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(Updated!) BEST 6 Snapchat Voice Changers You Cannot Miss in 2024

Are you tired of the same old voice on Snapchat? Spice up your conversations with some hilarious voice transformations. In another case, you may not want to use your voice for privacy reasons. Whatever the situation, look no further!

In this updated guide for 2024, we present the best 6 Snapchat voice changers you cannot afford to miss. Whether you're using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or browsers, we have got you covered. Join us as we explore these exciting tools and unleash your creativity on Snapchat!

Part 1: Facts About Snapchat Voice Changer

Snapchat Voice Changer

Snapchat has long been a popular platform for sharing moments with friends and family. One of its most entertaining features is the ability to change your voice in real time during video calls or while recording snaps. But did you know there are various benefits to using a Snapchat voice changer beyond just having fun? Let's explore some of the tips and benefits:

  • Enhanced privacy: Changing your voice can help protect your identity and add more privacy to your conversations.
  • Entertainment: Transforming your voice into different characters or accents can make chats more entertaining and engaging.
  • Creative expression: Voice changers allow you to express yourself uniquely, unleashing your creativity and imagination.

Part 2: Best Snapchat Voice Changer on Windows/Mac

HitPaw AI Voice Changer is the top choice for Windows and Mac users looking to spice up their Snapchat experience. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, changing your voice on Snapchat has become much easier. It offers a broad range of voice filters and sound effects for modulation purposes. You can't only change your voice in real-time but also customize your voice effects by modifying their parameters. Its AI noise reduction feature also lets you remove the echoes and background noise. You can even preview your output to make changes on the go.


  • Feature a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to all skill levels
  • Offer various voice effects, including robot, alien, helium, and characters
  • Transform your voice in real-time during Snapchat calls or recordings
  • Integrate seamlessly with Snapchat and other popular platforms
  • Allow you to change your voice effortlessly with just a few clicks

Here is how to change your voice on Snapchat using HitPaw Voice Changer:

Click Now & Check How to Use Soundboard

Step 1. Input and Output Sources

Input and Output Sources

After installing this software, click the "Settings" button. You have to expand the "Microphone" and "Speaker" menus to select the input and output sources.

Detect Manual Sources

If you have recently connected any source manually, tap the refresh icon before selecting the sources. However, if the source does not appear, press the "Detect" button.

Microphone and Speaker Color

Check their colours from the "Choose your Microphone" and "Choose your Speaker" Window. Their green colour shows that these are ready for normal use.

Step 2. Choose Voice or Sound Effects

Choose Voice and Sound Effects

It's time to open the "Real-time Voice" effects section. Explore different categories and click on the desired one.

Step 3. Change Global Settings

Change Global Settings

Look at the bottom to enable or disable the "Switch voice changer" and "Hear myself" options. You can also change the volume for the system, soundboard, and voice changer.

Step 4. Adjust Voice Settings

Adjust Voice Settings

Lastly, hover over the cartoon avatar to adjust the "Pitch," "Timbre," and "Volume" of the voice effect. Start changing your voice on the compatible platform.

Part 3: 2 Most-Picked Snapchat Voice Changers for iOS/Android

If you want to change your voice on Snapchat using your mobile phone, here are the two leading apps to explore:

1. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus iOS

Voice Changer Plus is a remarkable application for iOS users seeking to change their voice on Snapchat. It offers a seamless way to transform your voice into a celebrity or a character.

Step 1. Install Voice Changer Plus from the App Store. Record your voice clip.

Step 2. Open the app and select your desired voice effect.

Step 3. Adjust the pitch and speed settings to customize your voice transformation.

  • Offer 55 voice filters and various background effects
  • Let you speed your voice up and slow down
  • Require payment for the advanced features
  • It may not work properly sometimes

2. Voice Changer

Snapchat Voice Changer Android

Voice Changer is a top choice for Android users. With a simple interface and robust features, it offers a variety of voice effects, allowing you to add humour and excitement to your Snapchat conversations.

Step 1. Install Voice Changer for Snapchat from the Google Play Store. Record or upload your audio.

Step 2. Preview and select your desired voice effect from the app's library.

Step 3. Adjust the settings and save the output to your phone.

  • Offer a simple user interface and quick processing
  • Let you save the recording of your normal voice
  • The app is a little outdated, with ads
  • You may face occasional bugs

Part 4: 3 Hottest Online Snapchat Voice Changers

For those who don't want to install any software or apps, online voice-changing tools can be the solution. Here are the three best online Snapchat voice changers:


Wavel AI Snapchat Voice Changer is a remarkable Snapchat voice changer that offers voice filters for voice modulation. It offers advanced customization options with the feature to preview your output before downloading.

Step 1. Visit the website using your preferred web browser.

Step 2. Select your desired voice effect from the available options.

Step 3. Adjust the gender, style, and language. Generate and download the output.

  • Support text-to-speech conversion
  • Provide features like voice cloning, video subtitles generation, etc.
  • Requires stable internet connection
  • Offer only 15 free credits to use

2. SnapVoice

SnapVoice Snapchat Voice Changer

SnapVoice is another popular online voice changer that offers a variety of voice effects for Snapchat. It allows you to transform your voice in real-time during Snapchat calls or recordings, adding a fun twist to your conversations.

Step 1. Visit SnapVoice's website in your web browser. Record your voice or upload the voice clip.

Step 2. Select your desired voice effect from the available options. Wait for the processing.

Step 3. Adjust the playback speed and download your transformed voice.

  • Offer an easy-to-use interface
  • Support various formats to import your audio clips
  • Only support WAV as the output format
  • May face occasional lag

3. Snapchat rounds out our list of the hottest online Snapchat voice changers. It offers various effects for quickly transforming your voice. You can also create customized voice effects with an intuitive interface and seamless integration.

Step 1. Visit in your web browser.

Step 2. Click your desired voice effect from the available options.

Step 3. Adjust the playback settings to customize your voice and download.

  • No downloads required
  • Provide a wide range of voice effects
  • Occasional latency
  • Limited customization options


Changing your voice on Snapchat has become a piece of cake, with various voice changers available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and online platforms. Whether you want to add a fun twist to your conversations or protect your privacy, these top 6 Snapchat voice changers have you covered.

For the ultimate experience, you must try out HitPaw AI Voice Changer, which offers seamless integration, advanced features, and endless possibilities for transforming your voice on Snapchat. So why wait? Start having fun with your voice on Snapchat today!

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