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Reviews on SolarMovie's Features, Pros and Cons, Alternatives

If you are here because you have been searching for an excellent free streaming service, the SolarMovie website is the best choice. This article will discuss what SolarMovies is and some of its best features.

Furthermore, we will also touch upon some great alternatives and how to download your favorite movies from SolarMovie.to safe. So, without any further delay, let's start.

Part 1: What is SolarMovie?

SolarMovie to is a streaming platform where you can watch many movies and shows without paying subscription fees. The free service from SolarMovies to is only possible through ads and popup click revenue. Though it might be annoying for some, a few popups aren't a big deal as long as you can watch many movies.

Features of SolarMovies com
  • Watch HQ streams free of charge.
  • Massive library of shows and movies.
  • Easy to navigate interface with tons of categories.
  • There is no need to sign up or create an account.
SolarMovies.com Pros
  • No payment model.
  • All content is free.
  • Wide variety of movies and shows.
SolarMovie Cons
  • A lot of ads.
  • Too many popups.

Part 2: How to Download from SolarMovie

Let's discuss 3 of the best ways to download SolarMovie movies and other digital content.

1.Download from SolarMovie Directly

It is better to use a SolarMovie downloader because few movies or shows allow direct download. Furthermore, it goes against copyrights in some countries, and the site has been taken down a few times. This issue makes it difficult to know precisely where to download. If it isn't the official website, then malware can be downloaded along with the content.

solarmovie web

2.Download from SolarMovie with SolarMovie Downloader: Neat Download Manager

  • 1. Open the SolarMovie website and find the movie or show you want to download.

  • 2. Download the Neat Download Manager from the official website.

  • 3. Install and run the tool. Click "New URL" and paste the link to the movie from SolarMovies.

    download from solarmovie
  • 4. Click download and wait for the movie to download.

  • 5. You can also install the extension on your browser. As soon as you play the content, a popup will emerge.

  • 6. Click on the popup to start downloading the movie.

3.Download from SolarMovie with SolarMovie Downloader: Internet Download Manager

  • 1. Download the IDM tool from their official site.

  • 2. Install the tool and follow the prompt once you run it to allow extension installation.

  • 3. The IDM integration module will show a download pane when you play a show or a movie.

    download with manager
  • 4. Click on it to start the SolarMovie video downloader IDM process.

Part 3: Top 4 Solarmovie Alternatives

Let's discuss the best alternatives to our favorite website.


flixtor Features
  • There are great previews when you hover over each movie or show.
  • The website saves information on how much you watched previously and continues from there.
  • You don't need to log in or create an account and watch easily.
  • Great library.
  • There are not so many ads that become intrusive.
  • HQ media quality and no P2P protocol.
  • As it is free, it has many popups.
  • To enjoy fully, you need a VIP membership.


yesmovie Features
  • Easy to navigate and enjoy tons of movies and shows.
  • UI is intuitive and allows you to browse the categories easily.
  • Everything is free, and you never have to pay anything.
  • New movies are available instantly.
  • Different quality formats.
  • Intrusive, vulgar ads.
  • It is illegal in many countries.


popcornflix movie Features
  • Easy navigation through different categories.
  • HQ movies and shows.
  • There is no need to sign up or create an account.
  • There are specialty genres that many websites don't have.
  • There are many different options in the video player.
  • It is an excellent buffering experience.
  • Older movies are in DVD quality.
  • Navigation can get stuck.


putlocker movie Features
  • Massive library with great movies and shows to choose from.
  • It's 100% free, and you never have to pay a penny. This makes it appealing to those on a tight budget.
  • It has more ads than many on this list.
  • Easy compatibility with many OS and devices.
  • Easy to use.
  • The experience is quite good, and the movies have different servers from which to choose.
  • Hardly a hiccup during the streaming process.
  • Allows for many different closed caption languages.
  • Too many popups.
  • It is not recommended for those who don't know how to navigate the popups.

Bonus tips: How to Download Videos from Sites like SolarMovie

As a bonus tip, we have saved the best SolarMovie alternative downloader for the last. HitPaw Video Converter is one of the best and fastest downloaders, and it has tons of features that can enhance your media viewing and downloading.

HitPaw Video Converter Features
  • The best downloader and converter that can use the power of GPU acceleration to speed up the downloading and converting processes.
  • Easily convert media to different lossless formats.
  • Convert tons of media together with a single click.
  • There are many different formats to download for sites like SolarMovie.
  • Best SolarMovie to mp4 converter on the market.
How to Use HitPaw Video Converter for Movies Download?
  • 1. Install and start the application and go to the Download tab.

  • 2. Visit the media website and copy the link from there.

    copy video link
  • 3. Paste the link in, then click on the download box as shown.

    paste video link
  • 4. HitPaw Video Converter will analyze the link and the media content you want to download. It will then show different formats and quality from which you can choose.

    choose output format
  • 5. Now click on the download button and wait for the process to finish.

    downloading videos
  • 6. Once downloaded, you can choose a new name or cut out parts of the video during the preview.

    download finish

FAQs about Solarmovies

Q1. Can You Download From Solarmovies?

A1. You cannot directly download most movies and shows from SolarMovies as it doesn't support it. However, you can use different extensions and other tools like HitPaw Video Converter and Downloader to do that. These tools can easily download your movies without the need for too many steps.

Q2. What Replaced Solarmovie?

A2. There are many SolarMovie alternatives, some of which we mentioned in this article, like Flixtor and YesMovies. These websites are known for the free content they provide. Sometimes, these websites are much better than SolarMovie regarding many servers and thousands of new movies.


There are many online streaming services that you can use for a small fee to watch tons of content. Most of these websites have exclusive content. SolarMovie is a great alternative to them, as you can watch most media that is exclusive to each streaming platform.

However, SolarMovies is a streaming platform, so if you want to download movies and shows from platforms like Netflix, YouTube, you can use a downloader like HitPaw Video Converter and Downloader. Downloading movies and shows through a downloader makes movie watching safe and can be played on any device anytime.

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