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Le Ssarafim Vocals at Coachella Blamed for Poor Performance

The Coachella Music Festival has become a global vocal point as thousands flock to the desert town, Indio at the Empire Polo Club, in South California over the two consecutive April weekends every year. Celebrities, fashion, and artistry usually dominate this music festival. With all the preparations and much anticipation, Coachella 2024 performances had many challenges including the controversial Le Ssarafim's vocal skills.

LE SSERAFIM's stage performance at the Coachella Music Festival 2024 caused controversy by singing all on an open mic. Watching the team's spectacular performance will warm your heart but the vocals will put you off. We recommend using the vocal remover feature in the HitPaw Video Converter to remove the vocals.

le sserafim performs at Coachella 2024

Part 1: Le Sserafim History and Members Profiles

Le Ssarafim is a South Korean girl group made up of 5 members namely Kazuha, Sakura, Kim Chae-won, Huh Yun-jin, and Hong Eun-chae. This music group was formed on January 12, 2022, under Source Music. Together they have released albums like the Antifragile, and Fearless that have led the team to winning a Platinum certification.

2023 was another fruitful day for Le Ssarafim. They released their first studio album Perfect Night and Unforgiven which was ranked number two in South Korea and earned certified gold for streaming in Japan. Last year, the group released its first English-language digital single “Perfect Night”. On November 2023, Le Ssarafim performed at BlizzCon an entertainment event organized by Blizzard Entertainment to promote its major gaming franchises.

In April 2024, Le Ssarafim on a journey to practice for the Coachella Music Festival an effort that was evident in their well-coordinated girl group style.

le sserafim history and members profiles

Part 2: Le Sserafim Draws Mixed Reviews at Coachella 2024

It's barely two years since the Le Ssarafim group was formed but their performances give a story of a musical group with years of experience. The Coachella 2024 Music Festival attendees were attracted by their energetic performances. Despite netizens' outcry over the group's live performance, Le Ssarafim performed 10 songs at the Sahara Stage which took about 40 minutes on April weekend one.

The group premiered with their unreleased song “1-800-hot-n-fun”. Other songs Le Sserafim performed include The Antifragile, Eve, Psyche, and the Bluebeard's Wife, Perfect Night, The Great Mermaid', and Fire in the Belly. The Loise Vuitton looks displayed by this K-Pop group were an obsession to many and a game changer from the weekend one performance.

le sserafim vocal skills draws mixed reviews at coachella 2024

While the online community criticized Le Sserafim's vocal ability, the fans present at Coachella sang along in Korean and fan chants could be heard clearly. The complaints around Le Sserafim's live mic performance at Coachella continue with more fans showcasing their frustrations online.

People criticized some of the group members' open-mic singing abilities. Among the ridicule comments from YouTube audiences include “Lesserafim was a mess at Coachella”, “vocals, oh no” and “.” Instagram posts featuring Le Sserafim's part performance received comments like “They are not singing, they are screaming”, “What happened to the vocals?”, “I love Le Sserafim but I think Coachella is too much for them”, and “Sorry, but their vocals were terrible”.

Other worse comments went beyond vocals to showing hatred toward the group members such as the comment below.

criticizing le sserafim's live vocals at coachella

On Reddit, Le Sserafim's followers also criticized some of the member's vocal abilities. Sakura was the most mentioned. Listening to the team performing on an open mic, the vocals undoubtedly aren't worth listening to.

Part 3: Watch Le Sserafim Coachella Performance Without the Bad Vocal

Millions of people have watched Le Ssefarim's weekend one-stage performance. Their extraordinary performance was worth viewing. Whether a DJ or a dance enthusiast, you would enjoy more watching Le Sserafim's weekend one performance without the vocals. It's the live singing on open mic that you wouldn't want your video viewers to hear for it's poor.

lesserafim criticized for poor live vocals

Le Sserafim's elevated dynamic dance break affirming the performer's dance prowess can only be felt if the stage performance is watched without the live vocals. To upload Le Sserafim's Coachella stage performance, you'll need a reliable video downloader with an outstanding vocal remover like the HitPaw Vocal Remover. The AI vocal remover feature in this software not only separates the vocals from the audio but also the dance.

HitPaw Vocal Remover Features

  • One-click vocal extractor to help isolate Le Sserafim's spectacular performance from the poor vocals.
  • Removes vocals from a song and live vocals for karaoke using an advanced AI Algorithm that analyses the vocals precisely.
  • Supports 1000+ video and audio formats, so you can use it to separate vocals from any file.
  • 100% safe to use.
  • Works on both Windows and Mac systems.

How To Remove Vocal from a Song/Video with HitPaw Vocal Remover

Here is the simplest way to remove vocals from Le Sserafilm's songs

  • Step 1:Download, install, and launch HitPaw Video Converter on your computer. Choose the “Toolbox” tab and select “Vocal Remover”.

    hitpaw vocal remover
  • Step 2:If you haven't downloaded Le Sserafim's Coachella performance video, follow this simple guide to download the 40-minute performance in seconds into your gallery. After downloading your video, add the video to the vocal remover.

    adding video or audio to extract the vocal
  • Step 3:The AI vocal remover will analyze Le Sserafim's video and two audio tracks, an instrumental track and a vocal track will be shown on your screen. Select the vocal track and click the Export button. This will remove the vocal from the video.

    removing vocal from video using hitpaw vocal remover


On April 13, 2024, Le Sserafim surprised their audiences with impressive performance skills at the Coachella 2024 Music Festival. Despite all the chants from the fans, their vocal abilities became the source of criticism with social media users asserting Le Sserafim's stage lacked vocal ability.

It's a video you wouldn't love to watch with the vocals. We recommend using HitPaw Vocal Remover to remove the video vocals.

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