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How AI Brought Back Val Kilmer Voice After Throat Cancer

The Val Kilmer voice attracted millions of eyeballs in the 90s on voice-over and screen cinema. People were desperate and eager to listen to the voice of Val Kilmer as it is a soothing and breathtaking voice. After fighting throat cancer, Val Kilmer lost his voice, and things changed dramatically, preventing people from listening to his voice.

But, the Sonantic decided to bring the Val Kilmer voice top gun back, which is what this guide is about.

Part 1: What Happened to Val Kilmer's Voice

Kilmer got affected by their throat when he was 50 years old, damaging his voice considerably. The story of ''The New York Times Magazine'' has suggested that Val Kilmer has had various intense chemotherapy, surgical and radiation procedures named tracheotomy. Although the treatment he went through helped him to overcome the cancer, it also ended up affecting his voice.

Despite the damage to his voice, Kilmer was determined to make his voice return to its normal state. This determination was the main reason behind getting the Iceman's role when discussing the Top Gun sequel.

Explaining his voice impediment, Kilmer Spoke in the GMA interview and revealed that: ''it is nothing more than any other dialect or language. He also said that in this way, finding the reasons that communicate with others is no different from all other acting challenges.

val kilmer top gun voice

Part 2: How Val Kilmer Got His Voice Back

The blockbuster of 2022, Top Gun: Maverick, used the creative AI voice technology that has brought the Val Kilmer lost voice back. Filmmakers have termed that the main reason behind casting Kilmer was the resemblance of an Iceman character with his voice of personal life cancer struggles.

Thus, Iceman also went through a throat cancer struggle, explaining the on-screen communication through PC with text. However, the producer also opted to dub the acting with Val Kilmer's AI voice making the scenes even more authentic and dramatic.

The production crew then decided to use the AI-based voice dubbing technique and archival footage through Sonantic to produce Val Kilmer's voice again. The company decided to use AI aiming to mimic the Val Kilmer voice.

Let's creep into the part explaining how Val Kilmer got his voice back.

val kilmer voice now

1. How Sonantic created the Val Kilmer AI voice

A lot of noise is circulating about how Val Kilmer AI voice was brought back courtesy of Sonantic. When Sonantic tends to generate the AI voice model, after coupling with the voice actor, they tend to record the script performance directly.

Since Val Kilmer AI voice was a unique case as an actor didn't have the leverage to read a script. So, the company decided to erase background noise from the earlier Kilmer's voice recordings before using the voice engine to instruct the voice model, urging it to speak like Val Kilmer voice.

The company also went on to develop new algorithms producing higher-quality voice models. John Flynn, Co-founder and CTO of Sonantic has revealed that the company had intended to generate a voice aiming to make Val Kilmer proud.

The founder also suggested using the voice in future projects as the voice perfectly represents a natural sound. Since operating with minimal data was daunting, the company aimed to produce 40+ voice options and selected the best one. But, the recreation of Sonantic Kilmer is much more than the vocal replica. It's a testament to the audience loving the Val Kilmer voice.

val kilmer ai voice

2. The Val Kilmer AI voice

Despite AI landing the substantial role of the voice of the Iceman in the Top Gun sequel, the Val Kilmer voice has made the voice character relevant. This also illustrates how AI technology can alter the human voice's future.

Whether you aim to recreate the voice of someone who has gone from this world, can't speak for various reasons, including Val Kilmer, or become older, including James Earl Jones, you can go live on various memorable characters from features in the future or past. But the question here is whether AI technology can replicate the human voice. Somatic tends to reveal that tech can't be a substitute for a person.

AI technology can only produce AI voices based on real-life performances via an original speaker. For instance, you can use the Darth Vader Voice in multiple projects despite the voice actor, James Earl Jones, passing away. It is still a million dollar question whether technology will overtake human voices or not. Still, AI technology has undoubtedly helped you to explore and enjoy the Val Kilmer voice top gun.

what happened to val kilmer's voice

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How did Val Kilmer lose his voice? Get into this guide to get the answer to this question, as we were pretty focused on revealing the struggles of Val Kilmer's voice.

Apart from revealing how Sonantic successfully created the Val Kilmer AI voice, we have also mentioned the best voice changer - HitPaw Voice Changer that helps you to alter the voice in real time.

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