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5 Popular Voice Changers to Get Billy Kametz Voice in 2024

It is no secret that Billy Kametz is one of the most recognizable and iconic voice actors ever. Voice actor billy kametz's exclusive voice has helped him stand out from his peers, making him a fan-favourite for innumerable people worldwide.

But, if you want to imitate his appealing voice, you are undoubtedly searching for the solution to this inquiry "How to get a voice changer for billy kametz "? Luckily, plenty of free billy kametz voice changer is available for PC & mobile devices.

Take look at the top 5 best voice chargers to get Billy Kametz voice. Introduction is too long, less than 100 words

Who is Billy Kametz?

Billy Kametz was an American voice actor from Los Angeles, California. He was best known for his work dubbing anime & video games. He was involved with several Western cartoons. Kametz joined the Pokémon anime during Pokémon Journeys: The Series, where he voiced the recurring character Ren and Ash's Rotom Phone.

In April 2022, Billy Kametz voice actor disclosed that he had colon cancer. He made it public that his state was critical & was doing chemotherapy session.

After the declaration, admirers showered him with lots of love & support right away. A GoFundMe page was created in his name, where Billy Kametz fans provides funds to help him deal with the conditions. In just a few days, more than $180000 was granted to him to cover medical expenses & other requirements.

Unluckily, his fight with cancer ended less than two months after the declaration. The news "voice actor Billy Kametz died at 35" made its headlines on 9 June 2022.

Voice actor billy kametz death surprised the amusement & gaming industry. Everybody started paying honor to him owing to what he did in his small yet brilliant career. Now, the world still discuss about Billy Kametz behindhand the voice actor.

If you are a Billy Kamtez fan, you must have tried to sound like him. Fortunately, there is way to copy his voice.

Use best Voice Changers to Get Billy Kametz Voices

5 Softwares to Cherish Billy Kametz by Getting Billy Kametz Voices

Whether you are looking for a Billy Kametz voice changer free or premium software, we have you covered. If you search online you will get a bunch of options. Check out the best ones to get the exact voice like Billy Kametz


Voicemod voice changer for billy kametz

Voicemod is a free voice changer for online games, social apps, & video chats. It lets you modify your voice in real-time and have fun talking to friends. It has many effects that you canuse to sound like a chipmunk, an alien, or even a rooster!

It has many diverse effects that you canapply to your voice. You can change the speed, pitch, & gender and even add effects like echo & reverb to your voice.

Price: Free

Key features:

  • Funny voice changer
  • Wide variety of famous voices
  • Advanced voice-changing technology
  • Automatically adds Microphone Input Device setting for Discord upon install
  • Real-time pitch shifting (changing the pitch)
  • Compatible with all modern games & apps
  • Live voice effect demos
  • Free on Windows

2.Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal to sound like voice actor billy kametz death

Voxal enables you to change or mask your voice on almost any gaming & chat platforms available online. It does this job well. The tool helps its users with an unlimited option to change their voice. You cansound like a girl, baby, or a devil in seconds because of Voxal.

Besides being a significant voice modulator for Discord, it works amazingly well with online avatars, video games, or podcasts.

Price: Free

Key Features:

  • Select from a diversity of sound effects
  • Apply effect in real-time
  • Universal settings for all applications
  • Create custom voice effects
  • Low CPU usage.

3.Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish voice changer for billy kametz

Clownfish Voice Changer is a real-time voice changer for Windows PC. After installing it correctly, it can change anything throughout your microphone when speaking in games, streams, and chats.

With its voice assistants, Clownfish Voice Changer provides a better experience when you game with somebody from a different culture.

Price: Free to download

Key Features:

  • It provides a sound player to playback your audio
  • Easily manage & control background music on your stream with your mic
  • A vast collection of voice effects
  • Great voice assistant if you would ever need a speech-to-text function.

3. MorphVOX

MorhVOX voice changer for billy kametz

MorphVOX is real-time voice changer software developed by Screaming Bee Inc. It permits users to modify their voice in real-time for voice-over, online gaming, & other multimedia applications.

The software features a range of voice effects & a simple interface that allows users to apply effects & change voice features such as tone, pitch, & gender.

Price: Free

Key Features:

  • MorphVOX can learn from your voice for progressive voice changes.
  • MorphVOX offers brilliant voice-changing algorithms to guarantee high-quality voice output.
  • Besides a broad selection of preset voices, MorphVOX permits users to create and add voice change presets.
  • The software offers advanced background noise cancellation features.

4.UnicTool MagicVox

UnicTool changer for billy kametz

UnicTool MagicVox is an exceptional voice changer specifically for Discord users. With a surplus of voice modulation effects, it empowers you to strike fear into the hearts of your gaming opponents. With easy-to-use controls & real-time voice manipulation, UnicTool MagicVox becomes the top choice for a dependable billy Kametz voice changer.

Price: There is a free version of MagicVox or a complete package at a reasonable cost of about $0.2 per day.

Key Features:

  • Over 100 voice filters to sound funny, scary, male, female, & many more.
  • You can fine-tune your voice by changing the pitch, sound, frequency, and volume.
  • Morphs voices in real time for streaming & games.
  • Compatible with almost all popular games.

Bonus Tips: Best Voice Changers to to Get Billy Kametz Voice Effortlessly

HitPaw best voice changer for billy kametz

Are you searching for the best Billy Kametz Voice changer? Discover the incredible world of voice modification with HitPaw Voice Changer. This popular software is your go-to solution for real-time voice transformation during voice calls, online meetings, and gaming adventures. With an extensive collection of voice effects at your disposal, you can easily modify and personalize your voice in exciting ways.

HitPaw Voice Changer is designed to be versatile and compatible across different devices and platforms, ensuring a seamless experience no matter where you use it. Whether you're chatting with friends, attending virtual meetings, or immersing yourself in the gaming realm, this software provides endless possibilities to enhance your voice.

  • Various devices and platforms are compatible.
  • Get Regular updates and improvements to enhance the software's performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Limited features or effects in the free version of the software.

FAQs of Billy Kametz Voices

Q1. Who has Billy Kametz voiced?

A1. Stephen Fu replaces Kametz as Naofumi Iwatami in The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 and Asmodeus Alice in Welcome to Demon School!

Q2. Did Billy Kametz voice macaque?

A2. Billy Kametz provided the voice of Macaque. Billy kametz voice actor anime, was most well-known for voicing characters such as Josuke in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Galo in Promare, Ferdinand von Aegir in Fire Emblem 3 Houses.


Billy Kametz is one of the most popular voice actors of this century. He did so many great works in a very short time. Unfortunately, the world heard the "voice actor Billy Kametz has passed away" in 2022.His fans still try to mimic how he used to sound as a tribute to him.

If you also like Billy Kametz voice actor, please do not hesitate to try the 5 voice changers we discussed. It can reproduce the voice of Billy's classic dubbing characters one by one, & changes your voice to sound like Billy's AI voice. They have every feature you need to change your voice easily without any hassle.

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