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Best Unblocked Music Sites for You to Check 2020

You might not be able to use music platforms in certain areas, due to some restrictions. It could be at work or in school areas. However, some workarounds allow you to listen to music unblocked for free.let's talk about these great workarounds.

Where Can I Find Unblocked Music?

You can find music unblocked from websites that host content specifically for the purpose. Some of the best unblocked music sites that you can use include:

1. Jamendo Unblocked Music Site

Jamendo is a website with a decent amount of independent music artists. It has mobile app versions for iOS and Android, which is an added advantage of convenience and ease. The platform started with a Creative Commons license, but later became a free music unblocked site.

unblocked music

There is also a share function that allows you to interact with other users on the site. Some of Jamendo's other features include:

  • A repository of over 500,000 songs, spanning across 150 countries.
  • A list of radio stations categorized into genres and themes.
  • Users can rate and review albums to which they have listened.

2. LiveXLive

The website offers you access to exclusive live video performances, in addition to standard music streaming. LiveXLive also allows you to create playlists from its repository and share it with other users. The playlists are available online and offline, with the option of skipping tracks unlimited times.

music unblocked

However, the platform has a paid membership plan which unlocks all its functionalities. The free tier still has standard features such as:

  • A list of radio stations that LiveXLive curates.
  • Radio stations customized by genres.
  • Video library consisting of premium programs, history, and interviews on various artistes.

3. Soundzabound

Soundzabound claims to be the only website where you can find royalty-free unblocked music for education. You can find songs, effects, and themes for classes between K12 and university level. You can either listen to them or use it for other purposes, as they are safe from copyright. The site can also perform music download unblocked. Some of Soundzabound's main features include:

free music unblocked

  • A license that lasts permanently and the user can access on the site.
  • A search function you can use with keywords and categories.
  • A shared file system that several users can open simultaneously.

4. BlueBeat

BlueBeat curates free music unblocked from a wide selection of categories and genres. The site arranges the songs based on trending albums and playlists. You can listen to free music unblocked from network restrictions. You can also create a playlist if you have a paid membership. Some of its top features include:

listen to free music unblocked

  • A centralized search function to find songs, artists or albums.
  • A side menu that has a list of famous artists and playlists, arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Request line function that allows you to send artistes or album recommendations that aren't already available.

5. AccuRadio Music Unblocked

AccuRadio is an internet radio platform with multiple channels. It essentially fields music channels spanning across a wide range of genres. You don't have to pay for a subscription, and individual entities curate the music channels themselves. The platform has mobile versions on Android, iOS, and Alexa. Some of its main features include:

unblocked music sites

  • A "Today's Features" section for specially selected music categories.
  • The Theme Changer option, which allows you to change the look of the site on your desktop.
  • A support page where you can learn how to send music content unto the platform.

6. Grooveshark

Grooveshark allows you to stream and download unblocked music for free. The rebooted platform has a music downloader unblocked against sanctions. However, it refers its users to other music hosting sites where they can carry out more music download unblocked. Some of its other features include:

music download unblocked

  • A search function that allows the user to search music directly.
  • Playlist curation which provides for up to 5 separate playlists.
  • The import/export function for importing and exporting playlists to and from other sources.

7. Playlistsounds

You can use the Playlistsounds website to browse unblocked music from upcoming and famous artists alike. It even shows up on the top of the list when you search "unblocked music sites at school 2016". However, the site requires that you sign up before using it. Its main features include:

unblocked music sites at school 2016

  • A "explore" tab for randomly selected songs and playlists.
  • "New Releases" section on the default page after the user logs in.
  • The share option for playlists and songs.

8. Slacker Free Music Unblocked

Slacker is a free music platform that has a long history. It started in 2006 as a satellite radio vendor but moved into internet content streaming shortly after that. It now allows users to stream from hundreds of curated content from professional artistes. Its core features include:

tube unblocked music

  • A Music news section that is on-demand for listeners.
  • Mini-documentaries on popular artistes and their stories.
  • Location-based festival exploration tab, which spans across major cities in the world.

9. Hungama

The website offers more indigenous tube unblocked music content that you can download for free. It has a catalog on movies, music, and other related material. Hungama's mobile versions on Android and iOS allow you to download and listen to free music unblocked, have high quality, and can be downloaded directly to your devices. There is also the option to stream directly from the website, with the full playback controls included as well. You can choose songs based on reviews, lyrics, and the latest music. Some of its main features include:

free music online unblocked

  • Theme Changer that toggles between light and dark mode.
  • Movies Section for Bollywood movies and other unblocked music content.
  • In-house original curated programs and musicals.

10. TuneIn

TuneIn is a popular internet radio platform that allows you access to a wide selection of unblocked music. It doesn't require you to have an account before use, and you get to choose from music or radio. There are many language options on the site, and it represents several geographic regions with their kind of music. Some of the main features you would find on TuneIn are:

free music unblocked at school

  • Fully functioning controller for media, which optimizes for the different types of screens sizes on phones.
  • A local radio sections for listening to radio stations around you.
  • The Search function which can find music contents based on language or location.

FAQs about Music Unblocked

Q1. What Music Site is not blocked at school?

Several platforms can allow you to enjoy free music unblocked at school, such as TuneIn and Soundzabound.

Q2. Why do schools block music?

It is sometimes difficult to listen to music at school unblocked. It could be that school administration considers music to be distracting, or that it exposes students to inappropriate content through lyrics.


There are a lot more streaming services over the turn of the last decade than they have ever been. It means that you have the choice and options to pick the most convenient. At a time where it is difficult to get music over the internet, unblocked music sites such as those listed above are the most suitable to get free music online unblocked.

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