw AI Translator doesn't affect the video quality, and uploading the videos in several formats is also possible.

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Here's the step by step guide to translate the video through HitPaw Online AI video translator.

Step 1:

Install the HitPaw AI Video Translator and start the program afterwards. Next, you'll need to navigate to YouTube, choose the video you'd like to translate and copy the URL address of the video. Move back to the HitPaw Online AI video translator, paste the copied URL address, and let the HitPaw Online video translator analyze the URL address.

ai speaker

Step 2:

Select the language you'd like to transform the video into, and then you can customize the multiple other settings. Click on the Translate button to begin translating the video, as it only takes a few moments before getting the footage translated.

text to speech

Step 3:

Now, you'll need to preview the video and then hit the Export icon to download the video to the computer having the original quality. If you're using a fast internet connection, the process is going to take only a few moments, and importing multiple videos and then translating them simultaneously is also possible as it supports batch processing.

ai speaker voice

Final Words

If you're searching for an artificial intelligence keynote speaker, this post could be a game-changer. We have listed the 10 top AI speakers that can make the artificial intelligence-using experience memorable and brilliant.

We have also recommended the HitPaw Video Translator that stimulates translating the videos into multiple languages without messing up the quality of the video.

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