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Sound Like Ariana Grand AI Voice with Great Voice Changers

Changing your voice for entertainment purposes has become a new normal. If you are a fan of Ariana Grande, imagine having the ability to sing like her to produce your own AI-generated Ariana Grande-style music covers. Get ready for an exciting journey!

This detailed write-up helps you explore everything about the Ariana Grande AI voice, including multiple voice changers to achieve your dream of sounding like her. However, the best of all is HitPaw Voice Changer, offering a simple and effective way to emulate Ariana Grande AI voice.

Part 1: Who is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande is a famous American singer and songwriter with exceptional vocal talent. Her rapid popularity is often associated with her fantastic vocal prowess, captivating stage presence, and successful hits.

What makes Ariana Grande voice so unique? It is a combination of her extraordinary vocal range with impressive whistle notes and a soulful tone that resonates with fans worldwide. Her voice effortlessly navigates from alluring to powerful and succeeding, making her one of the most versatile vocalists of our time.

Who is Ariana Grande

Part 2: HitPaw Voice Changer - Best Audio Tools for PC

Price: $15.95 (Monthly), $35.95 (Yearly), $65.95 (Perpetual)

To harness the magic of Ariana Grande voice, HitPaw Voice Changer stands out as an excellent choice. With a plethora of features and effects, this software empowers you to explore the limitless possibilities of vocal expression.

This software not only allows you to achieve Ariana Grande voice but also create your own Ariana Grande AI song covers. You can enjoy a rich collection of voice presets and effects, thus experimenting with various tones, accents, and personalities. It seamlessly works with various audio or video formats and integrates smoothly with other audio software, enhancing your editing capabilities.

ariana grande voice changer
  • Work equally for both Windows and Mac users
  • Generate voices that sound like real human voice
  • Transform your voices into artists without hassle
  • Remove background noises with a noise-reduction feature
  • New product to the market
  • The free version has fewer voice effects compared to the paid version

Here are the steps on how to get Ariana Grande AI voice:

  • Step 1. Import Audio or Video
    Open the "AI Voice" section from the main interface and import your audio or video file in all popular audio or video formats.

    Upload Your File
  • Step 2. Choose AI Voice Effects
    Once the file is uploaded, you have to select the "Ariana Grande" AI voice effect, and tap to apply it.

    Choose Ariana Grande Voice Effect
  • Step 3. Change Voice Settings
    Change the "Pitch" and "Voice similarity" levels for the chosen voice effect based on your preferences. You can also "Save adjust" the settings for the future. For males, change the pitch to +12 and for females, keep it below -12.

    Change Voice Settings
  • Step 4. Change Voice and Download
    Finally, hit the "Change Voice" button and wait for AI to change the voice. You can preview the output, and if it is okay, press the "Download" tab after selecting the "Save format" and "Save path."

    Change Voice and Download

Let's follow the steps on how to make Ariana Grand AI covers:

  • Step 1. Import a File or Paste the Link
    The first step involves opening the "AI Cover" section from the interface and importing your audio or video file into supported formats. You can also paste a YouTube video URL.

    Import File or Paste Link
  • Step 2. Choose the Artist Model
    It's time to choose "Ariana Grande" from the available "Artist Models." Now, click the voice to apply it.

    Choose Ariana Grande
  • Step 3. Change Sound Settings
    You will see a column appearing on the right side for the specific voice. You can adjust the sound settings by changing the "Pitch" and "Voice similarity" levels.

    Change Sound Settings
  • Step 4. Preview and Download
    Lastly, you have to click the blue "Make AI Cover" button, and once it's complete, you can preview the output. If it's okay, select the "Save format" & "Save path" and hit "Download." That's all!

    Preview and Download

Part 3: Other Voice Changers to Sound Like Ariana Grande (Online)

While HitPaw Voice Changer is a fantastic option for PC users, you can also consider other online tools worth exploring. You will learn about their details, including their pros and cons. Let's begin!

1- Lalals

Lalals is a web-based online voice changer offering a diverse range of trending AI voices, including Ariana Grande, Drake, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, and more. You can explore different categories to choose the desired voice effect, such as Singers, Rap, Celebrities, etc. This tool claims to bring human-like AI vocals.

You only need to select or search for a voice and record or upload your voice clip. The voice changing will be done within 10 seconds. You can also create an AI cover song through your selected voice.

  • Come up with an intuitive interface
  • Provide you with a library of 1000+ AI voices
  • Let you enable the remove background option
  • It does not offer any features for free
  • Bring low-quality output for voice changing
Lalals AI Ariana Grande Generator

2- Kits AI

Kits AI is a fantastic online tool that not only offers voice changing but also voice cloning, vocal separation, and text to speech services. It offers a vast library of royalty-free AI voices and instrumentals for voice transformation.

You only need to search for Ariana Grande and provide input in the form of a voice clip, recording in real-time, or a YouTube video link. It also lets you change the pitch, volume, and effects for a personalized touch.

  • Provide an array of voice modulation options
  • Let you create your own AI voice models
  • Keep a history of created and converted voices
  • May bring the low output quality and plagiarism issues
  • Lack of creativity and personalization while voice transformation
Kits AI Ariana Grande AI Generated Voices

3- Voicify AI

If you are looking for the best browser-based tool to create AI Ariana Grande covers, Voicify AI should be your way to go. It lets you generate the covers smoothly within seconds. You can also create your own AI model using this voice cloning platform.

It only requires you to upload a clip or paste a YouTube video link with Ariana Grande voice. You can even use its text-to-speech service to create AI Ariana Grande voice. However, changing the language, expression, and speed is in your control.

  • Provide over 3000 AI voice models
  • Support YouTube to generate AI voice
  • Offer an effortless music creation
  • Bring issues in songs with background vocals
  • The updates might be confusing for some users
Voicify AI Ariana Grande Cover Generator

Part 4: FAQs of Ariana Grande

Q1. What voice is Ariana Grande?

A1. She has a unique soprano voice with an exceptionally low range spanning four octaves. Her voice is notable due to her agility and power to hit high notes effortlessly. This makes her a versatile and talented pop icon in the world of contemporary music.

Q2. Did Ariana Grande's voice change?

A2. Yes, the Ariana Grande voice has changed with time, adapting to different musical genres and personal growth. However, her vocal range and talent remain exceptional.

Q3. Does Ariana Grande have a good vocal range?

A3. Ariana Grande undoubtedly has an excellent four-octave range. This allows her to hit high notes every time and deliver powerful performances effortlessly.

Part 5: Final Thought

After reviewing this article, you must have learned how to generate Ariana Grande AI voice or music covers. HitPaw Voice Changer is a top-notch choice for this purpose, offering a user-friendly interface with exceptional voice modulation features.

Although other online options are available, these may come with limitations that could affect the quality of your voice transformation. So, why wait? Dive into the world of Ariana Grande and uncover your inner pop star with HitPaw Voice Changer.

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