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5 Best Online Voice Translator in 2024

There is no shortage of videos on YouTube, but the problem you could face is that you won't understand the language in some of these videos. To understand what the meaning and motive of the video is, you'll need indeed to look at the voice translator online.

Accessing the best and flawless voice to voice translator online has become relatively difficult, but this guide introduces the 5 joyful and mind blowing ways for you.

Editor's Pick: Best AI Tools to Translate Voice Online

When it comes to going for the voice translator online, you'll need to look for the online voice translator that doesn't affect the quality of the video. Unfortunately, most of the tools offering you to transform the videos into text could end up messing up the quality of the video.

However, HitPaw Online Video Translator clearly has other ideas, allowing you to translate voice to text online without asking you to do much. Regardless of which video format you'd like to import the video into, HitPaw Online Video Translator doesn't shy away from grabbing that video and then adding the subtitles to the video quickly.

Moreover, HitPaw Online Video Translator relies upon the AI powered algorithm, it tends to translate the videos automatically.


  • Allows you to translate voice to text online
  • Capable of turning Arabic to English online free voice
  • Allows you to convert the tamil video into the Telugu voice efficiently
  • Empowers you to translate your video content into various languages
  • Compatible with various video formats
  • Doesn't mess up the quality of video
  • Enables you to transcribe the video in the natural sounding voices
  • Lets you upload the YouTube videos URL address before adding the subtitles to it

Here's the step by step guide to learn how to translate from voice to text online via HitPaw Online Video Translator.

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Step 1:

Jump into the official webpage of HitPaw Online Video Translator. Navigate to the YouTube or other video streaming platform, select the video you'd like to add the subtitles to, press the Share button, and copy the URL address of that video.

free voice translation online

Step 2:

Choose the language you'd like to turn the video into. Next, you must customize the settings to make the video translation look exciting and meaningful. Click on the Translate button to begin translating your video.

online voice to text translator

Step 3:

The process only takes a few moments before getting the video translated, and then you review the video by hitting the Preview icon. Preview the video before downloading it. After reviewing the video, you'll need to press the Download button to get the video downloaded on the computer.

voice translator free online
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Part 2: Other 4 Useful AI Voice Translator Online

Apart from using the best AI-to-human text generator in the shape of HitPaw Online video translator, you can also go for some other amazing tools to add subtitles to the video.

BlipCut AI Video Translator

BlipCut Online AI Video Translator is a terrific voice translator online that empowers you to create the video's amazing AI-generated subtitles. With this tool, you've got the leverage to import the video into the tool's timeline and then select the text style before applying the commendable and brilliant subtitles to the video.

On top of that, BlipCut doesn't affect the quality of the video and won't put the watermark on the video either.

best voice translator online
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  • Powered by Elevenlabs and ChatGPT
  • Instantly translate videos and audio online
  • Offers the simple user interface
  • Supports multiple video and audio formats
  • Doesn't affect the video and sound quality


If you're fed up with watching the video content in a language you aren't familiar with, you can look at the Maestra to translate the video into your preferred language. On top of that, Maestra offers a simple user interface and only asks you to rely upon a couple of simple steps to put things in order.

With this voice to voice translator online, you've got the leverage to import the videos in multiple languages and video formats. Moreover, Maestra doesn't insert the annoying watermark on the videos ensuring that you can add the subtitles effortlessly.

hindi to telugu voice translation online


  • Offers a simple user interface
  • Doesn't cause the video quality loss
  • No watermark on the videos
  • Supports the multiple video formats


You can try out multiple options, but finding tools like Flixier is a difficult gig. With the mind blowing user interface and outstanding algorithm, Flixier doesn't shy away from translating the videos into multiple languages. On top of that, Flixier prompts the outstanding free trial version meaning you don't even have to pay a heavy amount to start adding the subtitles to the videos on the Flixier.

Another thing to ponder about the Flixier is that it doesn't insert unwanted watermarks on the videos and doesn't make any changes to the video.

translate arabic to english online free voice


  • Offers the simple user interface
  • Doesn't cause the video quality loss
  • No watermark
  • Premium is available at affordable rates

You can try out more options to translate voice to text online, but accessing options like will be challenging. With this outstanding tool, you don't need to put in the hard yards. Instead, you'll only need to visit the official website of to begin translating the videos into various languages.

Whether you're a content creator aiming to add subtitles to the video to cover more audience or looking to watch videos with subtitles in native, is clearly the most favorite and popular solution for you.

tamil to telugu voice translator online


  • Supports the multiple languages
  • Prompts the user-friendly interface
  • Doesn't mess up the quality of the video
  • Supports the Mac and Windows
  • Does not not put the watermark on the videos
  • Lets you translate the videos realistically

Final Thoughts

Despite trying various options, if you're still struggling to get the appropriate voice translator online free on board, looking at this post makes complete sense. We have highlighted the 5 absolutely joyful and amazing ways to translate the video into text without affecting the quality of the video.

Of all the options you'll find on the post, HitPaw Online Video Translator is the best online voice translator. Apart from supporting multiple video formats, it enables you to turn the video into multiple languages without putting in any extra effort.

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