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5 Best Tools to Convert YouTube Video to Transcript

You are creating YouTube content aiming at specific people in different regions of the world. If the viewers of your video don't understand the meaning of the video, you won't be able to engage a fair amount of people there. Hence, looking for the YouTube transcript might assist you in using the subtitles of the video, allowing you to attract the attention of millions of people.

Finding a reliable and efficient YouTube transcript generator is a difficult gig, but you don't need to worry about it. You can watch out for the 5 amazing ways to download the YouTube transcript quickly.

Part 1: 5 Best Tools to Download YouTube Transcription

You can opt for the YouTube video transcript using the brilliant tools listed below.

1. HitPaw Online Video Translator

Translating the video into the text seems like a daunting task, but the emergence of the HitPaw Online AI Video Translator has made it all easy for you.

It is a prolific YouTube transcript generator that, apart from supporting multiple video formats, doesn't tinker with the audio quality. It comes up with AI powered technology and presents you with eye catching subtitles of the video automatically. Another thing to ponder about the HitPaw Online AI Video Translator is that it comes with affordable rates, and you don't have to spend much to turn the video into text.

  • It helps you to import the YouTube URL to turn it into text.
  • Lets you translate the video in a realistic voice
  • Allows you to transcribe your audio into multiple languages
  • Compatible with multiple languages
  • Allows you to translate the video content into various languages
Translate Now! How to Get Transcript of YouTube Video

Here's the step by step guide to learning how to get transcript of YouTube video through HitPaw Online Video Translator.

  • Step 1:Visit the official website of the HitPaw Online Video Translator and then install the tool on your PC. Next, you'll need to start the program and visit YouTube. Select the video you'd like to translate into text and click on the Share button to copy the URL address of the video.
    Apart from copying the URL address of the YouTube videos, you can also drop and drag the video directly from the gallery.

    youtube subtitles downloader
  • Step 2:After importing the video, you must choose the language you want to turn the video into. Customizing the other settings to translate video look more exciting and pleasing to the eyes is also possible. Next, hit the Translate button to begin translating your video.

    how to get a transcript of a youtube video
  • Step 3:Press on the Preview icon to review the video, and if you're satisfied with the credentials of the video, you'll need to press on the Download icon to start exporting the video. The benefit of the Preview button is that it enables you to review the changes you've made, allowing you to opt for some last minute changes.

    youtube transcript generator
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2. Kome.ai

Kome.ai is an outstanding tool to transcript YouTube video effortlessly. It comes with a simple user interface and supports over 120+ languages. It means you can translate the YouTube video into more than one language, including Arabic, Swahili, Hindi, German, etc. After extracting the text from audio, you can edit it in numerous ways. Hence, whenever you look for your YouTube video transcripts, you must not forget Kome.

how to get the transcript of a youtube video Features
  • Allows you to copy transcript directly online
  • Supports the 120+ transaction languages
  • Fast processing and load up time

3. Veed.io

If you're looking to generate the transcript of YouTube videos and are searching for the best tool, going for Veed.io makes complete sense. Luckily, this tool doesn't require any prior knowledge, and you can use this tool to generate accurate text transcriptions without much effort.

With the support of 100+ languages, including Japanese, Hindi, French, Spanish, etc., Veed.io has been a tremendous way to convert videos into text. After transcribing the file, you can then download the file into the .txt file. To learn how to get transcript of YouTube video through Veed.io, you'll only need to visit the time of Veed.io before translating the video into text.

youtube to transcript Features
  • Edit and customize the subtitle text.
  • Offers a simple user interface
  • Brilliant transcription languages

4. Typito

Another excellent and brutal YouTube video transcript tool you can use is Typito. It is a free tool that relies upon advanced AI technology to accurately and quickly translate the video files into the text.

It recognizes multiple languages and helps you to edit the appearance and style of text quickly. Moreover, this tool doesn't affect the quality of the video, and downloading the text into the .art format is effortless.

youtube subtitles Features
  • Comes up with various video export options
  • Beautiful layout and design
  • Add the subtitles manually.

5. 360Converter

Multiple reasons ask you to use the 360Converter. Apart from offering a simple user interface, it allows you to transcript YouTube video without limitations. Using this tool to transcribe the audio is simpler than you think, as you'll only need to visit the official webpage of the tool and then upload the video there.

After uploading the video, select the language you'd like to translate the video. Since it supports multiple languages, including Portuguese, Russian, French, German, English, etc, you've got the chance to spread the video content in different parts of the world by translating the video into more than one language.

transcript on youtube Features
  • Comes up with a simple user interface
  • It helps you to copy your transcript to the clipboard
  • It doesn't affect the quality of the video

Part 2: How to Get YouTube Transcript on YouTube

Aiming for the YouTube video's transcript option is quite simple. Unfortunately, all the videos don't have the transcript, and various videos come up with automatic transcripts, but it might not contain the expected quality. Some video creators tend to make their transcripts more accurate.

Here's the detailed guide below to learn how to get a transcript of a YouTube.

  • 1.Navigate to the preferred web browser and start YouTube afterward. Next, you'll need to log in with the YouTube account credentials.

    youtube subtitle generator
  • 2.Play the video you're looking for the transcript of and press the three horizontal dots at the video's bottom side.

    youtube transcription
  • 3.Click on the ''Open transcript'' button, and this way, you can see the transcript on the video's right side.

    youtube transcript generator

The English icon appears below the transcript. You can access multiple languages by pressing the English icon, including the English (Auto-generated). Selecting the English has more rewards than choosing the Auto-generated option.

Final Words

Looking at the YouTube video transcript generator means you can convert the video into immaculate text. This post has listed the 5 amazing tools in this regard, and these options won't disappoint you either.

HitPaw Online Video Translator is by far the most recommended YouTube video transcript tool, which offers amazing credentials. It allows you to transform the video into subtitles, and importing the videos in various formats is possible on HitPaw Online Video Translator.

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