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Once the history is deleted, it cannot be restored. Please exercise caution, the system will prompt you again before deleting.

Watermark removal is a PRO membership feature. You can remove the watermark by purchasing membership, daily first sharing videos on social media, set a notification or rating us.

  • Please check whether there is enough space on your phone to save the video;
  • If your phone freezes or exits abnormally when exporting the video, please provide the Android version number, CPU, storage space and other information in the Setting - Feedback, and we will arrange technician to solve these problems for you.

The issue may be caused by the following reasons:

  • It may be that non-members use member functions, such as high-definition export. Please purchase a membership first or do not use the membership function;
  • If the app crashes when exporting the video, please restart the app;
  • Insufficient storage space;
  • If there is an error in sharing to TikTok or Ins, the authorization of the third-party APP may be abnormal or the network may be abnormal.

The issue may be caused by the following reasons:

  • You have not logged in to the payment account;
  • The network is abnormal;
  • The bank card balance is insufficient;
  • The payment account is abnormal.

You can purchase a membership by clicking the membership icon on the home page, the watermark on the editing page and exporting the video in 1080P.

Please check if your membership has expired.

If you logged into iTunes successfully and did not operate iTunes during the conversion process, please contact us with log files.

If the mobile phone time does not match the actual time, the request cannot be made. It can be accessed normally by modifying it to the normal time.

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