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9 Best Free EPUB Readers for Android

In the digital age, where convenience is paramount, reading enthusiasts are increasingly turning to EPUB readers for their Android devices. These handy apps offer a plethora of features that make reading ebooks a delightful experience, all at no cost. Whether you're an avid bookworm or someone who enjoys a casual read now and then, having a reliable EPUB reader on your Android device is a must. Here, we'll explore the top nine free EPUB readers for Android in 2024, ensuring that you can immerse yourself in your favorite books anytime, anywhere.

EPUB Readers for Android

Part 1: Lis of 9 Best Free EPUB Readers for Android 2024

1. Google Play Books & Audiobooks

Google Play Books & Audiobooks is a top-class e-book reader app developed by Google. It offers a wide range of best-selling ebooks, audiobooks, comics, and textbooks, allowing you to build your digital library effortlessly. With support for various formats, including EPUB, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and ZIP files, this app caters to diverse reading preferences. Whether you're online or offline, Google Play Books ensures seamless reading experiences across iOS and Android devices, making it a go-to choice for free EPUB readers for Android users.

Google Play Books App

2. ReadEra - Book Reader PDF EPUB

ReadEra stands out as one of the most popular ebook reader apps, offering support for a multitude of formats including PDF, EPUB, DOC, RTF, TXT, and more. Its clean and simple interface provides a comfortable reading environment, making it a favorite among users. With features like translation capabilities and the ability to add personal notes, ReadEra enhances your reading experience without costing you a dime.

ReadEra App

3. Kitaboo eBook Reader

Kitaboo is not just an ebook reader; it's a cloud-based digital publishing platform that allows you to read books and documents effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to dive into your favorite reads, while integration with websites enables seamless distribution of content. With support for EPUB, HTML, FB2, ZIP, TXT, and more, Kitaboo offers versatility and convenience, making it a top choice for free EPUB readers for Android enthusiasts.

Kitaboo eBook Reader for android

4. eReader Prestigio: Book Reader

eReader Prestigio is a multi-lingual reading app that supports up to 25 languages, making it accessible to users worldwide. With over 50,000 texts tailored for both children and adults, this app caters to diverse reading preferences. Its integration with cloud accounts like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive ensures easy access to your favorite ebooks, while features like adjustable text size and font selection enhance your reading experience.

eReader Prestigio

5. eBoox: EPUB PDF e-book Reader

eBoox offers a seamless reading experience for popular book extensions including FB2, EPUB, PDF, and RAR archives. Its intuitive interface and ad-free environment ensure distraction-free reading, while the quick response to user feedback ensures continuous improvements. With support for synchronization across Android and iOS devices, eBoox is a reliable choice for free EPUB readers for Android users.

eBook Android Reader

6. Scribd: Audiobooks & eBooks

Scribd is more than just an ebook reader; it's an online library with over 2,000,000 ebooks, 300,000 audiobooks, and 1,000,000 magazine & news articles. With top charts to help you discover new content and features like NoteBook for easy access to bookmarks and highlights, Scribd offers a comprehensive reading experience. While a monthly subscription is required, Scribd's vast library and offline listening feature make it a valuable investment for avid readers.

Scribd Android Reader

7. Lithium: EPUB Reader

Lithium offers a great reading experience for EPUB books on the go, automatically detecting and managing your books or documents. With themes like Night and Sepia for comfortable reading in any lighting condition, Lithium ensures a pleasurable reading experience. Its ability to sync reading progress, bookmarks, and notes across devices adds convenience for users who switch between multiple devices.

Lithium Android Reader

8. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader boasts tens of thousands of books accessible in various formats including TXT, HTML, EPUB, PDF, and more. Its customizable features allow users to adjust color, speed, and gestures for a personalized reading experience. While some features require upgrading to the Pro version, Moon+ Reader's extensive language support and embedded themes make it a favorite among free EPUB readers for Android users.

Moon+ Reader for android

9. Reasily - EPUB Reader

Reasily is a feature-rich EPUB reader that offers a simple and intuitive interface for reading books. With support for real-time translation and integration with external dictionaries, Reasily enhances your reading experience. While it doesn't support PDF format, Reasily's focus on EPUB files makes it a reliable choice for users who primarily read EPUB books.

Reasily EPUB Reader

The Bottom Line

After examining the top nine free ePub readers for Android listed above, you can choose your suitable readers for your phone. And if you purchase books via Audible, you may consider transferring the Audible books to other devices with DRM protection. HitPaw Audible Converter is the recommended tool to convert AAX files to MP3 for any player.

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