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TOP 6 Scottish Accent Generators in 2024

Have you ever wanted to add a fun Scottish accent to a text message, email, or even a presentation? Generating a realistic Scottish voice from text can liven up your content and bring some lively personality to your words.

With the latest text-to-speech technology in 2024, there are now some great options for Scottish accent generators that are quick, easy and sound very convincing. In this article, we'll showcase the top 6 text-to-speech services to try this year for putting on your best Scottish brogue.

What is Scottish Accent?

A Scottish accent refers to the unique way that Scottish people pronounce words and phrases in the English language. Scotland has a wide range of regional accents and dialects across the country, with the most well-known being the Glaswegian and Highland accents.

  • Rolled R's - Scots tend to trill their R sounds more strongly than other British accents.
  • Mouth shapes - Scots have a wider and more open mouth shape when speaking compared to standard British pronunciation.
  • Vowel sounds - Scottish vowel sounds are noticeably more clipped and sharp.

When reading a text aloud in a Scottish accents crossword, these key signature pronunciations help sell the unique dialect. The latest text-to-speech technology aims to capture these characteristics to generate believable-sounding Scottish voices automatically.

TOP 6 Scottish Accent Generators You Cannot Miss

1. VoxBox - Best Scottish Accent Generator (Ranking: 9/10)

iMyFone VoxBox

VoxBox is a versatile text-to-speech desktop software with over 3,200 voice options and full Scottish accent support. It's the top choice for generating Scottish voices quickly and easily.

  • 1.Download and install VoxBox
  • 2.Click "Text to Speech," type/paste text
  • 3.Search for "Scottish" under Language and select voice
  • 4.Click "Convert" to generate a Scottish voice
  • 3,200+ voice options keep things varied
  • 100+ global accents besides Scottish
  • There are fun voice options like Trump, Obama, etc.
  • Text-to-speech and speech-to-text
  • Most features not in the free version

2. Micmonster (Ranking: 8/10)


Micmonster is an online text-to-speech tool used officially by the United Nations for translation. It offers smooth, clear Scottish voices. For crystal clear Scottish voices, look no further than Micmonster.

  • 1.Type/paste text
  • 2.Select Scottish voice
  • 3.Click "Generate"
  • Official UN translator tool
  • Preview voices before generating
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Limited style options

3. ReadSpeaker (Ranking: 7/10)


ReadSpeaker is a top Scottish accent text to speech tool with customized Scottish voices for eLearning, entertainment, and more. ReadSpeaker brings customizable Scottish voices tailored for a range of use cases.

  • 1.Type/paste text
  • 2.Click "Listen" to preview
  • Specialized voices for different industries
  • Create and edit voices
  • Supports 35 languages
  • Limited free version
  • Few Scottish voices

4. Stuart Scottish Text to Speech (Ranking: 8/10)

Stuart Scottish text to speech

Stuart is an advanced Scottish voice app for Android. It provides incredibly genuine Scottish accents. Designed specifically to mimic regional Scottish accents, it's one of the most realistic text-to-speech choices.

  • 1.Type/paste text
  • 2.Select Scottish voice
  • 3.Click "Speak"
  • Very authentic Scottish accents
  • Integrates with other Android apps
  • Ideal for eBooks
  • Android only

5. Narakeet (Ranking: 7/10)

Stuart Scottish text to speech

Narakeet offers web-based Scottish speech generation with global accents. It's affordable, easy to use online, and convenient for quickly exporting scottish accent audio files.

  • 1.Choose accent and voice
  • 2.Adjust speed/pitch
  • 3.Add expressions
  • 4.Download audio files
  • Save audio files locally
  • No signup required
  • Variety of accents
  • 1kb text/10MB audio limits
  • Needs fast internet

6. (Ranking: 8/10)

Murf AI provides 120+ realistic text-to-speech voices with customization options for pitch, tone, and more.

  • 1.Click on "Explore AI Voices" or the dropdown at the top of the text field
  • 1.If using the free version, toggle "Hide Pro Voices" to view available voices
  • 1.Browse voices
  • 120+ voices in 30+ languages
  • Emphasize words for impact
  • Voice changer feature
  • The free version has limited features
  • Potential voice cloning concerns

FAQs about Scottish Accent

Q1. How to Do A Scottish Accent?

A1. To do a Scottish accent, focus on these key elements: Roll your R sounds. Use more open, wider mouth shapes. Make vowel sounds shorter and sharper. End some words with a slight "-uh" sound. Use phrases like "aye," "wee," and "och."

Listening to audio examples of native Scottish speakers can help you with how to speak with a scottish accent. Start slow when practicing the accent out loud.

Q2. Irish VS Scottish Accent?

A2. While both Irish and Scottish accents originate from Gaelic influences, there are some distinct differences between Irish vs Scottish accent: Scottish accents roll R sounds, and Irish accents don't. Irish has a more lilted, sung-song-like quality. Scottish sounds use more guttural vowels. Phrases like "wee" and vocabulary like "lassie" are Scottish.

Q3. Hallmarks of Scottish Accents?

A3. Some of the most distinguishing hallmarks of Scottish accents include Rolled-R sounds. Open, wider mouth shapes. Short, clipped vowels. Light consonant drops. Unique vocabulary like "aye," "lassie," and "wee." Expressions like "och" and "ach".

Extra Tips: Wanna Hear Celebrity in Scottish Accent?

If you want to have some extra fun with Scottish text-to-speech voices, you can also convert celebrity voices into a Scots accent. HitPaw Voice Changer is a great AI-powered tool that lets you transform voice recordings into different voices, accents, and effects in real time.

You can instantly change your voice into a celebrity voice with a fun Scottish spin during calls & streams using HitPaw's voice changer.

So, if you're looking to surprise your friends or create fun Scottish-accented content, be sure to check out HitPaw Voice Changer's celebrity and accent offerings!

  • 200+ voice-changing effects
  • Upload audio/video to change voices
  • Great for gaming, streaming, content creation
  • Ever-evolving soundboard
  • Change to celebrity voices like Taylor Swift, Trump
  • Get Celebrity Voices with AI in Real Time
  • 1.Download and Install the HitPaw Voice Changer from the official website.

  • 2.Import Audio/Video into the program.

    Import video intro program
  • 3.Select AI Voice Effect from the available ones.

    Select the AI Voice Effect
  • 4.Adjust Voice Settings like pitch.

    Change Pitch and Voice
  • 5.Click "Change Voice" to apply Scottish celebrity voice!

    Click Convert and Download


There, you have our picks for the top 6 Scottish accent generator in 2024 based on realism, ease of use, customization options, and more.

Whether you need the accent for a professional project or just want to bring some humor and lively personality to your daily conversations, these text-to-speech tools can lend a convincing Scottish brogue to any text.

So, if you ever wondered what Taylor Swift would sound like with a thick Scottish burr or wanted to prank your friends with a Scot-inflected message “frae” Donald Trump,HitPaw Voice Changer makes it happen instantly.

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