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Detailed Steps to Unblur Text Image Shown in 2024 for Various Platforms

It might be annoying when you snap a shot with cloudy or unclear lettering. You can unblur and sharpen the text, whether it's a street sign in the backdrop or writing on a page. Image text enhancer can assist in unblurring and sharpening text in your photos to fix this frequent photo problem.

These picture editing apps use AI technology to recognize text sections and brighten details automatically. We will discuss four of the best text enhancers for both online and desktop use. With these powerful yet simple tools, you can unblur text image and make blurry words clear.

image text enhancer

Part 1: How to Unblur Text in an Image Online

1. HitPaw Online

An easy-to-use AI-powered image text enhancer is HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer. Text in your images may be effortlessly sharpened and unblurred online using its one-click photo enhancement feature. AI Enhance, Face Enhance, and Object Enhance are just a few enhancement options on HitPaw Online. The AI-powered tool can recognize text sections and enhance details automatically.

Important Characteristics:
  • One-click picture enhancement driven by AI
  • Extra manual editing features, such as noise reduction and sharpening
  • Compatibility with JPG, PNG, WEBP, and other formats
  • Free to use with the option to watermark
How to Unblur Text in an Image:
  • Step 1:Enter the website and submit your grainy picture there.

    Enhance Now!
  • Step 2:To have text automatically detect and sharpen, use the "AI upscale" option in pro features.

    unblur text image
  • Step 3:You can also use the default upscale option in free features and hit preview. The text will be now clear and enhanced.

    how to unblur text in an image
  • Step 4:Download the improved image. Use the paid Premium membership for downloading without the watermark.

    how to unblur text in an image online

HitPaw Online Picture Enhancer is potent yet user-friendly. AI picture-enhancing engine makes sharpening and unblur photograph text simple. The automatic one-click tools and customized manual editing offer a comprehensive solution for picture text improvement.

2. Media.io

You may sharpen and unblur text in your photographs using Media.io, an online image editing tool. It makes the procedure exceedingly simple with its sophisticated AI technologies.

Here, learn how to unblur text in an image online:
  • 1.Upload your fuzzy photo with blurred text in AI photo enhancer on Media.io.

    how to read blurred text on a photo
  • 2.To automatically unblur text, click the “Upscaler" option. Upsizing and sharpening the text is what Media.io does.

    unblur words in photo
  • 3.Get the improved picture as a PDF, JPG, or PNG download.

    unblur words in photo
  • Simplified process and an intuitive interface.
  • Superb AI for text improvement that happens automatically.
  • It is browser-based, so it is compatible with all devices.
  • Access to all segments requires a paid subscription.
  • Handle with less dexterity than with desktop tools.
  • Better photos watermark feature Media.io.

The one-click AI text improvement feature from Media.io makes it simple to sharpen and unblur phrases in your photographs online. Text photos with fuzzy text may be quickly restored with helpful manual tools and automated restoration. With all factors considered, Media.io provides a user-friendly web interface with a strong and approachable solution for everyone who needs to unblur words in photo and phrases from their images.

3. Pixelied

With the help of strong AI, Pixelied is an easy-to-use online tool that can improve and unblur images, including text areas. Its algorithms can eliminate censorship, blur, and expose information from photos with just a few clicks.

Here are the ways how to unblur words in a picture:
  • Step 1:Click on create a design in your workspace.

    how to unblur words in a picture
  • Step 2:Click on My files and upload the picture with blurred text.

    how to unblur writing on a picture
  • Step 3:Now if you have purchased the pro features, you can simply try photo enhancer tool.

    how to unblur writing on a picture
  • Step 4:Or in any case, you can employ the “Basic Adjustment” tools for areas of blurriness. Along with exposure, adjust contrast. To improve the readability of the text, use the sharpness sliders as necessary.

    how to unblur writing on a photo
  • Step 5:Click on download icon and choose the download options to save the improved picture.

  • Easy-to-use UI for effortless editing.
  • Outstanding AI to improve text automatically.
  • A watermarked version is available for free.
  • Full features require a paid membership.
  • Advanced manual tools might be available.
  • Limited support for file types

Anyone may effortlessly and rapidly interpret the text in photographs using Pixelied's sophisticated AI corrections and user-friendly UI. Combining the automated improvements with human tools that may be customized provides a simple way how to read blurred text on a photo.

With all aspects assessed, Pixelied is a user-friendly web tool that uses cutting-edge AI to unblur writing in photo. With a few clicks, you can make obscured words and phrases legible and understandable again.

Part 2: Best PC Solutions to Unblur Words in Photo

Do you want to know how to unblur writing on a photo? Although text in individual photographs may be unblurred using web tools, it is advisable to use specialist software to enhance many photos or get professional results. When you need to unblur lettering in an image, dependable photo editing software offers more power and customization than simple web editors.

An automatic picture enhancer explicitly designed for text unblurring is the most effective solution. A great option that may be used for batch processing is HitPaw Photo AI, which uses AI technology to enhance typography.

unblur text image with hitpaw

Important components:

  • AI photo improvement with just one click
  • Handheld brushes and sharpening instruments
  • Batch procedure to remove blur from text in many images
  • Additional effects and filters

Video Tutorial to Unblur Text

Here are steps to guide how to unblur writing on a picture:
  • Step 1:Install the software and upload a noisy image with unclear text to HitPaw Photo AI.

  • Step 2:For automatically sharpened text, go to resolution feature.

    how to read blurred text on a photo with hitpaw
  • Step 3:Select the resolution enhancing option as per requirement. Then click preview and the software will process the photo and improve the text.

    unblur words in photo with hitpaw
  • Step 4:Click export to save.

    unblur writing in photo with hitpaw

HitPaw Photo AI is the most sophisticated way to bring back clarity to incomprehensible text in your images with its AI-powered automation and convenient manual editing options. It facilitates the rapid and effective unblurring of text on an image or group of photographs directly on your desktop.

Part 3: FAQs about How to Read Blurred Text on a Photo

Q1. Can I recover blurry text from a photo?

A1. HitPaw Photo AI, an internet tool, helps you recover cloudy text.

Q2. How to unblur text in photo with Photoshop?

A2. Make use of Photoshop's Brush tool and Sharpen filter.


Internet editors can provide quick fixes for image improvement, but downloading software yields the greatest results especially when working with several photos. Robust artificial intelligence (AI) photo enhancers like HitPaw Photo AI offer rich automation and customization options unavailable on regular internet platforms.

It is easy to restore clarity to fuzzy text in your photographs using HitPaw's one-click AI optimization tool and manual sharpening and editing options. Finally, the fastest and most efficient method for removing unintelligible words and phrases from photographs is to use an image text enhancer like HitPaw.

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