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Top 5 Cartoon Sound Effects Software/APP 2024

When it comes to live streaming and gaming, the world witnessed a surge in innovation and creativity, with content creators and game developers constantly pushing the limits of user experience. One of the factors that significantly contributes to the captivating mood is the cunning use of cartoon sound effects. In 2024, one of the most favored cartoon sound effects for live streaming and gaming is the Whacky Whistle Blast. Other options that you can choose from include Boisterous Bouncing Springs, Zany Zip and Zoom, Quirky Cartoon Laughter, and Epic Fail Trombone.

mario voice sound effect

In this guide, we are unveiling the Top 5 Cartoon Sound Effects Software/Apps for 2024. Whether you are picking victories left and right in the gaming world or entertaining your audience live, these tools are here to add a splash of fun and excitement to your audio. Let us dive into the world of cartoon sound effects and find the best software/apps that can make your streaming and gaming sessions unforgettable!

The Best PC HitPaw Voice Changer Cartoon Sound Effects

Cartoon Sound Effects

Unlock a world of fun and creativity with HitPaw Voice Changer's Cartoon Sound Effects. This ever-evolving soundboard is your go-to for upgrading your calls or live streaming with unique and entertaining sounds, including the hilarious cartoon slipping sound effect and cartoon running sound effect. Ideal for Discord, Twitch, YouTube, and more, HitPaw Voice Changer offers a plethora of features:

  • Real-time Voice Changing: Change your voice on the fly with a variety of effects for a personalized touch.
  • Perfect for Gaming and Content Creation: Tailored for gamers, content creators, Vtubers, and live streamers, providing the perfect voice modifier.
  • Cutting-edge AI Covers: Harness cutting-edge AI technology to create dynamic AI covers of popular songs.
  • Great AI Music Generator: Craft royalty-free music effortlessly with HitPaw's advanced AI music generator.
  • Designed for Various Platforms: An ever-evolving soundboard compatible with Discord, Twitch, YouTube, and more.

How to Use Cartoon Sound Effect When Live Streaming

Here’s how you can get started with HitPaw:

  • Go to HitPaw Voice Changer. Click on the “Try It Free” button to download the software for PC, or click on the link below that for Mac.

    hitpaw voice changer page
  • Let the application install on your device.

    detect microphone device
  • After installing, open the application and click on settings. Make sure you have Bluetooth headphones or any other microphone device connected by clicking on ‘Detect’.

    1. Navigate to the "Soundboard" option on the left. Choose or customize your preferred sound effects.
    2. Enable "Hear Myself" and "Voice Changer" to preview the sound. Adjust settings to your liking.
    3. Now, with your customized shortcut, immerse yourself in the world of sound effects. Enjoy the enhanced audio experience!

    cartoon voice changer
  • Choose your favorite cartoon voice and add it to the keybind. Now you can change your voice and add cartoon sound effects in real time.

Why Choose HitPaw Voice Changer

Witness the thrill of transforming your voice into celebrity voices like Taylor Swift and Donald Trump in real-time during live calls and streams. HitPaw Voice Changer's remarkable celebrity AI voice generator ensures a fun and immersive experience.

HitPaw AI Cover takes music enthusiasts on a journey with sophisticated algorithms and an extensive array of artist models. Convert your favorite songs into the voices of preferred singers. Simply import files or paste YouTube links, and let HitPaw work its magic seamlessly.

Additional Features

Live Voice Changing Function

Engage your audience dynamically with HitPaw Voice Changer's live voice-changing function. Elevate your live streams and interactions by transforming your voice in real time.

Cartoon Sound Effects Galore

Dive into a world of whimsy with a rich collection of cartoon sound effects. Add laughter, surprises, and excitement to your content to make your live streams truly entertaining.

Perfect for Live Streaming

HitPaw Voice Changer is designed to enhance your live-streaming experience. Elevate your content with unique voice transformations and captivating cartoon sound effects, keeping your audience hooked.

Tip: Avoid Gaming Cheats

Wondering if using HitPaw Voice Changer in games could be considered cheating? Rest assured! HitPaw Voice Changer operates by modifying your microphone audio locally and does not alter the voice through the network. Similar to how anchors use sound cards, consider HitPaw as your digital sound card. Unlike other voice changers that may raise suspicion and lead to account bans, HitPaw Voice Changer provides a secure and game-friendly solution.

Online Cartoon Sound Effects for Free

Unlock the world of online cartoon sound effects with these two powerful tools:

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer Software

Developed by Audio4Fun, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is a voice manipulation tool that lets you transform your voice while live streaming. Ideal for voice calls, online gaming, and multimedia projects, this software offers a diverse range of voice effects and editing capabilities. Perfect for entertainers, voice-over artists, and content creators, its AI-powered algorithms guarantee seamless voice transformation without the need for pre-recorded samples.

NCH Voxal Voice Changer

NCH Voxal Voice Changer

Tailored for real-time voice modification, NCH Voxal Voice Changer is a versatile software application catering to entertainment, gaming, voice-over work, and anonymity. Customize your voice by adjusting pitch, speed, tempo, tone, or overall sound quality. It's a dynamic tool that brings flexibility to your voice, making it perfect for adding cartoon sound effects like the cartoon sleeping sound effect.

Cartoon Sound Effects for iOS/Android

Discover the world of cartoon sound effects right on your iOS or Android device with these incredible voice-changer apps:

Voice Changer with Effects

phone voice changer

Voice Changer with Effects is a versatile tool that empowers users to modify their voices in real time or during audio recordings. With a plethora of features, it allows alterations in pitch, tone, and voice characteristics, offering a canvas for unique and entertaining sound transformations. This app brings creativity to your fingertips for entertainment, voiceovers, pranks, gaming, or online streaming purposes!


voicefx voice changer phone voice changer

VoiceFX stands out as a dynamic voice-changing and modification application designed for real-time transformations. Providing a playful and entertaining experience, VoiceFX lets users morph their voices into various effects and accents. Whether you want to sound like a robot, a monster, a baby, or even a famous celebrity, the app offers a diverse range of voice filters and effects, enabling users to customize their voices in endless ways.


Adding cartoon sound effects to your live streams is a surefire way to enhance audience engagement and make your content unforgettable. These effects bring joy, surprise, and a touch of nostalgia, creating a stronger connection with your viewers and enhancing the overall user experience. Whether emphasizing key points or adding comedic timing, cartoon sound effects provide versatility for content creators, which makes live streams more entertaining and memorable.

HitPaw Voice Changer emerges as the perfect solution for seamlessly integrating cartoon sound effects into your live streams. With a diverse array of effects, a user-friendly interface, and a real-time application, HitPaw makes it easy for creators of all levels to enhance their content.

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