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How To Convert MP3 to AAC: Best 4 Converters

If you want to convert MP3 to AAC the best way this article is for you. Converting files to AAC format is an advantage. Remember AAC audio format offers superior audio quality than MP3. Again, AAC (Advanced Audio coding) was developed to remedy audio shortcomings MP3 format is unable to solve. For whatever reason you want to convert your audio format, learning how to convert MP3 to AAC and knowing which file converter to use will ensure your audio is worth listening to.

convert mp3 to aac

To convert MP3 to AAC you need the right tool. To help you convert your audio format, we've included the best file converter software and online tools you should use just below.

Part 1. The Best MP3 to AAC Converters for Windows and Mac

HitPaw Video Converter is the best MP3 to AAC converter for PC and Mac. As the best software to convert MP3 files to AAC files, HitPaw Video Converter can convert audio, images, and videos in bulk within seconds while preserving the file quality. And because audio bit rate is a key factor in determining audio quality, this lossless file converter has a bit rate adjustment feature.

Compared to other software converters, HitPaw Video Converter is by far the best one-stop solution for all your file conversion needs on Windows and Mac. No matter how advanced your file encoders are, count on this software for the best performance.

Main Features

  • Supports bulk file conversion
  • 120X faster conversion speed courtesy of the GPU acceleration feature
  • Lossless file conversion so your audio quality won't be compromised
  • Supports 1000+ digital formats including MP3, AAC, MP4, MP3 to WMA, MP4 to AVI, H.265 to H.264, and etc.
  • Download video and audio from YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and other sites
  • Supports download of songs, playlists, albums, and artists from Spotify/Tidal/Apple Music/Amazon Music/Deezer
  • Easy and faster to use on Windows and Mac

How to Convert MP3 to AAC on PC Using HitPaw Video Converter

This is the simplest format conversion process on Windows and Mac. To start converting your audio from MP3 to AAC using HitPaw Video Converter, download and install the software to your computer. You can use this software to extract audio from video or download it from audio hosting sites.

  • Step 1:Launch HitPaw Video Converter on your computer, choose the Convert tab, click on the inverted triangle, and select Add Audio.

    hitpaw mp3 to aac converter
  • Step 2:Import the audio to convert and Select AAC as your output format. Once you click the “Add Audio” option, choose the MP3 audio to convert from the computer and click on it to import. Select “Audio” from the menu options and select the “AAC” output format.

    mp3 to aac
  • Step 3:Convert your MP3 audio to AAC. To convert one audio, click on the Convert button but if you are converting in bulk click the Convert All button.

    mp3 to aac conversion process
  • Step 4:After conversion, you can access to the converted AAC file from the Converted tab. You can use the HitPaw Video Convert built-in player to play your AAC audio.

    access to the converted aac file

Part 2: Best File Converters to Convert MP3 to AAC Online

If downloading MP3 to AAC software sounds like too much work, use an MP3 to AAC online converter. Online file converters are usually easy and free to use. Secondly, you don't require extra storage space to accommodate the online audio converter. Although they don't support as many file formats as the HitPaw Video Converter, most online converters support MP3 and AAC formats.

Here are the top MP3 to AAC online converters to use.

1. HitPaw Online Audio Converter

Reading on this online audio converter interface, you can convert MP3 to AAC and other file formats. It's my favorite tool due to its ease of use and it works on all my devices. As the name suggests, HitPaw Online Audio Converter is an online audio converter that's free to use.

how to convert mp3 to aac online

Main Features

  • 100% safe and convenient to use
  • Converts audio on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac without any issues
  • Preserves audio quality during conversion
  • No file format conversion limit
  • No ads and no watermarks during and after conversion

How to convert MP3 to AAC With HitPaw Online Audio Converter

  • Step 1:Open HitPaw Online Audio Converter on your device and click “Convert Audio Now”.
  • Step 2:Choose the file to convert from MP3 to AAC. Click on Choose File and select the audio to convert. Then select AAC format.
  • Step 3:Click the Download button to download and save your audio.

2. CloudConvert

Over 18.1 million people visit the CloudConvert website every month. This indicates the high number of users who use the online converter to convert files. CloudConvert supports nearly all audio, image, and video formats making it convenient for all your format needs. You don't need to download any software to convert file formats using this online converter.

mp3 to aac converter online

Main Features

  • Secure, safe to use, and privacy is guaranteed
  • Supports 200+ file formats
  • Allows custom integration with other apps
  • Features to enhance audio quality during conversion
  • EWorks on all operating systems

How to convert MP3 to AAC With CloudConvert

  • Step 1:Launch the CloudConvert on your device and then click on the Select File button.
  • Step 2:Select your file storage and choose the audio to convert.
  • Step 3:After choosing the audio to convert, move the cursor to the Audio option and select AAC format.
  • Step 4:Click on the Convert button to convert your audio from MP3 to AAC.

3. Zamzar

Zamzar is a renowned audio, image, and video converter. With Zamzar online converter, you can convert files up to 1100 formats in seconds. Just like the HitPaw Online Audio Converter, using Zamzar is free and easy to use. Whether you are using an Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac, Zamzar will convert your audio to any format you select.

online mp3 to aac converter


  • Convenient to use as no software is needed to convert files
  • No experience is required to use this tool
  • Faster conversion speed
  • Supports over 1100 formats

How to convert MP3 to AAC Zamzar

  • Step 1:Open Zamzar on your device and click Choose Files.
  • Step 2:Next, click on the inverted triangle beside Convert To, and in the Audio format options select AAC.
  • Step 3:Click the Convert Now button to convert MP3 to AAC.

Part 3: How to Convert MP3 to AAC in iTunes

AAC is the iTunes format. To make an AAC version of a song in iTunes, convert the file format from its original format to AAC format. Converting M3 to AAC makes the file more compressed.

Follow these steps to convert MP3 to AAC in iTunes:

  • Step 1:Open the iTunes app on your device.

  • Step 2:Go to “Menu” and click on the “Edit” button, then choose “Preferences”.

  • Step 3:Click the “General” tab and then tap “Import Settings”.

    itunes general settings panel
  • Step 4:Choose the “Import Using” menu, next select “AAC” format, and then click “OK”.

  • Step 5:Click the song to convert and then choose File > Convert > Create AAC format version

    convert mp3 to aac in iTunes


Whichever operating system or device you are using, there's a way to convert MP3 to AAC. Whereas online audio converters will just convert your audio to any file format, using a software converter will offer the best audio conversion results. Music experts recommend HitPaw Video Converter for all your format conversion needs.

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