What is Edimakor AI Coins?

  • · Edimakor 3.1 introduces AI Coins, a versatile coin management tool.
  • · Every user gets an AI Coins account for accessing advanced AI features.
  • · Coin usage varies based on the complexity of the AI task.
  • · The user can check the coin balance and history via the Edimakor Account.

Why does Edimakor deduct coins?

Edimakor spends a lot on research and development to offer advanced AI features, including high costs for algorithm models. Each time users use these AI features, it uses up server resources. That's why Edimakor deducts Coins.

How to Get Edimakor AI Coins?

Users can earn AI Coins in several ways:

  • · Receive 60 bonus coins when you first log in to Edimakor 3.1 or a later version.
  • · Get additional coins by purchasing an Edimakor paid plan, with the amount varying based on the plan chosen.

What are the consumption rules for Edimakor AI Coins?

AI Features Consumption rules
Speech-to-Text 10 Coins/Minute
Text-to-Speech 1 Coin/40 Word
AI Copywriting 4 Coins/Time
Bilingual subtitles 1 Coin/120 Words