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The “Undo” function only works for the "Create Selection" operation, which means it cannot help to revoke operations such as zooming and moving the selection. If you click the "Undo" button, only the last created selection will be undone.

Mac version only has one video removing mode and only Windows version has 5 video removing modes at the moment. The website alsready points out AI model, matte filling, color filling and gaussian blur are only avaliable for Windows computer.

First of all, you need to choose the correct removing mode. If your video background is very complicated, you can use the matte filling function and if it is with single-color background, you can try color filling. For other cases, you can use the remaining removing modes. Secondly, Select a small part of the watermark and remove it one part by one part. It will be much cleaner.

Please try a different media player. The player that comes with the Windows and Mac system supports fewer encoding formats. You can try these two free ad-free players:

The hardware acceleration setting will be displayed if the computer supports hardware acceleration.

The problem is related to the graphics card driver version. Here is the guidelines for Upgrading Graphics Cards - How to Update Graphics Driver.

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