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Top 6 Dalek Voice Changers to Sound Like Dalek

If you are a fan of the Iconic Sci-fi TV show Doctor Who, you must be familiar with the Daleks. Daleks are the biggest villains of the show. With their creepy voices, they have become a staple in pop culture and a new symbol of fear and domination.

Now, with the help of Dalek voice changers, users can easily clone the Dalek voice. This guide will provide you with the 6 best voice changers available online to make you sound like Daleks.

Who is Dalek? And who is the Dalek Voice Actor

dalek voice changer app

Daleks are mechanical devices developed by the scientist Davros. They are covered with mechanical body armor, protecting them from danger. Daleks consist of different weapons, which include gunsticks, sonic screwdrivers, and more.

They mostly use the catchphrase “Exterminate” to threaten their enemies. These villains are known for their distinctive and mechanical voices. In other words, these mechanical devices are one of the biggest threats to the universe.

Who is the voice of the Daleks? Nicholas Briggs is the voice actor behind Daleks. He is a professional writer, composer, and actor born September 29, 1961. He is praised for his voice acting and has given his voice to many 21st-century TV shows, including Doctor Who, Cybermen, and more.

6 Great Dalek Voice Changers You Should Try

Here are the top 6 Dalek voice changer Apps available on the market that will allow users to generate Dalek voice easily.

1. HitPaw Voice Changer - Best Dalek Voice Modulator for PC

hitpaw peso pluma voice

HitPaw is the leading voice changer program available for PCs. With this program, you can generate various voices in seconds. This program has many voice effects, including the voices of Daleks, Aliens, Monsters, and more.

HitPaw has features like Noise reduction, realistic voice cloning, Soundboard, and more, which allows users to convert different voices in real time. The best part of this voice changer is that it has a clean and simple interface, making it easy for newcomers to use.

If you are a gamer and want to use the voice of Daleks while playing games, then don't worry because this program supports over 300 PC games and software such as Valorant, COD, CS: Go, Discord, Twitch, Skype, Zoom, TeamSpeak, etc.

  • One of the best voice changers for PC
  • Offers realistic voice effects such as Daleks, Aliens, Monsters, etc.
  • Clean and Simple interface
  • Supports over 300 games and programs such as Valorant, Discord, Twitch, and Zoom
  • Offers Noise reduction feature that will eliminate the unwanted background sounds
  • None to this Date

Supported OS:Windows/MacOS


Here're easy steps that how you can use HitPaw Voice Changer.

  • 1.Go to "Settings", and click the drop-down button to select the input and output you are using.

    choose input & output in hitpaw voice changer
  • 2.Choose the effects you prefer and click to apply it.

    choose effects in hitpaw voice changer
  • 3.Turn on the "Voice Changer", "Hear myself" and try to speak to your microphone to listen how your voice sound like. If the surrounding environment is noisy, you can manually activate noise reduction. Please don't set the noise reduction level too high, as it may filter out some sounds.

    adjust global settings in hitpaw voice changer
  • 4.After selecting the desired sound effects and previewing them, you can adjust the volume according to your preferences.

    adjust voice settings on hitpaw voice changer
  • 5.Change Voice on Discord:Open "Discord", Click your "User settings" and go to "Voice & Video, Then select "HitPaw Vitrual Audio Input" from the drop-down list of input device.

    change you voice with hitpaw voice changer

2. Voicemod

dalek text-to-speech

Voicemod is a popular pick among users looking for a program that allows them to change their voice into any character. This program is designed to provide exceptional features such as Voicelab, Soundboard, and a voice changer.

This program can add sound effects such as Dalek voice, Chipmunk, Alien, Male, Female, and more.

Other than that, if you are unsatisfied with the built-in voice effects, you can create your voices with the help of Voicelab.

This program is versatile because it is compatible with major gaming and streaming applications.

  • Offers tools like voice changer, Soundboard, and Voicelab
  • Supports major streaming and gaming applications
  • Hundreds of voice effects and filters are available
  • Easy to use
  • Offers voice effects of celebrities and politicians
  • Voicemod Pro is a bit expensive

Supported OS:Windows 10 and 11

Price: $36.00/Month

3. Clownfish Voice Changer

clownfish free voice changer

Are you looking for a real-time Dalek voice modulator? Clownfish voice changer is the program you were looking for. It is a free-to-use program with hundreds of free voice effects, including Daleks sound effects.

This program allows you to modify your voice whenever you are talking. It supports platforms like Discord, Twitch, Zoom, etc.

With this program, you will also get a soundboard that will allow you to add voice effects and sound clips.

  • Real-Time Dalek Text-to-Speech Modulator
  • Free-to-use program
  • Offers an excellent soundboard
  • Available on platforms like Discord, Zoom, and more
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Some voice effects don't sound realistic

Supported OS:Windows 8,8.1,10 and 11 MacOS

Price: Free

4. Dalek Voice Changer

dalek android voice changer

Dalek Voice Changer is one of the best voice generators available for Android Smartphones. This program allows you to convert your simple voice into a villain and prank your friends.

With the help of this program, you can convert your recording and make a new recording in Dalek’s voice by using the Daleks voice filter.

This program has only one voice filter and no option to convert your voice during calls or live streaming. But if you want to create Dalek memes for a fun time, then this program is the right option.

  • Allows you to convert voices on a Smartphone
  • Offers Dalek Sound effect
  • Option to add voice effects to sound recording
  • Only one voice effect is available
  • Available on Android devices

Supported OS:Android

Price: Free

5. Voice Changer Plus

voicechanger plus

Voice Changer Plus is a famous voice changer program among iPhone users. With the help of this program, you can change your voice into any character, including Dalek, on your Smartphone.

As we all know, iOS users have fewer options when it comes to voice changers, but with Voice Changer Plus, users can now create funny voices on their iPhones. This Dalek voice Text-to-speech program has a clean and straight interface.

  • Offers a wide range of sound effects, including Alien, Monster, and more
  • Compatible with all iOS devices
  • This program offers the option to edit voice recordings
  • Supports platforms like Discord, Twitch, and more
  • Application crashes while editing recordings

Price: Free

6. is a Dalek voice changer online that allows you to modify your voice without downloading and installing. This free program has awesome sound effects like Dalek, Boy, Girl, and Clock.

The voice-changing process is so easy that a newbie with no tech knowledge can alter their voice without assistance. Further, with the help of this program, you can download the converted voice recording in popular formats such as WAV and MP3.

  • Web-based program means no downloading is required
  • Offers hundreds of voice effects
  • Allows you to create custom voice effects
  • Free to use
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Option to download recordings in popular formats like WAV and MP3
  • No celebrity voice effects are available

Price: Free

Not sure which one is the most suitable one for you?

If you are unsure which Dalek voice changer is best for you, follow the table below to find out.

Voice Changers Price Supported OS Best For
HitPaw $15.95 Win/Mac Gamers, Content Creator, Live Streamer Memes
Voicemod $36.00 Win Gamers and Streamers
Clownfish Free Win/Mac Beginners
Dalek Free Android Pranks
Voice changer Plus Free Online Beginners Free Online Content Creator

FAQs of Dalek Voice Changer

Q1. How do I make my voice sound like a Dalek?

A1. You will need a voice changer with Dalek's voice filter to make your voice sound like Dalek. Above, we have mentioned the top 6 voice changers with Dalek sound effects.

Q2. How do you sound like a Dalek in Discord?

A2. HitPaw is the best Dalek voice changer discord because this program allows users to convert their voices while live streaming on platforms like Discord, Twitch, Zoom, etc. With this program, you can sound like Dalek on Discord easily.

Final Thought

These are the top Dalek voice changers in 2023; with these tools, you can prank your friends and fans while live streaming or playing games. Each tool has a unique feature that allows you to alter your voice in real time. However, HitPaw voice changer is the best program because it has many realistic voice effects.

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