How to Update Graphics Driver

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If you find that you can't play videos in HitPaw products, or the interface of the software is just black even if you have already uploaded your video to it. This guide will help you solve the issue.

With the help of our R&D team, we find that this issue often occurs when the Graphics Card of your computer is not working well. Thus, please check and update your Graphics Card, and then try to use our software again.

Method 1: How to Update Graphics Card from Windows System

The easiest way to update Graphics Card is check the updates from your Windows system, below is the detailed steps:

  • 1. Find the taskbar on your Windows computer.

  • 2. Enter “Device Manager” in the search box.

  • 3. You will find “Device Manager” from the search result, now click on it.

  • 4. From the next interface, double click on “Display adapters”.

    how to update graphics driver
  • 5. Now you will find the Graphics Card listed below it, right-click on the Graphics Card you need to update.

  • 6. Select Update driver.

    how to update graphics driver windows 10
  • 7. At last, click on Search automatically for updated driver software, Windows will start to find and update driver automatically.

    how to update graphics card

However, sometimes Windows may cannot find a new driver, now you will need to use the second method, follow us to know more.

Method 2: How to Update Graphics Driver from Manufacturer's Website

There are 3 main Graphics Card Manufacturer: AMD, Nvidia and Intel. Now, we will talk about them one by one.

How to Update AMD Graphics Driver

  • 1. Go to this AMD’s support page: AMD support center

  • 2. Click on the Download Now button to download the Graphics Card.

    amd radeon how to update drivers
  • 3. Follow AMD’s instruction to install the Graphics Card.

How to Update Graphics Card Nvidia

  • 1. Go to this page: Nvidia official website.

  • 2. Select the details of the Graphics Card you need to update.

  • 3. Click on SEARCH.

  • 4. Check the details and then click on DOWNLOAD.

    how to update nvidia drivers windows 10
  • 5. Install the latest driver to your computer.

How to Update Intel Graphics Driver

  • 1. Go to the download center of Intel: Intel Graphics Driver.

  • 2. Select the products and operating system you need.

  • 3. From the result list, click on the driver matched to your computer.

  • 4. Click Download and install it to your computer.

    how to update intel graphics driver windows 10

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