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Compress Videos without Losing Quality

  • Preserve the original quality of your videos while reducing file size
  • 1000 + video formats supported: MP4, AVI, MOV, and more
  • Compress multiple videos with just one click. Up to 100G support
  • Fine-tune compression parameters to meet your specific requirements
  • Preview compressed videos before finalizing to ensure satisfaction
hitpaw video compressor

The Best AI Video Size Reducer - Maximize Quality, Minimize Size

HitPaw Video Compressor empowers you to compress MP4, MOV, MKV, and other video files to the minimum possible size with no noticeable loss in quality.

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Compress 10000+ Video Formats

This video file compressor is designed to effortlessly handle a wide array of video formats and encoders including MP4, MOV, MKV, H264, H265, 4K, 8K, etc., allowing you to compress and optimize videos with ease. Embrace the versatility of format support and compress videos seamlessly.

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Batch Compress mp4

Effortless Efficiency: Batch Compress Video

Elevate your video compression workflow with our batch video compression feature. You can effortlessly reduce file size of multiple videos in one go. You can customize different settings for each file, or apply the same compression settings to all files to maintain a uniform quality and file size.

batch compress video without losing quality
compress mp4 without losing quality

Redefining High-Quality Compression

Our cutting-edge lossless compressor is engineered to reduce file sizes without sacrificing quality. Whether you're a content creator, professional videographer, you can rest assured that your videos will retain their high quality throughout the compression process.

compress video with no quality loss
compress video with different settings

Tailored Compression Settings

HitPaw Video Compressor offers customizable settings tailored to your unique preferences. You can adjust the slider to implement custom compression presets across the entire batch, ensuring that specific quality and format requirements are met consistently for each video.

video compressing settings
preview compress quality

Real-Time Preview Compression

Use our video compressor's real-time preview feature to let you fine-tune and perfect your videos on the fly. No more guesswork – you can see exactly how your video will look before final compression. Video editors and content creators have greater creative control, as they can experiment with various compression parameters in real time.

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From Boardrooms to Social Feeds: Video Compression for All

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How to Compress Videos with Easy Steps

  • 01

    Add Files

    Choose HitPaw Video Compressor feature and import videos(s)

  • 02

    Compress Settings

    Set compress settings for the imported video(s)

  • 03

    Preview and Compress

    Preview your settings and click Compress All to start compressing video(s)


Add Files

Choose HitPaw Video Compressor feature and import videos(s)


Compress Settings

Set compress settings for the imported video(s)


Preview and Compress

Preview your settings and click Compress All to start compressing video(s)

6,000,000+ People Love Us

Convenient to compress video

I am a video editor and I always need to compress the video file size. My computer is MacBook and I use HitPaw Video Converter for Mac to reduce MP4 file size. It supports compressing in bulk. I like it. So convenient.

user review about hitpaw video compressor hitpaw video compressor review hitpaw video compressor user review

Bob in London


HitPaw Video Compressor gives me a surprise, its great compress and conversion speed helped me process my files within minutes. Unbelievable! I can compress a big video to smaller size without noticeable quality loss.

is hitpaw video compressor good is hitpaw video compressor safe what users say about hitpaw video compressor

Nafisa in USA

Great converter and Compressor

When editing video, I always come across many video or audio files in various formats. In order to unify the formats and improve efficiency, I need to convertthe files to a unitifed format in bulk, sometimes I need to reduce file size. Hitpaw Video Converter supports batch compression and conversion.

avatar avatar avatar

Salmaan al-Naim in Arab

FAQs for HitPaw Video Compressor

HitPaw Video Compressor helps you to reduce a video size for different purposes. You can customize compression settings to gain the best quality.

  • Launch the program and choose Video/Image Compressor feature from the Toolbox
  • import your videos
  • Set the compression level
  • Preview the compressed video
  • Click the Compress button to start compressing videos without losing quality

Using a video compressor is generally safe when you use reputable and trusted software. HitPaw Video Compressor is proved to be safe and intuitive to use.

Yes, there are several free video compression tools available that allow you to compress your videos free such as VLC, HandBrake and online tools. It is worth mentioning that free video compressors often have fewer features compared to professional compressor tools. This limitation may affect the customization options and the overall control users have over the compression process.

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