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8 Best Unblocked YouTube Sites to Watch Blocked Content

It's common to find restricted YouTube content when you want to watch it most. Here we'll show you the best unblocked YouTube sites to unblock YouTube channels and videos from any region and in schools. YouTube proxy websites have revolutionized how people interact with content when YouTube sends you the message “Video Unavailable”.

In countries like North Korea, Russia, and Brazil, you cannot watch some YouTube channels. Equally, through network-level blocks, school administrations restrict access to YouTube channels that are distractive. The good news; you can now access YouTube blocked or restricted content from geo-restricted regions, schools, and offices.

unblocked youtube sites

Part 1. Best 8 Unblocked YouTube Sites to Use in YouTube Blocked Regions

Whether you call them unblocked YouTube sites or YouTube proxy websites, they'll help watch videos blocked on YouTube. YouTube unblocked sites with proxy servers bypass your IP address and fetch YouTube content through different IP addresses.

Watch all your favorite YouTube content from these eight unblocked YouTube sites.

Unblocked YouTube Site No. of IP Addresses Locations Available Cost
YouTubeUnblocked No data USA and Europe Lifetime free
Smartproxy 55 Million+ 195+ locations 14-days
Bright Data 72 Million+ 195 countries 7 days
Prox Free No data 3 countries lifetime
WebShare 30 million+ 195 countries 10 free proxies
Infatica 15 million 150 count VAries 3-day free trial for $1.99
ProxyScrape 10+ million 6 countries- Premium proxies $25/month - 1000 proxies
Hide.me 2400+ 89 locations $2.90/month

1. YouTubeUnblocked

If you're in Europe and the USA, use YouTubeUnblocked to open and watch blocked YouTube videos or restricted content on all channels for free. You don't have to download and install this proxy on your computer or phone. Go to the proxy's homepage and click “Go” to open YouTube.

watching blocked youtube using youtube unblocked site
  • Protects the user against traceability
  • It also allows you to watch blocked or restricted content on Facebook, Twitch, Tiktok, Instagram, and DuckDuckGo
  • It has a simple user interface
  • Works on all operating systems
  • It's limited to only the USA and Europe

2. Smartproxy

Amongst the common YouTube proxy websites, Smartproxy has the fastest response time. It has over 55 million IP addresses which ensures YouTube viewers from 195 locations including the 50 UD states unblock YouTube videos. To enhance your security when accessing geo-restricted channels, Smartproxy keeps your IP address and location hidden.

watch youtube blocked videos using smartproxy
  • With Premium Proxies you can bypass network-level blocks, geo-restrictions, and CAPTCHAs
  • High connection speed
  • 24/7 technical support with an average response rate of 5 minutes
  • Rotating proxies feature to keep user IP address untraceable
  • A high success rate of 99.47%
  • You've to pay to use

3. Bright Data

To bypass network-level blocks and watch YouTube videos while in school and location restrictions with rotating proxies, use Bright Data. To keep enjoying videos uninterrupted, Bright Data super proxy servers are always contained at a commendable 99.9% uptime. As an all-around YouTube mirror site, it offers mobile IPs, residential IPs, and web extraction tools to extract video links.

watch blocked youtube channels using bright data
  • Fast, efficient, and reliable speed
  • Wide region coverage
  • Opens IP blocks in all operating systems
  • Integrates easily with software systems
  • The pay-as-you-go payment option is costly compared to competitors
  • Complex to use for beginners

4. Prox Free

If you're afraid of watching videos from YouTube unblocked websites, Prox Free is the YouTube proxy to use. It's a free proxy developed to help you unblock any YouTube channel. You can also use it to browse blocked websites in your country.

unblock youtube videos with proxyfree

With just a click on the “All cookies” feature you block all the cookies tracing your search and giving out your private data.

  • It's free to use
  • It has the simplest interface
  • Works well on phones and computers
  • Hides users' IP addresses enabling private browsing
  • It also unblocks videos from restricted websites and Facebook
  • The server location proxy blocker is limited to the US Central and UK

5. WebShare

From the onset, you'll find WebShare proxy reliable and affordable. Surprisingly, they offer 10 free fully anonymous web proxies. Without using your credit card, use the 10 proxies to access blocked videos in different countries. Expect high-quality service with a 99.97% uptime rating. Utilizing the latest hardware features, your IP address is always circumvented by high-speed proxies. This keeps you hidden when watching restricted channels.

best unblocked site for youtube
  • There's no time you'll experience proxy downtime
  • Rotating proxies to keep your IP address location completely hidden
  • Affordable
  • Offers 10 free web proxies every month
  • 24/7 customer support and proxy monitoring
  • Proxy network is available in limited countries

6. Infatica

Going by the interface structure and the number of proxy IPs ready to unblock YouTube, Infatica qualifies to be among the unblocked YouTube sites. Today Infatica boasts over 20 million proxy IPs with 15 million of them designated to unblock residential IPs and 5 million mobile IP addresses. While you can choose the proxy IPs to remain static, there's an option to set them to rotate after every 5 minutes.

unblock youtube videos with infatica
  • Proxy IPs serve people in 150 diverse geolocations
  • Easy to navigate user interface dashboard
  • Simple and quick to customize proxy geolocations of any country
  • Offers web scraping
  • Datacenter Proxy is offered only in the US
  • You've to subscribe to a plan to use it

7. ProxyScrape

Proxy Scrape offers over 10 million Residential proxies, 40,000 Premium proxies, and a choice for you to choose Dedicated proxies for you to unblock the most sensitive YouTube videos. User IP address is highly guarded as the IP proxy's response time always stands at 2 seconds and their success rate is 99%.

If you opt for the Dedicated Proxy, you'll be assigned a private IP address with unlimited bandwidth. Also included in this package is 24/7 customer support and API integration.

youtube blocked proxy proxyscrape
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • 24/7 customer support in all three packages
  • Fast proxy IP address response time
  • It's compliant with all the relevant laws and regulations making it ethical and responsible
  • Allows users to view the proxy's performance analytics
  • Geolocations served aren't specified
  • Requires some experience to use it effectively

8. Hide.me

To enhance security and privacy when accessing blocked videos, Hide.me handpicks every proxy server. Despite the much work put into this YouTube unblocked website, it's free to unblock blocked YouTube channels and websites. Other than the few checkpoints to use when customizing IP address safeguards you only need to copy-paste the YouTube link to watch.

unblock youtube-blocked videos with hide.me
  • It's a free unblocked YouTube site for everyone
  • Easy user interface dashboard
  • Works on smartphones, Apple TVs and computers
  • The VPNs provide extra protection by encrypting user traffic
  • Paid plan comes with dynamic port forwarding
  • Relatively cheap
  • The pricing plans guarantee safer YouTube
  • It's only available in three countries

Part 2. Best Method to Watch Region Locked YouTube Content

The simplest method you can use to unblock YouTube content is to download the content. HitPaw Video Converter and Downloader is the best and simplest tool for downloading blocked YouTube videos. It'll take you a significant time to watch restricted content from unblocked video websites. But with HitPaw Video Converter and Downloader, it'll take a few seconds to download the entire restricted YouTube content you want.

HitPaw Features to Help Download Blocked YouTube Content

  • Supports download of YouTube blocked content and other 1000+ sites
  • Download restricted YouTube content quality of up to 8K/4K/1080p
  • 120X fast video conversion speed
  • Batch download blocked YouTube videos simultaneously which saves you time
  • Easy-to-navigate interface

How to Download Locked YouTube Videos Using HitPaw Video Converter

  • Step 1:Download HitPaw Video Converter and install it to a PC or Mac computer. Launch the program and switch to the Download tab.

  • Step 2:Open YouTube website and open the video that you'd like to download. The link could be a playlist, video, or channel. Copy the URL link from the browser address bar.

    copy video link
  • Step 3:Click Paste URL, HitPaw Video Converter will automatically paste the URL and start analyzing the video info.

    analyze link to download video
  • Step 4:After analysis, you can preview the video info. You can select a desired format and quality. This program supports downloading YouTube videos to 8K, as well as extract MP3 from video directly.

    download video to MP4 8K
  • Step 5:Click on the “Download” button to start downloading your video.

    downloading locked youtube video

After the video is downloaded, you can play unblocked YouTube video with the in-built player offline.

Bottom Line

Restricted YouTube videos and channels have become an order of the day. With the best unblocked YouTube sites, you can watch any locked video from any device. If you're in school, there are plenty of unblocked YouTube sites for school. If you're in a location where the YouTube video is locked, use a YouTube proxy website to watch videos from YouTube sites that are blocked. Also, we recommend a reliable video downloader HitPaw Video Converter. This all-in-one media tool provides a fast way to download unblocked videos from YouTube for offline watching.

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