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Check High Res Images from These 8 Websites (Alternative Way Included)

High resolution images, just as the name shows, refer to the image with high quality and more pixels. When posting articles or finding wallpaper for cellphone or web, it's necessary to find more high res images to match. The photos with high definition can bring more please to readers, but blurry one makes the information unclear and disappoint readers and our feeling.

But for the copyright limitation, it’s difficult to find free download images on website. To make this easier, we conclude 8 websites for you to download high resolution pictures free. Let's check it together.

Part 1: What is a High Res Image?

high resolution images

Actually, we all can say something about high resolution images. But every one have different opinions on high resolution. So how can we fix the exact boundary between high and low res images?

Generally, the high resolution images is about 300dpi (dots per inch) and the low resolution is about 75-150dpi. From the value, we can know the file size of high resolution is also larger than a low res image. So the application of resolution choice depends your need to show more details or just display the screen.

Part 2: Free High Resolusion Images Websites

Since we have know how differentiate high resolution images from low resolution ones, next we'll going to figure out how to download the free high resolution images from those websites.

1. Unsplash

high res images

Unsplash is a famous photo website that concludes multiple objects and areas. All the photo is in high resolution and free to use. You can search what you want by some relevant words. The types of photo covers from usual Nature, People, Sports, Travel to unusual 3D Render, Experimental and so on. The free high resolution images on this website are all under Unsplash license, which allows you to use as you want except for sold.

  • Multiple projects of pictures are free to use.
  • No needs of sign up for downloading pictures.
  • Can choose the download size as you want.
  • Some beautiful and complicated photos required higher grade.
  • Can't create the photo with the free version.
  • Limits the number of free download pictures.

2. Pixabay

high res images

Pixabay is another platform that provides most forms of downloading, including free high res pictures, videos, and even music files. The website compiled more than 4.2 million files from user, mostly covering the usual nature, background, architecture and so on. Because most pictures are submitted by user, the resolution may be not that higher than the previous website, but are still in high resolution. Also it’s a risk of using the photo in this website.

  • Free to download the free high res images.
  • Have many kinds of files including videos and music.
  • Risk of legibility.
  • It's royalty free instead of totally free to use.

3. Canva

high res images

The Canva is not a pure photo downloading website as the previous two. It's more like an online graphic design tool which possess many photo sources. The content it offers is from the creation and submission mostly, which all has been obliged with their content license agreement. The free and premium photos are under the same rule. So it's more safe for you to use those free high res photos.

  • Pictures from this website is great design sense.
  • Offers various contents from photos to icons, fonts and templates.
  • Can customize the image to post it on social media fast.
  • Have to sign up to download and use the photos.
  • Limited content for free.

4. Rawpixel

high res images

Rawpixel offers different service than other picture website. Not only high resolution images, the platform also have illustrations and PNG elements. Those items are more suitable for designers and creative work. Variable classifications of the photos and elements allows you to create the background or design for your own needs. And its banner has differentiate free pictures from premium pictures.

  • Multiple free photos and elements to download.
  • Offer many materials for design.
  • Have to sign up for saving.
  • Risk of legibility from using shared pictures.

5. Freepik

high res images

Freepik covers all kind of materials from photos, vectors, videos, PSD and fonts. The purpose of this website is to offer more design elements. Each elements have different topics. You can search by the menu or just type relevant words to find the free high res photos you want. Except that, the platform also have AI-generated contents. You can choose to use or exclude them when searching menu.

  • Many free materials to use.
  • No needs of sign-up to download.
  • Have some ads in the page.
  • Limitation of download numbers.

6. Pexels

free high resolution images

Pexels offers the high resolution pictures free by its own photographers and some collections from other sites. The website collects more than ten thousand photos, and also has 4k videos included. But there is no clear classification for multiple images. The best way to search is to enter the relevant words in the search bar.

  • No limitation for free downloading.
  • No ads for the total page.
  • Have to sign up to use photos.
  • Hard to find the wanted photos with out menu.

7. Pikwizard

free high resolution images

Pikwizard designs category tags in the home page, which allows you to filter what you want at first. It's more easier to find the free high resolution images. But the photo kinds is a little simple than other websites. The the free pictures are less attractive. Here also supports some video downloading.

  • No needs of registration for downloading.
  • All content is safe to use.
  • The quality of pictures is lower.
  • Many ads occurs when downloading.

8. Free Images

free high resolution images

The last one we are going to share is Free Images. Just as its name, the platform offers multiple high resolution pictures free. It covers more than 3 millions of stock photos, vectors, icons and PSD for printing. Also you can find photos by many topics.

  • Don't have to sign up to download photos.
  • Multiple free choice of pictures and materials.
  • Takes more time to download because it's obliged to watch some ads.
  • Doesn't list several restricted use cases.

Since we have viewed so many choice to select and download free high resolution images, we have found that it's difficult to find a picture that meets our need. And what if we want to use a photo which is suitable but blurry? Next we'll share the answer.

Part 3: Alternative Way to Have Free High Res Images

Driven by AI technology, HitPaw Photo AI offers robust photo processing function to enhance their qualities losslessly. And for its occupation of GPU, the speed is also faster than many other software.

free high resolution images

With this, you can find more creative functions with the tool, such as restoring old photos, colorize the black and white photos, and more.

Must-have Reasons of HitPaw Photo AI

  • One-click to AI enhance the photo quality.
  • Upscale the photo resolution to 4k/8k as you want.
  • Bring life to old photo and remove the noise.
  • Naturally add color to black and white pictures.

Part 4: FAQs about High Resolution Photos Free

Q1. How do I get free quality images?

A1. You can choose from the above website to download free pictures with high resolution.

Q2. What is the highest resolution of a photo?

A2. From the aspect of size, the highest resolution of a photo is 717 gigapixels.

In summary

The whole passage shared 8 websites to download free high resolution images. It almost covers all kinds and types you may need. If you still can't find the wanted image and want to use some blurry images you like, resorting to the robust HitPaw Photo AI to solve your problem. Have this tool, no more waste pictures in your album.

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