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How to Unprotect iTunes Music | Complete Guide

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-11-01

Even if you have purchased music from the iTunes store, it is not normal for you to be unable to download them for use outside of the iTunes platform.

The primary barrier preventing users from playing iTunes tracks freely is Digital Rights Management, or DRM. This type of streaming media protection technology is used to safeguard the copyright of the songs that are being sold in the iTunes Store. You've come to the correct place if you want to remove DRM restrictions on downloaded music. You can simply unprotect itunes music using the instructions in this article.

Part 1. What is A Protected Song on iTunes

You may be one of the millions of users of the iTunes programme. But it's frustrating that we can't play iTunes-protected files. This is because online music services like Spotify, Apple Music, and others use DRM security, which is also present.

Be concerned with online pirates. Since the DRM primarily employs the encrypted MP4 format, the iTunes files are confined to Apple devices only. You must learn how to tunes songs that are not drm protected if you want to get rid of this.

Check out the following instructions if you wish to obtain MP3 copies of your iTunes locked music recordings. It will demonstrate how to utilise the most user-friendly converter to convert a protected music to MP3.

Part 2. How to Unprotect Songs on iTunes

As is well knowledge, Apple's Fairplay DRM mechanism protects M4P music. You must unlock iTunes tunes and simultaneously convert M4P to regular MP3 if you wish to listen to your music on other devices. Instead of relying on a third-party tool, iTunes still provides users with the legitimate options to remove the copy protection from iTunes Music. However, keep in mind that the procedure might be challenging.

Method 1: Unprotect iTunes Songs via iTunes Match

You have access to all of the music on your devices and from other sources with iTunes Match. You may sync or match up to 100,000 music from your iTunes Library to iCloud by purchasing an iTunes Match subscription.

songs that are not protected by drm

The instructions on how to unprotect song for iTunes Match are shown below.

Step 01Launch iTunes and log in using your Apple ID and password.

Step 02Open iTunes and select the "My Music" option. After that, decide which tracks you wish to improve.

Step 03On your keyboard, press the Delete key. Hit the pop-up text that says "Delete Songs" after that.

download unprotected apple music

Step 04Select "iTunes Store" from the menu. Then navigate to "Quick Links" on iTunes' right side. Next, choose "Purchased".

Step 05In the top-right area of iTunes, select "Music". Next, locate the music you wish to save in DRM-free form.

Step 06To re-download the updated album or song, click the "cloud" symbol.

non copyright music on itunes

Method 2: Burn iTunes Songs to CD Using iTunes

Burning the music on a CD in iTunes and then converting them back to digital audio files is the first approved way you may try to unlock protected iTunes tracks. Read on to find out how to unlock an iTunes music.

Step 01First, make a playlist in which to place all the songs you wish to unprotect.

Step 02To rip a playlist into a CD, choose it and then click "Burn Playlist to Disc." Please be aware that burning all of the music on CD will take some time.

itunes free songs

Step 03Insert the CD into your computer when the burning is finished.

Step 04Begin ripping these music to iTunes.

Part 3. Unprotected iTunes Songs with HitPaw Video Converter

With the help of HitPaw Video Converter excellent DRM removal feature, iTunes tracks may be unprotected and converted to DRM-free music for offline streaming. Additionally, the songs may be exported to popular and highly compatible audio encoders like MP3, M4A, AU, and more, making it easier to enjoy music outside of the iTunes Player and download unprotected music.

HitPaw Video Converter will maintain lossless state for the sound in order to store them locally. Its 90x conversion speed is a fantastic feature that allows for speedy conversion and time savings. You may download playlists and channels very quickly in bulk.


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How to Convert iTunes Music with HitPaw Video Converter:

Step 01Download HitPaw Video Converter by clicking the below button.

Step 02After installing, launch it and go to Add Files and click on iTunes Music.

how to unprotect files on itunes

Step 03After selecting the iTunes Music option, iTunes will be instantly activated. Ensure that iTunes is open and that you are logged in. The unlock symbol in the status indicates that the file has been converted using this software.

remove DRM protected audio

Step 04By checking the box, choose the music files you wish to convert. You are free to choose as many songs as you like. Click the Confirm button to begin analysing the files you've chosen.

convert protected itunes files to unprotected free

Step 05Select the format you want, then click Convert All.

how to unprotect music for imovie

Part 4. FAQs about DRM iTunes Songs

a. What's drm protected mean?

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, security. This plan aims to prevent digital piracy in the first place while safeguarding the rights of producers.

b. What songs aren't protected by drm?

Choose "Show Columns" from the drop-down option. Choose "File." You ought should now have a column with the name "View." There will be something in this area for every song. The file is DRM-protected if it says "Protected AAC audio file"; else, it is not.

c. Are all iTunes songs DRM protected?

Before 2009, the iTunes Store songs you bought were covered by Apple's FairPlay Digital Rights Management.

d. How can I tell if a song is DRM protected?

If it displays "Protected AAC audio file," the file is DRM-restricted. Does this imply that we cannot remove DRM and export iTunes music? DRM protection can be easily removed thanks to strong programmes like HitPaw Video Converter.

Final Thought

In this article we talk about how to unlock DRM protected audio and how to unprotect songs on iTunes. For this purpose, we use HitPaw Video Converter, which is the best converter to save protected songs from itunes and supports batch conversion with a 90X speed rate.

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