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Top 6 Audio Enhancers To Improve Your Audio Quality

With technological advancements, you can invest in the best equipment for bringing excellent sound quality to your output. Still, multiple times require you to deal with low-quality music, movie, podcasts, and other audio content quality. For example, if the sound isn't recorded with standardized equipment or its quality is altered while changing the format. Whatever the reason is, don't panic since an audio enhancer can assist you in completing the task!

Do you know what an audio enhancer is? This write-up not only explains this but also suggests the top 7 audio enhancers for Windows and Mac!

Part 1. What is An Audio Enhancer?

An audio enhancer is a tool that aids you in modifying and enhancing the music or audio through non-destructive techniques. However, its sole purpose is to preserve the sound recording and offer an optimal sound experience. Since exploring many tools in the market is time-consuming, below are the top-rated audio enhancers for Windows & Mac users to facilitate you!

Part 2. Best Audio Enhancers for Windows and Mac

If you are looking for audio enhancers that can be used on desktops, let's dive into the details of the 7 best tools offered below:

1. FXSound

fxsound audio enhancer

System Available: Windows PC

Price: $29.99 for the full version

Are you a gamer, Netflix binger, transcriptionist, or music lover looking for a tool that provides better sound quality, bass, or volume booster? FXSound has got you covered. You will benefit from its Bass effect and equalizer to enhance the low end of your audio. It cuts out the noise and targets the human voice's frequency range.

With FXSound, you can boost the volume of your desired audio to double the amplitude. This free Windows audio enhancer contains sounds like rain, waterfalls, cooking noises, crackling fire, thunder, etc.

Pros & Cons
  • Offer full EQ with customized effects
  • Boost audio signals, movies, music, and podcast
  • It does not support the old Window version

2. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

fidelizer audio enhancer

System Available: Windows, Vista

Price: Free, For plus version 39.95 and Fidelizer Pro $69.95

Fidelizer audio enhancer provides you with the best sound whether you hear from your headphones or speakers. It is easy to configure, and you can start by using an audio file template as a source. Afterward, you need to decide a length for each audio file to add, and then you can put the required emphasis on each track through "mix level."

Then you have different options to choose from to customize your audio file. You can assign tones to the voices in different tracks using 'Tone mapping.' It lets you adjust the sound effects' level using the equalizer.

Pros & Cons
  • Come up with core isolation
  • Offer seven custom audio profiles
  • Optimize the multimedia platform
  • Provide a limited free version
  • Pretty complicated installation settings

3. Boom3D

boom3d audio enhancer

System Available: Mac, Windows

Price: $49.99

Featuring 3D effects, Boom 3D can play all your media content out loud with amazing 3D effects, on any headphones, from any player, through any media or streaming service. The music would sound great even without expensive headphones or surround sound boosters!

You can enhance your audio by removing and cropping unwanted noises with this system-wide volume booster. Also, the audio file is easier to work with and loads faster, thanks to eliminating unnecessary information and data.

Pros & Cons
  • Offer filters ambient noises
  • Support advanced equalizer settings
  • Safely increases the volume beyond limits
  • Comparatively expensive than other audio enhancers

4. Breakaway Audio Enhancer

breakaway sound enhancer

System Available: Windows, Mac

Price: Free

With Breakaway, you can improve the sound quality of all stereo audio files on your Windows system using just one application. Besides being the most accessible audio processor on the market, it can be used on virtually every media player worldwide. The product key you receive with Breakaway Audio Enhancer can be used to authorize Breakaway Audio Enhancer on two computers simultaneously.

When you import an audio file from your local disk, the Breakaway volume enhancer adjusts the audio. Hence, the encoder, rate channel, and bitrate are adjusted. The edited audio files are converted into formats compatible with any audio player, creating audio files by clipping and merging.

Pros & Cons
  • Multi-band dynamic processing
  • It makes tunes sound punchier and louder
  • Adjusts spectral balancing and volume dynamics automatically
  • Performance issues on less powerful systems
  • The sound may appear processed or artificial

5. SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 4

SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 4 sound enhancer

System Available: Windows

Price: $99.99

Sound Forge audio cleaning lab, as the name suggests, focuses on restoring and cleaning your audio files. A cutting-edge toolbox coupled with smart, 1-click solutions, neat presets, and intuitive controls allow you to remove unwanted sound easily.

The user-friendly workflow provides numerous audio enhancement features, such as noise reduction and recording optimization. Video Sound Optimizer reduces background noise, wind noise, and sibilance from speech recordings and offers a wide range of presets for noise reduction.

Pros & Cons
  • Features spectral cleaning spectral display
  • Provides interactive guides, templates, and efficient search functions
  • Support transferring audio from analog media to your PC
  • Limited for more advanced audio processing tasks
  • It's a little bit expensive

6. SoundPimp

SOUND pimp audio enhancer

System Available: Linux, Windows, OSX

Price: $52

SoundPimp audio quality enhancer improves the listening experience of audio content, music, and movies. Its advanced algorithms enhance the audio quality in real-time, thus delivering an immersive and more dynamic listening experience without any equipment or additional speaker.

Using its standard stereo setup, it stimulates a virtual sound surround system. Once purchased, it provides lifetime access to the software, improvements, and future updates.

Pros & Cons
  • Virtual surround sound capability
  • Compatible with various audio file formats
  • Come with a user-friendly interface
  • Compatibility issues with specific devices or media players
  • The sound may appear processed

Part 3. All-in-one Video Audio Enhancer to Improve Video and Audio Quality

In case you also need to upscale your low-resolution videos besides enhancing audio quality, HitPaw Video Enhancer must be your way to go. It helps you reduce the noise of your videos for clarity in just one click. Its intuitive interface with quick enhancing function makes the overall task easier.

You can't only play your videos with its in-built media player but also preview the results before downloading. This 4K video enhancer will also come out soon with a new feature to enhance audio while enhancing videos simultaneously. So improving and upgrading video & audio resolution is not a hassle anymore.


  • Support 30+ input formats like AVI, MOV, etc.
  • Work over new & advanced AI technologies
  • Offer 4 AI models to enhance audio quality
  • Enhance the video resolution to 2K, 4K, and 8K
  • Let you change the video format and resolution

Let's comply with the steps on how to improve video quality:

  • Step 1. First of all, download & install HitPaw Video Enhancer.

  • Step 2. Now, launch this software and click the "Choose File" button or use the drag & drop feature to import your video that needs to be upscaled.

    Upload Coachella 2023 Video
  • Step 3. Then, you must select an AI model from the 4 available ones, i.e., the General Denoise Model, Face Model, Animation Model, and Colorize Model. Using all 4 models, you can enhance real scenic videos, portrait videos, old animated videos, and black & white videos.

    Choose AI model
  • Step 4. Tap the "Preview" tab, and if it looks fine, adjust the desired resolution & format.

    Preview the effect
  • Step 5. Lastly, hit the "Export" button to save your enhanced video; however, this option is available for paid users. That's all!

    Export Coachella 2023 video in 4K

Learn About HitPaw Video Enhancer:

Part 4. Conclusion

In a nutshell, you have learned about multiple audio enhancers that can help you clarify your audio. Since each of these is secure and efficient, you can opt for the desired one based on your desired platform and system requirements.

However, if you want to enhance video as well, try considering HitPaw Video Enhancer. It helps you achieve the best video-quality output. Even you will be able to improve audio quality soon.

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