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[7 Ways] How to Convert MP3 to MIDI Successfully?

MP3 is one of the most commonly used file formats when it comes to storing and sharing music. A lot of the time, people refer to music by using the word MP3. But there are times when using MP3 format is not applicable as some devices are programmed for MIDI file formats.

So, what can one do? The easiest solution is to use MP3 to MIDI converter. Now the question arises, which one should one go for? For this purpose, this article will brief you regarding the commonly used converters and will guide you by answering the question of how to convert MP3 to MIDI.

Part 1. 7 Useful MP3 to MIDI Converters You Should Know

There are a lot of MP3 to MIDI converters available and we have compiled a comparative list of 7 commonly used software.

1. WIDI Recognition System

Developed by WIDISOFT, the software solely focused on MIDI conversions. Not only can you convert your audio, but you can also edit it accordingly.

 mp3 to midi
  • It accurately converts random audio formats into MIDI format without altering either the pitch, rhythm, or timbre of the file.
  • Has the ability to convert real-time audio which is best utilized while live recording.
  • User-friendly environment allowing an intuitive user interface even for its new users.
  • The basic features even though are user-friendly, the extensive features require following tutorials and guidelines.
  • WIDI Recognition System requires good processing power to carry out all of the operations.
  • The software on an overall rating is a basic converter and lacks specialized conversion tools.

2. Amazing MIDI

Amazing MIDI developed by Araki Software is an MP3 to MIDI converter. Unlike many, the software is programmed with algorithms that recognize and analyze the audio file precisely before converting. This is one of the lesser-known software but does provide efficient results.

mp3 to midi
  • It is easy-to-use software.
  • Allows quick conversions saving high amounts of time.
  • Compared to many other software, it is quite pocket-friendly.
  • Fails to produce accuracy when it comes to complex audio files.
  • Provides a limited list of compatible formats.
  • May show system compatibility issues due to limited upgrades.

3. Bear File Converter

Bear File Converter is not only an MP3 to MIDI converter but also allows other format and data type conversions. You can use it to convert various files including audio, video, images, documents, etc.

mp3 to midi
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface which is amazing for new users.
  • The software is available for free and does not require any additional charges.
  • Provides really quick conversions saving a lot of time.
  • Requires online connectivity to convert files.
  • Has a limited upload size making it ineffective for large files.
  • Is not a reliable solution for complex audio file conversions.

4. ConvertCat

Like Bear File Converter, ConvertCat is also an online-based file converter that is completely free of charge. It not only converts MP3 to MIDI but also allows other file conversions as well.

mp3 to midi
  • Highly compatible with most of the systems and devices.
  • Direct use feature as it requires no software installation.
  • Easy-to-use interface allowing non-technology savvy people to use it as well.
  • Has exceptionally limited features as compared to traditional audio converters.
  • Not feasible while having internet connectivity issues.
  • As a free online tool, it runs ads over the website that may be disruptive.

5. Intelliscore

Intelliscore is a focused audio to midi converter including MP3 to MIDI conversion. The software is downloadable and is intended to be used on a PC or Mac. The software is equipped with tools to edit audio files as well.

mp3 to midi
  • Enhanced features of recognizing various instruments.
  • Allows batch conversion saving up time for the users.
  • Provides efficient and quality-based Midi conversions.
  • Not quite user-friendly.
  • Requires heavy processing speeds to operate efficiently.
  • Depending on the audio quality, Intelliscore might not deliver an accurate output.

6. Audacity

Audacity is referred to and used by musicians globally as it is free to use and allows the conversion and mixing of audio files. It is one of the highly trending software midst podcasters.

mp3 to midi
  • Audacity has a large set of built-in tools for audio conversion and editing.
  • Allows multitrack editing thus allowing the merging of audio files.
  • Audacity offers cross-platform compatibility.
  • Requires extensive tutorials to master the software.
  • The software is reported to have crash and freezing issues.
  • It is an open-source software due to which it does not have official support.

7. Zamzar

Zamzar is a popular online file conversion platform that offers a reliable MP3 to MIDI converter tool. With its user-friendly interface and efficient conversion process, Zamzar provides a convenient solution for users looking to convert audio files into MIDI format. Whether you're a musician, producer, or simply exploring the creative possibilities of MIDI files, Zamzar offers a seamless conversion experience.

mp3 to midi
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and conversion process
  • Supports a wide range of file formats for versatile conversion options
  • Fast and efficient conversion process for quick results
  • Limited customization options for MIDI output files
  • The free version has file size limitations for conversion
  • Requires an internet connection to access the online converter platform

Part 2. Pro-Tips: Upscale Your Audio Quality for Perfect MP3 to MIDI Analysis

Formats such as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, etc. are often better suited for audio-to-MIDI conversion than MP3, because they retain more of the original audio data, including details of notes, timbre, and volume, which are important for accurate recognition and conversion to MIDI. So, when parsing audio with MIDI, it is better to convert MP3 to a more suitable format first with HitPaw Video Converter.

To overcome the cons as stated above, the suggested tool is HitPaw Video converter. The software supports a large format library and is tremendously easy to use.

Why Choose HitPaw Video Converter to Convert MP3?

  • The one-of-a-kind program allows the conversion of around 1000 formats.
  • Due to its 120x conversion speed, it saves a large amount of user’s valuable time.
  • The quality of the file to be converted is retained as HitPaw Video Converter does not compress the file before converting.
  • To speed up the conversion rate, it utilizes the GPU speed thus preventing it from heating the system.
  • Compared to other converters, HitPaw offers an 8x more accurate and reliable conversion rate.

Steps to Convert MP3 to Better Formats

  • Step 1. Download and launch the software.
  • Start by downloading the software. After you are done with installing, launch the software.

  • Step 2. Add Video Files.
  • Run it and click on the “Add Video” to import your MP3 file.

    convert mp3 to other formats
  • Step 3. Select Output Format.
  • For each MP3 file, choose other Audio formats as you need. If you need more, you can choose to convert the video file to any other file format.

    convert mp3 to other formats
  • Step 4. Start Conversion.
  • Once you've selected the output format and customized the settings (if desired), click the “Convert” or “Convert All” button to initiate the conversion process. The software utilizes full GPU acceleration by default for efficient conversion.

    convertmp3 to midi

FAQs of MP3 to MIDI

Q1. How to better save MIDI?

A1. To retain the quality of the Midi file, save the file in an appropriate format that utilizes high-quality samples and does not compress the file. Also, avoid overlapping the notes as this will certainly disrupt the audio quality. There are other such techniques as well such as trimming any unused data while saving the file.

Q2. Can I convert MIDI to MP3?

A2. Yes, Midi can be efficiently converted to MP3 format. What you need to review is the tool that you are using for such a conversion. Not every tool allows MP3 to MIDI conversion and to maintain the quality of the audio, try using high-end tools for the conversion process.


There are many tools that are available in the market in 2024 for MP3 to MIDI conversion but each software has its limitations. A suggested software that uses AI MP3 to MIDI conversion will be HitPaw Video Converter. This is not only a fast converter but also maintains the quality of the audio file, reduces the load on the system, and allows a user-friendly environment with multiple conversion options.

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