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Top 10 Easter Videos for Kids [Fun and Educational]

Easter is the prime time to teach your kids about the central theme and significance of the Easter holiday. You can have fun dialogues with your children or stream animated easter-themed movies to establish a concept of death, resurrection, easter eggs, and bunnies in their young, growing minds. If the latter seems great, this list is for you. We have gathered the top 10 easter videos for kids to educate, inspire, and entertain them with lovely storylines and striking graphics.

Part 1: 5 Easter Videos for Kids

1. The Easter Story for Kids

The Easter Story for Kids on YouTube, is a simple yet compelling story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Little animated characters learn the story of the cross through a question-and-answer session. And children who watch this video will also learn more about Easter.


2. The Easter Egg Adventure

The Easter Egg Adventure tells the story of the utopian Egg Town, where chickens and rabbits live in peace. One night, a mysterious Tucker man who lives nearby robs them of their Easter eggs. The real adventure begins when six fearless residents decide to rescue the stolen eggs.


3. Easter Bunny Adventure

Benny the Easter Bunny and Walima the Chicken hop aboard a hot air balloon for the biggest Easter egg hunt in Wonderland Valley. Along the way they meet animal friends who tell interesting fables. In addition to enjoying fun exploration, the two also learn important values such as kindness, good deeds, patience, and sacrifice.


4. DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

You can also collect some fun DIY craft videos to show your kids. Making a cute Easter bunny house, paper bunnies, or miniature Easter eggs are all great options.

5. Easter Facts For Kids

Watching the Easter Facts for Kids videos is a great way to learn about Easter traditions and history. The videos feature colorful animations and age-appropriate explanations to capture children's attention. Through these videos, children can discover interesting facts about Easter symbols like eggs and bunnies, and learn how the holiday is celebrated around the world. Just search Easter facts for kids on YouTube and you'll find tons of videos on it.

Part 2: 5 Easter Movies for Kids

1. HOP (2011)

HOP took kids to a giant easter factory, manufacturing delicious easter candy for the world. The factory owner is a famous rabbit who wants to crown his son, E.B., as the next easter bunny. Wanting to be a drummer, E.B. leaves his father and travels to the town, where he meets Fred O’Here. Idle and unemployed, Fred has only one purpose in life — how to be the next easter bunny.


2. Peter Rabbit

The comedy film entails a witty character, Peter Rabbit, and his three sisters, flopsy, mopsy, and cottontail. Eating seasoned veggies all day and night, this little family enjoys spending most of its time in McGregor’s vegetable garden. The fight for survival begins when Jeremy Fisher inherits this farm from his uncle, McGregor. He despises the clan of rabbits and plots every possible scheme to throw them out.


3. Easter Land

Easter Land is about the fight between good and evil. With Easter approaching, the wicked villain, Bad Clyde, casts a powerful spell on Benny, the easter bunny, to banish him from his motherland. Hopeless and helpless, Benny gets trapped in the land of Holiday Misfits with no way of returning home. Santa Clause and Gargaff shake hands to beat the malicious Clyde and rescue their beloved friend from danger.


4. The Easter Bunny Is Comin' to Town

The Easter Bunny Is Comin' to Town introduces children to the origins of Easter traditions such as jelly beans, rolled eggs, and chocolate bunnies. In narration, Fred Astaire tells the story of Kidwell, a small village populated by adorable children. The children adopt a bunny and adventure together through a terrifying mountain every Easter.


5. The Dog Who Saved Easter

The Dog Who Saved Easter was released in 2014. This romantic comedy film is a perfect fit for canine and dog enthusiasts. The dog protagonist, Mario Lopez, indulges in some crazy action to fight the criminals as they try to damage their daycare property for dogs during Easter season.


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Part 4: How Do People Celebrate on Easter Day

From dressing up and attending church services to enjoying healthy meals with family, Easter celebrations are a time of fun and entertainment for Christians. People celebrate Easter, the end of winter and the arrival of spring with the blooming of colorful flowers. Children go on an Easter egg hunt and adults prepare a sumptuous feast to fill the day.



Now that you have gathered the top 10 Easter videos for kids, it’s time to hit the couch and spend quality time with your kids. You can utilize premium video editors like HitPaw Edimakor to create themed and personalized Easter videos for your children.

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