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Convert AAC to MP3 on Your Windows/Mac/Online Right Now

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-09-28

Uploading and sharing files are common occurrences in the current technological and digitally creative age. This is where MP3 comes off as a more handy option since it compresses the audio size to smaller files and makes it easy to initiate file exchanges.

However, converting AAC to MP3 might seem tricky to a lot of users, and this is where this article will help you ease the process.

Part 1. What is an AAC file?

An AAC file format intends to enhance the compression scheme for creating the MP3 file format. AAC means “Advanced Audio Coding” which is a standard container format for compressed digital audio along with music data. Now that you know what are AAC files, here are some advantages of AAC file format are:

  1. This format stands to be better than MP4 as it produces better sound quality at a similar bitrate when compared to older audio formats
  2. All new audio devices and media players support the AAC format which is also the default audio format for iTunes, iPhones, and PlayStation 3

Part 2. Top 6 Convenient AAC to MP3 Converter Online For You

Wondering which AAC to MP3 converter to consider? Here’s a list for your ease. Given below are some popular AAC to MP4 converter online:


Cloudconvert is an AAC to MP4 converter online that converts your audio files from one format to the other. It supports 200+ formats and offers data security with high-quality conversions.

aac to mp3 with cloudconvert


The Freeconvert audio converter helps convert AAC to MP3 online. It functions on web browsers and can be accessed on all devices and browsers. It converts your audio file in two simple steps and does not require user sign-in for conversions.

aac to mp3 with freeconvert


Zamar is an online file conversion application that converts documents, images, videos, and audio. It supports 1100+ formats and supports file compression. It does not require any software download and functions on the cloud, offering accessibility and convenience to the user.

aac to mp3 with zamzar


VEED.IO helps convert AAC codec to MP3. It is super user-friendly and offers features for video editing as well. It is a web-based application and does not demand any download or installation. It offers a professional finish to the files and helps with retaining a superior file quality.

aac to mp3 with veed

Online Convert

Online Convert is another AAC format audio to MP3 file converter. Along with these formats it works with multiple other formats and functions on all web browsers. It comes with a comprehensive interface that presents user-manuals and examples to simplify the user-experience.

aac to mp3 with onlineconvert

Part 3. Most Reliable AAC Audio to MP3 Converter for Windows/Mac

Converting AAC to MP3 files does not need to be a tedious task. You can easily get the job done once you have your hands on the right application. One such application that helps ease the process of converting AAC audio to MP3 is the HitPaw Video Converter.

HitPaw Video Converter is a prominent tool in the market that allows easy 90X faster AAC to MP3 or MP3 to AAC conversion, and downloads of videos from multiple platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to MP3, MP4, and HD quality.

Given below are the steps you need to follow to convert an audio file with the help of HitPaw.

Step 01 Click the Button below to get software freely

Step 02 Import the audio file by selecting the “Add audio” option on the software. In case you wish to extract audio from a video, select the Video and import it to the software.

aac to mp3 with hitpaw

Step 03 The next step is to select the audio format for the conversion. You can select from the list of available output formats and choose the output quality for your file

Step 04 Select the “convert” option on your window once you are satisfied with your selection

aac to mp3 with hitpaw video convert

Step 05 Now you can head to the “Converted” tab to see the converted files

Part 4. AAC vs MP3, Which Should You Choose?

Here are a few factors you must consider before making your decision on the MP3 v/s AAC battle.

Compatibility – you need to know which extension will work on your device. Not many devices are capable of handling both formats and compared to AACs, MP3 files are more supported on the majority of device interfaces.

File size – You may want to consider the file size of both extensions depending upon your use. MP3s usually have smaller file sizes compared to AACs.

Audio quality – AAC files offer higher audio quality compared to MP3. If you are considering streaming and sound quality, you must select AAC over MP3.


Converting your audio file from AAC to MP3 might be a smart option if you are willing to conserve space and come up with an audio format that is more compatible across device interfaces. With applications like HitPaw Video Converter this conversion becomes super convenient and all you need are a few minutes to convert AAC to MP3 online.

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