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How to Add Background Music to a Video (Desktop/Online/Mobile App)

A guide on how to use various installable and online video editing software solutions to help you know how to add background music to a video.

How to Convert Video to Gif (Ways You Must Know)

It is not a problem to convert video to GIF these days. Read the article to find multiple ways to achieve your target with ease.

How to Cut Parts of a Video in iMovie (Ultimate Solutions Here)

How to cut parts of a video in iMovie will not be a problem, check this article, we will tell you how to cut out parts of video on iMovie with Mac, iPhone and also many iMovie alternatives.

Is There iMovie for Windows? What's the Best iMovie Alternative for Windows

Are you looking for some good alternatives for iMovie for Windows. In this article, we have shared 10 best alternatives to iMovie.

How to Remove Shutterstock Watermark (Step by Step Guide)

Shutterstock provide images and videos with its text watermark imprinted on them. Removing a watermark may look a bit complicated but with the right software and website, you can remove shutterstock watermark without any difficulty. Take a look at the below article to learn more.

Top 9 Free Watermark Software You Need Are Here!

Are you worried and looking to watermark your photos, you are at the right place. Watermark is an image, overlay, or text used as a security to protect your original hard owned content from misuse. To make your life easier, Watermark thousands of your photos in just a click. In this article, you will find the 9 top best free watermark software.

5 Best Ways to Remove Watermark from Photos

Removing a watermark from a picture to give you a clear image becomes pretty simple because of the various tools available out there. All these advanced tools can help you remove watermark from photo by pressing few buttons.

Top 5 AVI Players Worth Your Try

Are you looking for a tool to play AVI file in your computer? This article is exactly what you need. This article will review and list the best 5 AVI players for you, and tell you how to choose among the best AVI players. Also, we will compare the 5 best AVI file players so that you have a comprehensive understanding.

Best Ways to Convert VOB to MP4 Windows 10 (Vlc&Ffmpeg&Handbrake Included)

It is not uncommon to convert video files to another format in our daily life. In this article, we will show you how to convert VOB to MP4 Windows 10. Therefore, you can follow the instructions described by the 4 little-known ways to convert VOB to MP4 in the Windows computer step by step.

How to Remove Filmora Watermark: Official and Free Ways

Have you ever used Filmora? Do you know how to remove Filmora watermark? Check this article to learn the detailed steps to remove watermark from Filmora with/without paying.

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