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(Updated!) BEST 5 AI Singer Generators You Cannot Miss in 2024

With the advancements in artificial intelligence technology, the music industry is also making use of AI in different programs. This led to the innovation of the powerful singer generator that focuses on converting the lyrics to songs by incorporating text-to-speech technology. Some even facilitate voice modulation, voice-to-voice generation, and voice cloning of singers' voices.

In this guide, let's learn more about an AI singer generator with some leading AI singer voice generator apps and online tools.

Part 1: Get to Know AI Singer Generator

AI Singer Generator

An AI singer generator uses deep learning technologies to analyze human singers' voices to create natural-sounding artificial vocal performances, thus improving your music production experience. Some work as text-to-speech tools, turning your prompts into voice tracks instead of generating human-like speech. In contrast, others are capable of imitating your recorded singing voices and replicating a singing voice clone with voice-to-voice technology.

Due to their AI algorithms, the output is not like traditional robotic vocals and auto-tuned music. An advanced AI singer generator can help you create song covers with their singer models.

Part 2: BEST AI Singer Generator on Windows/Mac (PC)

In this technological age, if you are seeking an exceptional application to create song covers that are better than the original, HitPaw AI Song Cover is the ultimate solution. It comes with an AI Song Cover feature that offers updated artist models. You can either upload the recorded audio and video file or paste the YouTube URL to create expressive covers of popular songs. Its cutting-edge technology helps you adjust the parameters of the desired singer, like pitch and similarity level. Thus, you can achieve high-quality output that can be downloaded in the desired format.

  • Offer an easy setup and intuitive interface
  • Ensure good quality of AI covers with AI
  • Integrate seamlessly with the YouTube site
  • Let you save adjust the preferred settings
  • Support various input and output formats

Here are the steps on how to make an AI song cover using HitPaw Voice Changer:

  • Step 1. Paste the URL or Import Files
    Firstly, you must launch this AI singer voice generator and open its "AI Cover" section. Now, import the required audio/video file or insert the YouTube video link.

    Import Audio or Video File
  • Step 2. Choose AI Singer Models
    Next, it's time to explore the different categories of the "Artist Models." Press the desired singer model to apply.

    Choosing AI Singer Models
  • Step 3. Change Sound Settings
    You will see a small panel on the right side to adjust the "Pitch" and "Voice similarity" levels using the given sliders. You can also save the settings for the future.

    Sound Settings Adjustment
  • Step 4. Preview and Download
    Lastly, tap the "Make AI Cover" tab under the prompt section. Expand the "Save format" drop-down menu and select the desired section. Also, choose the "Save path" and hit "Download." All done!

    Download the Output

Part 3: 2 Most-Picked AI Singer Voice Generators (APP)

Do you need an AI singing voice generator on your Android or iPhone? If yes, here are the two top available apps to explore:

1. AI Cover & Songs: Music AI

AI Cover & Songs is the best mobile app for both Android and iPhone users due to its user-friendly interface. So you don't require any technical talent to make it work. This lets you access a variety of artists and genres to create AI covers or AI Music. It also lets you upload your own voice clip to create a personalized song cover. Once generated, you can share your songs on different social platforms.

AI Cover and Songs AI Singer Generator

Let's comply with the steps on using AI Cover & Songs: Music AI as an AI singer generator:

  • 1.After installing and launching the official application, paste the link of a YouTube song, you already copied on the clipboard.
  • 2.Now, you have to choose the artist from the available ones or upload your own voice clip under the “My Voices” section.
  • 3.Hit “Create” and wait for the completion of AI processing. Your song will be ready in minutes. All done!
  • Let you join Discord and the Reddit Community
  • Help you create AI music in your favorite genre
  • Provide 5+ new voices every week
  • Require YouTube URL to create AI cover
  • Offer only 15 seconds, fewer voices, and ads in the free version

2. MusicStar.AI

If you want to generate professional-level song lyrics without any musical skills, MusicStar proves to be the best solution. It helps you generate original AI songs in the style of your favorite artists. You can choose the desired category, like country, pop, rock, etc. It lets you start your creativity by mixing, creating, and mastering their tracks. You can add your voice or any other sound to the music tracks.

MusicStarAI Singing Voice Generator

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make AI songs with MusicStart.AI:

  • 1.Launch the application and choose the genre or style of your song.
  • 2.Next, you have to select the artist and the song title.
  • 3.Write your lyrics, or let the generator write by adding lyrics from your favorite song. That's all!
  • Provide 35 different song styles
  • Take only one minute to generate the music
  • Allow designing the album cover
  • Offer limited customization options
  • The output may not be of good quality

Part 4: 2 Hottest AI Singer Voice Generators Free (Online)

If you are looking for a browser-based AI singing voice generator, you need to stop. Here are the 2 leading online tools to facilitate you:

1. Kits.AI

KitsAI Singer Generator

Although Kits.AI is a new singing generator, it is worth trying. Its voice-to-voice technology lets you upload your singing clips to train the AI voices. It provides a wide range of synthetic singing voices for musicians. You can also use its text-to-speech feature to add lyrics and get the song generated. It even lets you preview the output before exporting.

Let's explore this brief guide to using Kits.ai as an AI singing voice generator:

  • 1.Open the official website and click the "Select a voice" button to choose an artist and instrument. You can also upload your voice.
  • 2.Add the "Voice input" by recording or uploading a clip or entering a YouTube URL. Also, adjust all the advanced settings.
  • 3.Hit "Convert" and wait for the conversion. Listen to the voice, and if it's okay, export it. All done!
  • Offer free demo audio to practice beforehand
  • Integrate with YouTube for voice conversion
  • Let you choose the artist's pitch, gender, and genre
  • Not available for commercial use without consent
  • The synthetic voices may lack emotional context

2. Uberduck

Uberduck AI Singer Generator

Uberduck is another excellent AI singer generator that offers text-to-speech and voice-to-voice services to generate the desired AI song. You can access a long list of the famous music artists' voices. Its most unique feature is the rap generation, which allows users to select their preferred beat, use custom or AI lyrics, and choose their rapper. You can even render a lyrics video for your song.

Here is the procedure for creating an AI song with UBERDUCK:

  • 1.After opening the tool's website, choose the "Voice to Voice" or "Text to Voice" section. Whatever you choose, select the "Gender," "Language", and "Access" options.
  • 2.Now, upload or record your voice for voice-to-voice service. Otherwise, you have to type your lyrics.
  • 3.Click the "Convert Voice" or "Generate Speech" button. That's all!
  • Offer API key for easy accessibility
  • Support 70+ languages to generate songs
  • Keep the AI-generated rap history
  • The free version is only for non-commercial use
  • It is expensive to access the advanced features

FAQs About AI Singer Generator

Q1. Is AI-generated music legal?

A1. The copyright ownership depends on the AI tool you are using and your subscription plan. However, obtaining consent from the artists to generate songs in their voices is pertinent if you intend to use it for commercial purposes.

Q2. Is there a free AI song generator?

A2. Yes, multiple free AI song generators are in the market for various platforms. However, you have to face certain limitations in the free plans or compromise on the output quality.

Q3. Can an AI singer generator produce real song covers?

A3. Yes, an efficient AI singer generator like HitPaw Voice Changer helps you create professional quality song covers due to the incorporation of advanced artificial intelligence techniques.


An AI singer generator can enhance music production by offering artists high-quality vocal performances in a few clicks. The above guide has provided the 5 best tools to help Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Online users complete their singing tasks. However, HitPaw AI Song Cover takes the lead by facilitating free AI song cover generation without hassle, bringing professional-level results to download in a snap. Let's download this software to start creating covers of popular songs!

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