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Top 3 Loudly Alternatives for PC & Online in 2024

Music soothes the soul and calms the heart during turbulent times. This is why music never becomes irrelevant. In fact, it has become all the more relevant in the technologically advanced world of today, where people turn to music more than ever to fulfil their emotional needs. Not only has music become a need for today's generation but also it's easier to generate music in today's time more than ever.

With a bunch of AI music generators available to generate customised, royalty free music, music lovers now have an increased liberty to produce and consume the music of their choice. From the general population of music enthusiasts to professional music producers, everybody is leveraging the power of AI to create unique melodies and songs.

As discussed already, there are many AI based software available for music generation. All of these software offer a wide range of features and benefits, but one software that we have found to be the best is Loudly. Let's talk more about

Part 1: Basic Info Of Loudly


So, what exactly is As we've already discussed earlier, there are various AI based software today that people use to generate music. Loudly is one such software, which allows users to create and customise music tracks, and offers a variety of features for doing so.

It allows users, whether they are beginners or professionals in music generation, to channel their creativity and create songs that are not only unique but of high quality as well. Loudly offers various features and effects to make your music production journey interesting and enjoyable. From music loops, sound effects, free music samples to full fledged virtual music instruments, loudly is a storehouse of creativity for music lovers and a great place for them to practise their love for music.

Apart from the above mentioned features, you can create and customise music through Loudly in a variety of genres, ranging from pop, electronic, classical to hip hop and everything in between! It lets you choose between every imaginable genre and style so that the end result perfectly matches your desired music type. Also, you can further customise the music by adjusting its rhythm, tempo, key etc to make it exactly like you want. Its customisation options allow you to generate music with absolute precision and perfection!

However, like every AI based software, it has its fair share of weaknesses and cons as well. For example, it may lack very specialised features that professional music producers may want to use, and some users may not find the type of customisation features they are looking for. Not to mention, some features are paid so it'd be difficult for users to get access to them in a free plan. Also, because it's dependent on a fast internet connection for smooth working, it may work effectively in areas where fast internet facilities aren't available.

Part 2: Best Loudly Alternative for PC - HitPaw AI Music Generator

hitpaw AI music generator

For the reasons mentioned above, Loudly may not be the perfect choice for everyone wanting to create music, and so they may search for better alternatives. Well, we don't have a better but in fact the best alternative for Loudly: HitPaw AI Music Generator.

It's hands down the best Loudly alternative for PC users. having diverse and unique features for AI music generation. HitPaw features a range of music styles, themes and genres to choose from. Whether you want hip-hop, jazz, rock or even romantic music, you can tailor the melodies as per your preferences and tastes. Using its AI songwriting feature, you can create songs in a matter of seconds - all you have to do is to enter the lyrics, choose your preferred style, and the AI tool will convert it into your desired music in no time! In short, it has the ability to bring your music vision and inspiration to reality.

Here are the pros and cons of HitPaw AI music generator:

  • Single-click music generation via text-to-music feature
  • User friendly
  • Diverse music effects library, featuring 100s of sound effects
  • Various genres for music generation
  • Multiple customisation options
  • Very reasonable pricing options
  • Advanced features are paid
  • 1 month plan: 15.95 per month

How to Generate AI Music with HitPaw?

Here is how you can use this application to generate AI music for your exciting projects.

  • Step 1: Launch the application on your PC and from the dashboard, select the “Text to Song” option. You will find this option in the AI music section.

  • Step 2: In the prompt write the text which you want to use to convert the song. Once done, choose the music theme you like. Make sure to choose the music time as well.

  • Step 3: In the next step, click the “Generate” option to create your music. Within a few seconds or minutes, your text will be converted into music.

What Can You Use HitPaw AI Music Generator to Do?

  • Professional users can use it to create music
  • Best for content creators and vloggers
  • You can generate music for your projects
  • Ideal for gamers, streamers and more

Part 3: Other 2 Loudly Alternative Online

Apart from HitPaw AI Music Generator, there are two other online alternatives to Loudly. They are listed below.


loudly alternative

Soundraw is another AI based tool for royalty free music generation. It allows music enthusiasts to transform their visions into reality using its unique features. Here are the pros and cons of the Soundraw music generator.

  • Offers multiple genres for music creation
  • Good customisation options
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Very advanced music creation features are not available for free
  • The paid version is quite pricey: $29.99/month
  • May be a bit difficult to navigate for lay users
  • May not be as quick as you'd expect


mubert Ai program

Like HitPaw and Soundraw, Mubert is another alternative to Loudly for AI based music generation. It allows users to create royalty based, customised creative music that fits their style and preferences. Here are the pros and cons of Mubert.

  • Caters to different moods, genres, themes and styles
  • Features numerous virtual instruments
  • A little pricier as compared to other software
  • Doesn't allow distribution of music via streaming services
  • May not be as user friendly as expected

Part 4: FAQs of Loudly

Q1. Is Loudly Royalty Free?

A1. Yes, Loudly generates royalty free music. You can visit loudly com website to choose the themes.

Q2. What is the Best Loudly Alternative

A2. The best Loudly alternative is HitPaw AI voice generator. This application works like magic when it comes to generating free music for your projects.

Part 5: Final Thought

There are many possible alternatives to Loudly for AI based music generation, but the single best alternative has to be HitPaw AI Music Generator. With all its diverse features and customisation options, it beats all the other alternatives in the game of creative music generation.

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