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Popular Questions

You can use all functions of HitPaw Video Editor in the free trial version. The only limitation is that your exported video will contain a watermark.

Yes. All sounds available in the HitPaw Video Editor are copyright-free and can be used for business purposes.

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Download video or audio speed is affected by network speed.

You need to disconnect and reconnect to the network, then download file.

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The minimum size of HitPaw Toolkit interface is 1100*620, if the display resolution of your computer is less than this value, this issue will occur. Please check your computer resolution or try to use it on another one with higher resolution.

This problem may occur when your driver is too low to play the video. Please update the drivers for the graphics card on your computer.

Please quit HitPaw Toolkit completely and then, reopen it. This problem can be fixed.

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Please check whether other applications are using the webcam, if so, please exit it and then try to record again, the issue will be solved.

First of all, make sure your display resolution is 4K, and then go to HitPaw Screen Recorder’s Settings, choose General, select the original resolution. Once finished, go back to record full screen, the output video resolution will be 4K.

1. Select the game from the game list, check whether the game screen appears in the screen monitoring, if so, the game can be recorded normally; if not, please check solution two.

2. Select the game from the application list, check whether the game screen appears in the screen monitoring, if so, the game can be recorded normally; if not, please check solution three.

3. Select Record Webcam function from the main interface, and check whether there is a capture card in the device drop-down list. If there is, select it, then you can record the capture card screen normally.

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The “Undo” function only works for the "Create Selection" operation, which means it cannot help to revoke operations such as zooming and moving the selection. If you click the "Undo" button, only the last created selection will be undone.

Mac version only has one video removing mode and only Windows version has four video removing mode at the moment. The website alsready points out matte filling, color filling and gaussian blur are only avaliable for Windows computer.

First of all, you need to choose the correct removing mode. If your video background is very complicated, you can use the matte filling function and if it is with single-color background, you can try color filling. For other cases, you can use the remaining removing modes.

Secondly, Select a small part of the watermark and remove it one part by one part. It will be much cleaner.

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If you are using HitPaw Compressor free trial version, you can only compress video/image up to 5 at once and you are not allowed to customize the output resolution and size.

There is no file size limit in both trial version and premiere version of HitPaw Compressor.

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Please check whether if your picture was edited by other photo editors. If so, you will have this problem. Because our software cannot perform on these pictures.

HitPaw Photo Enhancer cannot work very well on Win 7 poor- performance computer as it will occupy a lot of CPU and cause the computer to process slowly.

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