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How to Listen to Audible Free with Amazon Prime

Audible is a digital podcast and audiobook service, that allows users to stream books and other types of perceptible content. Users can purchase the subscription individually or a model can be used where the customer enjoys "points" that can be compensated for audiobook content for a month.

Audible and Amazon Prime both offer similar types of audiobook services. The only difference is that Prime is the parent company of Audible. But still, you don't get access to Audible if you have a membership of Amazon Prime. These two operate separately and have various features that are enjoyed by the users.

Part 1. Three Ways: Listen To Audible Free With Amazon Prime

You're going to be in for a great treat if you have Amazon Prime. We've found three awesome ways for you to get audiobooks free with Amazon Prime. It is indeed true. Let's explore these amazing methods for exposing your ears to some amazing tales.

Way 1: Visit The Kindle Store To Get Free Amazon Prime Audiobooks

Kindle is a bit of an undiscovered treasure for sure. If you're a Prime Amazon Audibles member, the Kindle Store offers a ton of free Audible audiobooks. It's similar to having an audiobook library of your own at your disposal. Any time anywhere you can listen to whatever your heart desires from comedy to action or romance to horror. Follow the steps and get Free Amazon Prime audiobookd in Kindle Store

  • Step 1. Go to Amazon Kindle webpage or open your Kindle device to go to Kindle Store.
  • Step 2. Input "Audiobooks free with Prime" as a search query.
  • Step 3. Select a book you want from the search results and enjoy your listening.

Way 2: Discover Free Audiobooks In Audio Channels with Amazon Prime

You can access Amazon Prime and audiobooks, did you know that? This functions as a secret entrance to even more wonderful audiobooks.

  • Step 1. Open the Channels on Audible. You won't pay extra because it's included in your Amazon Prime membership.
  • search-on-audible-channel
  • Step 2. Look Through the Channels. This page has a ton of authorized free Amazon Prime audiobooks waiting for you. You name it: classics, self-help, mysteries.
  • Step 3. Start Listening. If you find a song you like, you can listen to it while driving or relaxing at home by simply pressing the play button.
  • Way 3: Use Amazon Prime To Receive A Free Audible Trial.

    Want even more options for audiobooks? An Amazon free audiobook with a Prime subscription would be nice. Audible offers a 30-day Premium Plus free trial to members of Amazon Prime, along with some awesome benefits, such as listen to Plus Catalog, 1 title of your choice and exclusive deals and discounts.

    What you need to do now is to register Amazon Prime and go to Audible section. Find the free trial plan and activate it. Then you can select audiobooks from Audible's vast library during the trial period. Pay attention, after one-month trial, the audible subscription is $14.95 per month, but you can cancel any time.


    These three methods are comparable to an enticing entrance to the audiobook paradise. You can find something here whether you're interested in romance, thrillers, or learning something new.

    For quick delivery and streaming content, Prime Books audio is fantastic, but don't overlook the audiobooks. They increase the value of your Prime membership. So put on your headphones, tune in, and allow the stories to engross you. Enjoy your audio

Part 2. Pro-tips: How To Listen To Audible Amazon Prime Free Books Locally

Even though above ways can make you listen to free audibooks with Amazon Prime, there is app limits because of audible format. Handling audio formats, HitPaw Video Converter is like an all-around ally. This tool is your first choice if you need to convert audible AAX/AA files to work on various gadgets.

Primary Features of HitPaw Video Converter:
  • HitPaw Video Converter supports numerous audio formats. Thus, it's simple for you to change those Audible reading materials into a format of your choice.
  • It completes the task swiftly, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free and time-saving audiobook listening
  • This program is easy to use, and its interface is very user-friendly. It won't require a tech degree for you to understand its features.

How To Converting Audible AAX/AA Files Using HitPaw Video Converter

  • Step 1. Install the most recent version of HitPaw Video Converter on your desktop or laptop by downloading it.

  • Step 2. Launch the application, then select "Audio Converter" from the options in the toolbox.

  • audible-converter
  • Step 3. Download your audiobooks from Audible website and add them to HitPaw Video Converter. After adding, you can even edit the Audible file name or remove the file that you don't want to convert from the list."

  • add-audible-files delete-audible-file
  • Step 4. Choose the audio output format that you like.

  • audible-converter-output-format
  • Step 5. Click "Convert All" button to convert your audio files in batch. After conversion is finished, locate the converted audiobook in the selected folder and use your device or app to enjoy it.

  • converting-aax-file

Part 3. FAQs about Listening To Audible Free With Amazon Prime

Q1. How much is an Audible subscription for one year?

A1. The annual audible subscription cost is $149.50, which enables users to enjoy audiobooks all year round. The audible subscription may vary from country to country.

Q2. How many books can I read for free with Amazon Prime?

A2. The exact number of books that you can read isn't specified by Amazon. However, you can borrow titles of only 10 books at a time from Prime with audible. After reading these 10 books again you borrow more audiobooks from Amazon Prime.


Are you a member of Audible and Prime yet? If not then book your place right away and enjoy Amazon Prime audiobooks from all over the world. You can listen to them while eating, driving, cooking, or doing any other chore. If you are unable to use Kindle all the time then you can easily convert those audiobooks into the format that runs on your other devices. HitPaw Video Converter can be of great help to you in this case. It's able to convert free audiobooks from Amazon Prime into different formats that you require. Sign up for HitPaw Video Converter free today! Make your life easier.

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