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Color Grading on Premiere Pro: Tips and Techniques

By employing the techniques of color grading on Premiere Pro, you will be able to lift your videos to a level of professionalism. Although, it can be quite difficult for beginners to learn how to do color grading. The aim of this guide is to give some useful tips and tricks on how to approach color grading in Premiere Pro.

To create polished videos, effective color grading is a must-have skill whether you want to set a certain atmosphere or fix problems with your footage. If you know the basics of color theory and have access to key tools in Premiere Pro, then you are well on your way toward becoming an expert at color grading.

Part 1. Understanding Color Grading in Premiere Pro

To change and improve the coloring and appearance of your video footage, you will have to carry out color grading in Premiere Pro. The aim is to set up the visual tone and mood, as well as correct any color errors in the video.

The Lumetri Colors panel on Premiere Pro has powerful tools for color grading. It includes color wheels, curves, vignettes, and creative Lumetri effects among others. Using them would enable you to manipulate particular colors or ranges of colors with more precision.

Some of the main advantages of colour grading Premiere Pro:

  • Seamless workflow – Make adjustments directly on your timeline
  • User-friendly Lumetri Color panel – All-in-one grading toolbox
  • Scopes – Observe luminance and color info during grading
  • Masking options – Fine-tune specific sections of a frame without affecting other areas
  • Presets – Start from premade looks or use them for inspiration
color grading premiere pro

If you practice using these powerful instruments, you can make significant changes to your videos’ appearance that go hand in hand with the overall visual tone desired by an artist like yourself. One thing that makes it even more attractive is that you can do anything from slight amendments to stylized looks using this software due to its flexibility.

Part 2. Techniques for Color Grading in Premiere Pro

Effective color grading requires an understanding of color theory and getting comfortable with the main color grading tools in Premiere Pro. Here are the key techniques for seamless color correction Premiere Pro and creative looks.

  • Step 1: Open the Lumetri Color Panel
    Access the central color grading workspace in Premiere Pro through Window > Lumetri Color. This consolidates all key adjustment tools in one panel.

    lumetri color panel
  • Step 2: Use Basic Correction
    Make initial tweaks to temperature, tint, or exposure under Basic Correction. This gets footage to an accurate starting point before creative grading.

    basic correction
  • Step 3: Apply Creative Looks
    Quickly set stylistic tones using the Library of Cinematic LUT presets under Creative. Tweak intensity to taste and combine with other grading for unique results.

    applying creative
  • Step 4: Enhance Contrast with Curves
    Add contrast by creating an S-curve in RGB Curves. Drag shadows down and highlights up to heighten dynamic range. Adjust the HSL Curves below for targeted saturation control.

    adjusting rgb curves
  • Step 5: Match Color Tones
    Ensure consistent coloring across frames using Color Wheels & Match. Use the toggle comparison view to select the reference and current frames to analyze. Click apply after adjustments to match color tones.

    match color tones
  • Step 6: Isolate Specific Hues
    Make precise adjustments to select hues only while leaving others unaffected with HSL Secondary. Use color swatches or the eye dropper to target, say, just blues or greens.

    isolating colors
  • Step 7: Shape Focus with Vignettes
    Draw attention to subjects by adding customizable vignettes. Adjust the amount, midpoint, feathers, and more under Effect Controls once enabled to meet your creative goals.

    focus with vignettes
  • Step 8: Export Graded Video
    Finalize the new look and feel by exporting the Premiere colour correction video through File > Export > Media.

Part 3. Optimizing Color Grading with HitPaw Video Enhancer

Complement your color correction on Premiere Pro workflow with HitPaw Video Enhancer - an AI-powered plugin that takes color enhancement to the next level.

The Color Enhance model leverages deep learning to dynamically boost color vibrance while preserving original tone and skin textures. This prevents oversaturation and artificial looks. Built-in dehazing also reveals hidden details in low-contrast shots.

Offload the demanding computations needed for AI color grading to HitPaw Video Enhancer. Its GPU acceleration won't tie up your graphics card and system memory during rendering like running intensive effects solely in Premiere.

Take your Premiere color grading to the next level with the AI power of HitPaw Video Enhancer. Effortlessly batch-apply existing creative looks for consistent, enhanced results in no time.


Here are the main features of HitPaw Video Enhancer that make it an excellent AI color-enhancing tool:

  • AI Color Enhancement - Uses deep learning algorithms to intelligently boost color vibrance while preserving skin tones and original footage tone. Prevents oversaturation.
  • Dehazing - Automated dehazing reveals details and enhances contrast in low-clarity shots. Works alongside color enhancement for multi-dimensional optimization.
  • Batch Processing - Applies customized Premiere Pro color grades to entire sequences with just a few clicks. Ensures consistency across clips.
  • GPU Acceleration - Offloads demanding computations to the GPU for smooth, efficient AI enhancements. Saves Premiere Pro system resources.
  • Creative Control - Complements manual color grades instead of overriding your intended vision. Retains stylistic touches.
  • Step 1:Download and install the HitPaw Video Enhancer from the official website to integrate it into your Premiere workflow.

  • Step 2:Drag and drop your full Premiere color graded video into HitPaw Video Enhancer to prepare for enhancement and batch processing.

    drag and drop your video
  • Step 3:Choose the tailored "Color Enhancement Model" to boost vibrance intelligently across clips while retaining the intended grading done in Premiere.

    select the color enhancement model
  • Step 4:Preview the AI-optimized color grading in real-time. When satisfied, export the enhanced sequence to bring out all the rich colors and stylized looks consistently.

    preview and export the video

Part 5. FAQs of Premiere Color Correction

Q1. Can you apply color correction to multiple clips in Premiere Pro?

A1. Yes, you can apply color correction to multiple clips in Premiere color correction using adjustment layers, copy/paste attributes, or by selecting multiple clips and applying an effect.

Q2. How do I add a color adjustment layer in Premiere Pro?

A2. To add a color adjustment layer in Premiere Pro, create a new adjustment layer, apply color correction effects to it, and then position it above the clips you want to affect.

Q3. Why DaVinci Resolve is better than Premiere?

A3. DaVinci Resolve is considered better for color correction due to its advanced grading tools, GPU acceleration, and node-based workflow. However, Premiere Pro integrates editing and correction well.

Bottom Line

Color grading can help to make any video better. Nevertheless, Premiere Pro has nice tools for this purpose, but you can use third-party software like HitPaw Video Enhancer that goes beyond enhancing features. Recovering details, adjusting saturation, and controlling sharpness are among the benefits of using HitPaw Video Enhancer while working in Premiere.

AI-based rendering makes it super-fast. So don’t settle for mediocrity; raise your game with professional tricks and accessories like HitPaw Video Enhancer. You just have an army of color-grading tips and color-grading tools at your disposal to begin creating cinematic masterpieces in Premiere Pro.

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