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Ultimate Guide to Free Download MKVToolNix for Mac

In the ever-evolving world of multimedia, the Matroska (MKV) file format has gained significant popularity due to its versatility and ability to store multiple audio, video, and subtitle streams. However, not all media players and devices can seamlessly handle MKV files, necessitating the need for conversion to more widely supported formats. This guide delves into the process of downloading and utilizing MKVToolNix Mac, a powerful open-source tool, for converting MKV files on Mac computers.

download mkvtoolnix

Part 1. MKVToolNix and Why Use it on Mac?

MKVToolNix Mac is a powerful, open-source suite of tools designed to create, alter, and inspect Matroska multimedia files, particularly those with the .mkv extension. While primarily targeted towards Linux and Windows users, many Mac enthusiasts seek to leverage its robust capabilities on their preferred platform. The perplexity of finding a reliable MKVToolNix version for macOS is often a source of frustration, leading users to scour the internet for viable solutions.

Key Features

  • mkvmerge: A tool for multiplexing (muxing) audio, video, and subtitle tracks from various sources into a single Matroska file.
  • mkvinfo: Displays information about Matroska files, including track details, attachments, and metadata.
  • mkvextract: Extracts specific tracks or attachments from a Matroska file.
  • mkvpropedit: Edits properties of existing Matroska files, such as title, language, and track flags.

Benefits of Using MKVToolNix for Mac Users

Despite its complex functionality, MKVToolNix Mac offers several advantages that make it an attractive choice for Mac users dealing with Matroska files:

  • Free and Open-Source: MKVToolNix Mac is available at no cost, with its source code open for inspection and modification.
  • Powerful Editing Capabilities: From merging and extracting tracks to modifying file properties, MKVToolNix provides a comprehensive set of tools for working with MKV files.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: While the focus of this guide is on Mac, MKVToolNix is compatible with various operating systems, ensuring a consistent experience across devices.

Part 2. Step-by-Step Guide to Download MKVToolNix for Mac

The process of obtaining MKVToolNix for macOS can be a bit tricky, but follow these steps to get the correct dmg file for this free MKV editor:

  • Step 1.Visit the Fosshub website where the latest version 17.0.0 is available for download.
  • Step 2.Click on the "Download MKVToolNix macOS" button to begin downloading the 19.89 MB file.
download mkvtoolnix for mac

Note: Some Reddit users have reported potential malware issues with downloads from Fosshub, so exercise caution.

Alternatively, you can use Homebrew, a popular package manager for macOS. After installing Homebrew, open the Terminal and run the following command to download and install MKVToolNix along with its GUI:

How Can I Use MKVToolNix for Mac: Remuxing MKV Files

Remuxing is a lossless process that changes the container format of a multimedia file (e.g., MP4 to MKV, AVI to MKV) without altering the audio or video content, reducing file size and saving space. Follow these steps to remux files to MKV using MKVToolNix Mac:

  • Step 1.Open the MKVToolNix-17.0.0.app on your Mac.
  • Step 2.Click "Add Source Files" and select the file(s) you want to edit.
  • Step 3.Select and edit tracks as needed:
    • Track name: Set a custom name for each track.
    • Language: Choose the language for each track.
    • Default track: Specify which track should be preferred during playback.
    • Video properties: Adjust aspect ratio (e.g., 4:3 to 16:9) and other settings.
  • Step 4.In the Output menu, enter the desired file title.
  • Step 5.Choose the destination folder where you want to save the remuxed MKV file.
  • Step 6.Click "Start Multiplexing" to begin the remuxing process.

Note: For a lossless remux, all source files must be encoded with the same codecs and parameters; otherwise, the quality loss may occur.

By following these steps, you can successfully download and utilize MKVToolNix on your Mac to remux MKV files and manage various aspects of the multimedia container.

Part 3. Pros and Cons of Using MKVToolNix for Mac

Like any software, MKVToolNix Mac comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let's take a look at some of the key advantages and disadvantages of using this tool on your Mac:

  • Allows extensive modification of MKV files, including merging, cropping, trimming, and adjusting tracks, subtitles, and chapters.
  • Impressive conversion speed, especially for remuxing operations.
  • Maintains the quality of the source video during lossless conversions.
  • Free and open-source software.
  • Works exclusively with MKV files, limiting its versatility.
  • Lacks a comprehensive user guide, potentially making it challenging for novice users.
  • The interface can be intimidating and unintuitive for some users.
  • Reported issues with subtitles not showing, audio problems, and other errors.

Part 4. MKVToolNix for Mac Alternative - HitPaw Video Converter

While MKVToolNix Mac is a powerful tool, its complexities and potential issues may lead some users to seek alternative solutions. One such alternative is HitPaw Video Converter, a user-friendly and comprehensive video conversion software designed for Mac users.

What is HitPaw Video Converter?

HitPaw Video Converter is an all-in-one video solution that not only handles MKV files but also supports a wide range of multimedia formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, VOB, and more. It offers a wealth of features, from basic video editing tasks like trimming, cropping, and rotating, to advanced capabilities such as selecting and adding subtitles, extracting audio, and even adjusting video resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and codecs.

Features of Hitpaw Video Converter

  • Convert videos to and from over 1000+ formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, and more.
  • Support for advanced codecs like VP9, ProRes, and Opus, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and platforms.
  • Batch conversion capabilities for efficient processing of multiple files.
  • Built-in video editor with tools for trimming, cropping, rotating, adding watermarks, and more.
  • Ability to extract audio from video files and convert to popular audio formats like MP3 and WAV.
  • Hardware acceleration for faster conversion speeds.
  • Available on both Windows and Mac systems.

Step-by-Step Guide to Converting MKV Files on Mac with Hitpaw Video Converter

  • Step 1:Open the HitPaw Video Converter application on your computer. Click the "Add File" button to browse and select the MKV video files you want to convert. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the MKV files directly into the program's interface.

    Drag and Drop MKV files

    The imported files will be added to a queue for processing.

    Imported files in queues
  • Step 2:Click the dropdown menu next to each file to select the desired output format. For batch conversions, click "Convert All to" and choose a unified format like MP4 for all imported files. You can customize the output format settings like quality, video codec, and audio codec through the preferences window.

    best mkvtoolnix alternative for mac Click the convert all button
  • Step 3:Click the "Convert" or "Convert All" button to initiate the MKV to MP4 (or other format) conversion process on Mac.

    Convert mkv on Mac
  • Step 4:Once the conversion is complete, switch to the "Converted" tab to view the newly generated files in the selected output format. You can click "Open Folder" to access the output directory and explore the converted videos.

    mkv to Mac conversion successfully


Whether you opt for the robust capabilities of MKVToolNix or the user-friendly convenience of HitPaw Video Converter, converting MKV files on your Mac has never been easier. By following the step-by-step guides provided in this article, you can seamlessly transform your MKV multimedia files into a wide range of formats compatible with your preferred devices and media players.

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