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Main Character in the Jigsaw: John Kramer

John Kramer, also known as the Jigsaw Killer or simply Jigsaw, is the main antagonist of the Saw franchise. He is a former civil engineer who became a serial killer after losing his unborn son and being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He devised elaborate and gruesome traps for his victims, who he believed were wasting their lives and needed to appreciate the value of survival. He is one of the most iconic and influential horror villains of all time.

main chracter in the jigsaw

Tobin Bell as John Kramer in the Jigsaw

The actor who brought John Kramer to life is Tobin Bell, an American actor with a long and diverse career in film, television, and theater. He started his acting career in the late 1970s and early 1980s, doing stand-ins and background work on feature films. He had his first feature film role in Mississippi Burning (1988) and appeared in supporting roles in several films and TV shows, such as The Firm (1993), The Sopranos (2001), and 24 (2003).His breakthrough role came in 2004 when he was cast as Jigsaw in the first Saw film. He reprised his role in eight of the nine sequels, earning recognition and praise for his performance.

tobin bell

Info about John Kramer’s Personality and Traits

John Kramer was a man who had a strong sense of justice and morality. He believed that people should cherish their lives and not take them for granted. He was also a brilliant and creative engineer, who designed and built his traps with meticulous detail and precision. He was calm and composed, rarely showing any emotion or losing his temper. He was also manipulative and ruthless, willing to inflict pain and suffering on his victims and his accomplices. He had a twisted sense of humor, often using irony and sarcasm in his messages and recordings.

John Kramer’s Motives and Philosophy

John Kramer became a serial killer after a series of tragic events that shattered his life. He lost his unborn son, Gideon, when a drug addict named Cecil Adams crashed into his wife’s clinic.. He decided to dedicate his remaining time to test the will of people who he deemed unworthy of life, such as drug addicts, criminals, corrupt officials, and selfish individuals.He called his tests “games” or “tests”, and gave his victims a chance to escape by completing a task or making a choice, usually involving self-harm or harming others.

cecil adams

John Kramer’s Legacy and Influence

John Kramer died in Saw III, when one of his test subjects, Jeff Denlon, slashed his throat with a circular saw. However, his legacy and influence continued beyond his death, as he had planned and prepared several tests and traps before his demise. He also had several accomplices and followers, who carried on his work or imitated his methods. Some of his notable accomplices were Amanda Young, Mark Hoffman, Lawrence Gordon, and Logan Nelson.

amanda young
mark hoffman

FAQs About John Kramer in Jigsaw

Here are some frequently asked questions about John Kramer and his role in the Jigsaw franchise:

Q1. How did John Kramer become Jigsaw?

A1. John Kramer became Jigsaw after he lost his unborn son, divorced his wife, and was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He decided to test the will of people who he deemed unworthy of life, by putting them in elaborate and gruesome traps.

Q2. What is the meaning of the jigsaw puzzle piece?

A2. The jigsaw puzzle piece is the symbol that John Kramer used to mark his victims who failed his tests. He cut the shape of a puzzle piece from their flesh, to represent that they were missing a vital piece of the human puzzle: the survival instinct.

Q3. How many people did John Kramer kill?

A3. John Kramer did not consider himself a killer, but a teacher. He claimed that he gave his victims a chance to escape and survive his tests, and that he did not directly kill anyone. However, according to the official body count of the franchise, John Kramer was responsible for the deaths of at least 60 people, either directly or indirectly.

Bonus: Tobin Bell’s Other Starring

Besides his role as John Kramer in the Jigsaw franchise, Tobin Bell has also starred in many other films and TV shows, showcasing his versatility and talent as an actor. Here are some of his other notable works:

The Road to El Dorado

The Road to El Dorado is a 2000 animated adventure film, produced by DreamWorks Animation. It tells the story of two con artists, Miguel and Tulio, who find a map to the mythical city of gold, El Dorado. Along the way, they encounter a series of obstacles and adventures, and meet a beautiful native woman, Chel, and a powerful high priest, Tzekel-Kan.

The Call

The Call is a 2020 horror film, directed by Timothy Woodward Jr. It follows a group of four friends, who are tormented by an elderly woman, Edith Cranston, after they prank call her. They are invited to her house, where they are offered $100,000 if they can survive a phone call from the past.

The Flash

The Flash is a superhero TV series, based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It follows the adventures of Barry Allen, a forensic scientist who gains super-speed after being struck by lightning. Tobin Bell voiced Savitar, the main antagonist of the third season, who is a future version of Barry Allen, corrupted by the Speed Force and driven by a desire to kill his past self.

Change Your Voice to John Kramer

Have you ever wanted to sound like John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer, and scare your friends or enemies with his creepy and menacing voice? Well, now you can, thanks to HitPaw Voice Changer, a free real-time AI voice changer with AI magic effects.HitPaw Voice Changer is a software that lets you change your voice with various effects in real-time or offline. You can also create AI covers, soundboards, and music with AI magic.

HitPaw Voice Changer’s Features

Here are some of the features of HitPaw Voice Changer that make it the best voice changer for John Kramer fans:

  • Real-time voice changing: You can change your voice in real-time while playing online games, chatting on voice applications, or livestreaming on platforms like Discord, Twitch, or YouTube.
  • AI voice effects: You can choose from hundreds of voice effects, including celebrity voices, character voices, accents, and more.
  • AI covers: You can create AI covers of your favorite songs with different voices, such as Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, or John Kramer.
  • AI music: You can create your own music with AI magic, by entering some tips or choosing a genre.

How to use the Functions of HitPaw Voice Changer?

Step 1: Open Settings and choose your input and output devices from the menu.

open settings

Step 2: Pick voice and sound effects from the list and click on the ones you want to use.

pick voice and sound effects`

Step 3: Turn on the Voice Changer and the Hear myself options to preview your voice. Speak into your microphone to hear how you sound.

turn on the voice changer

Step 4: Fine-tune voice settings by moving your mouse over the cartoon avatar. You can adjust the pitch, speed, and volume of your voice.

fine-tune voice setting


John Kramer is the main character and the main antagonist of the Jigsaw franchise. He is a serial killer who tests the will of his victims with elaborate and gruesome traps. He is portrayed by Tobin Bell, an American actor who has also starred in many other films and TV shows. If you are a fan of John Kramer and his voice, you can use HitPaw Voice Changer, to change your voice to his voice, and enjoy various other features, such as AI covers.

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