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Detailed Review and Best Alternatives for Soundraw AI Music

Creating your dream music within your selected genre, frequency, length, pitch, etc is easier in 2024 than it was ever before. With all the many things that artificial intelligence has been able to do perfectly in today's technology-driven world, it's no surprise that music creation has been elevated to new heights in 2024. But how exactly?

Well, thanks to AI-based music creation software such as Soundraw AI music, which has the ability to bring all your music aspirations and fantasies alive in no time! In the following article, we'll discuss Soundraw AI and alternatives in 2024, discussing their key features, price, and so much more!

Part 1: What is


First things first: what is, and why is it so popular among the people belonging to the music industry? We'll answer all these questions in this section, along with a brief review.

To put it simply, is an AI-based software that's built with the aim of bringing customized music to life. It's basically a music creation application that allows music producers and creators (both aspiring and professional) to create innovative music from scratch. Let's say you have a particular vision in your mind regarding a song that you wish to produce; you have already decided on its genre, length, pitch, frequency, mood, etc, but you lack the instruments and expertise needed to create good music.

How would you go about creating your dream music, then? With the help of soundraw music!!! Soundraw helps you transform your music vision into reality from the comfort of your home, requiring no professional experience and instrument, only your vision! How cool is that?

Key Features:
  • Offers music creation in multiple genres like Hip-hop, trap, drill, R&B, jersey club, Latin, etc.
  • Allows you to create customized music with your selected length, pitch, mood, etc.
  • You can create unlimited music as per your liking
  • Allows free music creation for creators
  • There's no limit to Soundraw downloads
  • Music that you create can be used everywhere with no copyright issues
  • Completely royalty-free music for creators
Price: 29.99$ per month

Part 2: Other Alternatives Highly Recommended

Now that we've discussed Soundraw and its features in detail let's explore the possible Soundraw alternatives that deserve as much recognition and popularity as Soundraw. There are many Soundraw-free alternatives with a few different features from Soundraw, which you can use to curate your desired music. So, let's discuss the price and pros and cons of Soundraw alternative free.

1. HitPaw AI Music Generator

soundraw free alternatives

HitPaw voice changer is an amazing voice modulation software that allows users to change their voice into any of the huge collections of voice effects that it offers, including that of animals, celebs, inanimate objects, supernatural beings, singers, etc. This voice transformation is what HitPaw is primarily famous for among its users. But guess what? Recently, HitPaw came up with features that allows AI-based sound creation, just like Soundraw, users can be able to enjoy producing top-notch music by using HitPaw.

Key Features:
  • Allows seamless voice transformation
  • From next month, users will be able to access the much-anticipated text-to-song feature
  • Users will be able to generate a song in a few clicks just by typing the text
  • There'll be a number of genres to create songs in
  • Many Audio features provided like voice changer, ai music soundboard...
  • As compared to Soundraw, users can not only create music using HitPaw but also perform music video editing and other work effortlessly.
How to Transform Text to Song with HitPaw Voice Changer?
  • Step 1:Click on "AI Music" in the left sidebar, and choose the "Transform text to melodies.

    freestyle lyrics generator
  • Step 2:Enter the music lyrics you want to generate in the top prompt box, and choose the music theme you preferred.

    freestyle lyrics generator
  • Step 3:After choose the music theme, you can simply click "Generate" to create music in few seconds, then you can see your imagine music in the right sidebar. Join as a member to download music.

    freestyle lyrics generator


soundraw ai music

Are you an entertainment content creator who wishes to create innovative, emotional, and captivating music for your content? If yes, then AIVA is your place to go! It's an amazing alternative to Soundraw that allows people to bring their musical imaginations to reality, all with the power of AI. Be it films, documentaries, games, ads, or any type of entertainment content, AIVA can create perfect music for each.

Key Features:
  • Allows song generation in a number of different styles (more than 250)
  • Allows editing of your produced soundtracks
  • Allows soundtrack downloading in any format
  • The pro plan gives complete copyright to users
  • Compared to Soundraw, it allows more versatile and quick music creation

Price: $11 per month

3. Boomy

boomy program

Boomy is an outstanding alternative to soundraw for beginners who have never made music before. It makes music production for beginners a piece of cake. People who love music but are clueless as to how they can step into music creation would love creating music using Boomy!

Key Features:
  • Allows music creation in different genres, including hip-hop, rap, electronic, etc
  • Original songs can be created in seconds
  • The songs that you create can be submitted to streaming platforms
  • As compared to soundraw, boomy pays you every time someone listens to your soundtrack created using Boomy

Price: $9.99 per month

4. Mixtikl

soundraw music

If you're a fan of generative music and free-flowing, interactive soundtracks and have been wanting to create one with your own imagination, then Mixtikl is your app! It lets you create magical music that you can customize as much as you want and in as many ways as you can possibly think of.

Key Features:
  • It lets you create amazing generative music
  • The music created using Mixtikl is interactive and highly customizable
  • Uses advanced AI algorithms and heuristic techniques to create live notes
  • Has unique generative music features such as live FX, play-along parts, etc.
  • Compared to soundraw, you can create amazing generative music using Mixtikl, which soundraw doesn't create.

Price: Free

5. Abundant Music

soundraw alternative free

It's another great music generator for beginners that doesn't require any prior knowledge/experience in music production and creates great music seamlessly!

Key Features:
  • Uses a variety of online instruments to create music, such as bass, guitar, drums, etc.
  • Allows you to create music by following easy, few steps
  • Supports VST plugins
  • Apart from recording music, you can also edit and customize music

Price: Free

6. WaveBots Editor

wavebots editor

Do you ever wonder where the soulful and intuitive music that you find in old-school retro-style games comes from? WaveBots Editor is an app that lets you create just this type of engaging and indulging music with just a few clicks!

Key Features:
  • Allows soulful and intuitive music creation
  • Allows music saving in all the old and new formats
  • Music can be recorded and imported without any hassle
  • Offers a number of templates for music
  • Supports various types of music synthesis

Price: Free

7. Wotja

wotja alternative

Just like Mixtikl, Wotja is another generative music app for Android users and a great alternative to soundraw for people who wish to create generative music.

Key Features:
  • It creates music using the text-to-music feature, making it extremely easy for beginners
  • You can create generative live music just with the tap of your finger
  • It's great for listening to and creating mindful, meditative music
  • As compared to soundraw, it primarily creates chance-based music to which you can add a basic structure instead of creating highly customizable and structured music.

Price: Free

Part 3: FAQs of

Q1. What is the difference between Soundraw and AIVA?

A1. Soundraw allows users to create longer songs, as long as up to 5 minutes in length, for free, whereas AIVA doesn't.

Q2. Is Soundraw IO Copyright Free?

A2. Soundraw is completely copyright (royalty) free.

Q3. Is Soundraw Music Original?

A3. Soundraw music is completely original and is inspired by the creator's own imagination.

Part 4: Final Thought

There are a number of AI-based software (discussed above) that you can use to create music for free in a matter of seconds, but the HitPaw AI Music Generator is an all-in-one music generator, video editor, and voice modulator that brings all your creativity needs on one page.

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