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Reviews on IFPI and IFPI Global Music Report

The way people tend to listen to music has changed immensely over the past few years, and rightly so. Now, you can look up the IFPI Global Music report to get all the data regarding the Year's top performers.

Moreover, an IFPI Global Music report also blesses you with an opportunity to learn about the market analysis and emerging trends shaping around the globe. Dig into this guide to know everything about the IFPI 2023 and its annual report.

Part 1: What is IFPI and IFPI Global Music Report?

Several people ask what is IFPI , and there is no rocket science in answering this question. IFPI is the abbreviation of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. It helps music companies advocate for policies, address challenges, etc.

IFPI Global Report, on the other hand, is a yearly publication that offers comprehensive and magnificent details of the current status of the global music industry. It lets you know about the market analysis, revenue trends, digital streaming statistics, etc. The report helps you gather data about music stakeholders, including the streaming platforms and artists.

Part 2: Who is the IPFI Artist of the Year 2023

IFPI, the organization representing the music industry worldwide, has announced that Taylor Swift has won the IFPI Artist of the Year. During the calendar year, the artist's worldwide sales across the download, streaming, and physical music formats were the focal points behind this most anticipated announcement.

ifpi artist of the Year

Part 3: Top 10 IFPI Global Single Chart 2023

If you want to know about the IFPI 2023 report of the top artists and their single tracks, look at the 10 best IFPI single artist tracks mentioned below.

ifpi 2023 report

1.Miley Cyrus- Flowers

Miley Cyrus came up with the single track, Flowers, which had taken the world to a storm.With over 2.70 global subscription streams, Flowers is one of the most streamed single tracks ever.

2. Salena Gomez, Rema- Calm Down

The world doesn't wait long before listening to the hit and classic music track of Selena Gomez, and that's what Calm Down is all about. It prompts 1.89 billion streams and is one of the best IFPI 2023 single tracks.

3. Sze- Kill Bill

Kill Bill has impressed millions of eyeballs around the globe, and rightly so, SZA sang this single with great passion and immense enthusiasm. It also begged 1.84 billion streams around the globe, which speaks volumes about the credentials of this outstanding music track.

4. Ariana Grande-Die

Ariana Grande's Die for You is also one of the most talked about single tracks of 2023, with 1.78 billion streams on different music streaming platforms.

5. Harry Styles-as it was

Harry Styles came up with a unique and attractive single track in the shape of the as it was, and there are many things to admire about this music track. Apart from getting the 1.46 billion streams around the globe, Kill Bill also targets all types of people.

6. Peso Pluma and Yng LvCas -La Bebe

La Bebe is one of the best Peso Pluma and Yng LvCas songs, and it came out in 2023. With 1.45 billion subscription streams, La Beba also remains one of the best songs ever.

7. Taylor Swift- Cruel Summer

The world stops when Tayler Swift's songs and Cruel Summer are no different. With its eye-catching and mesmerizing voice, Taylor Swift has undoubtedly added a new life to Cruel Summer.

8. Morgan Wallen- Last Night

The Last Night of the Morgan Wallan enjoys great stardom, offering fantastic lyrics and a mix of music to select from.

9. Taylor Swift- Anti-Hero

Taylor Swift appeared twice in the IFPI Global single charts, and Anti Hero is truly a sensational and incredible single track, with over 1.31 billion streams.

10. Jung Kook- Seven

Junk Kook features in the Seven, and it sounds pleasing and attractive. Getting the 1.24 billion streams is no small feat that Seven managed to pull off.

Winner of the IFPI Global Single Award for 2023

IFPI, on the 26th of February 2024, declared Miley Cyrus to be the winner of the Global Single Award for 2023.

Part 4: Top 10 IFPI Global Album Chart 2023

Apart from learning about the Global Single Award for 2023, watch for the 10 best global album charts listed below.

ifpi global album chart 2023

1. Seventeen- FML

The FML album by the Seventeen is genuinely remarkable and made huge headlines around the globe. With fantastic lyrics and outstanding voice, FML emerged as one of the best IFPI Global Album charts in 2023.

2.Stray Kids- 5- Star

Start Kids prompts the 5-Star album, and you'll be amazed after listening to this extraordinary and enjoyable music album.

3.Morgan Wallen- One Thing At A Time

One Thing at A Time is another commendable and memorable music album released by Morgan Wallen, and this album has a huge fan following around the globe.

4.Taylor Swift- Midnights

Taylor Swift is everywhere featuring the Midnights album, which was a massive success in 2023 and has become one of the best music albums ever.

5.Taylor Swift 1989

Taylor Swift came up with another music album, and it is pretty astonishing how much effort Taylor Swift put into her musical journey.

6.NCT Dream- ISTJ

If you ask us about the unique music album of the Year, we won't shy away from naming the NCT Dream's ISTJ album.

This album has everything you'd like to see in a music album, offering amazing masala and brilliant lyrics.


SZA came up with The SOS, which is quite an extraordinary and famous album and won the hearts of people around the globe courtesy of its amazing lyrics and excellent music.

8.Seventeen-Seventeenth Heaven

Seventeenth Heaven is another commendable album released by Seventeen that gained immense appreciation in 2023.

9.Stray Kids- Rock Star

Stray Kids came up with a fantastic album, Rock Star, and it also got immense popularity courtesy of the attractive voice of the singer.

10.Travis Scott- Utopia

Utopia is a flourishing and mesmerizing music album by Travis Scott with immense potential to become one of the music albums of the Year.

Winner of the IFPI Album Global Award for 2023

Seventeen's album FML came first as the winner of the IFPI Global Award for 2023, and millions loved listening to this fantastic album.

Bonus Tips: How to Download Top IFPI Global Albums and Singles from Spotify

If you love listening to the IFPI Global Singles and albums from Spotify, HitPaw Video Converter allows you to download these songs in multiple audio formats. The best thing about the HitPaw Video Converter is that it empowers you to convert Spotify music in lossless quality, supporting batch conversion.


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Here's how to download Spotify music through HitPaw Video Converter.

Step 1: Launch the HitPaw Video Converter and choose the Toolbox before hitting the Spotify Music Converter.

choose the toolbox from hitpaw

Step 2: Log in with the Spotify account, navigate to the songs you'd like to download, and press the Download button afterward.

navigate to the songs

Step 3: Once you've clicked the Download button, HitPaw Video Converter starts analyzing that song, and you can review it before getting it downloaded.

start analyzing the song

Step 4: Tap on the ''Convert All to'' button to choose the audio format you'd like to turn the audio into.

choose the audio format

Step 5: Press the Convert All button to download the Spotify music into the preferred audio formats.

download the spotify music

FAQs about IFPI

Q1. What does the IFPI stand for?

A1. IFPI stands for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, which reviews the artists' top trends and challenges.

Q2. Why is IFPI important?

A2. The role of the IFPI is vital as it gives the artists a representation, comes up with data and insights into music trends, and comes up with global collaboration around the globe.


Millions of people wait for the IFPI Global Music Report everywhere, and this post has highlighted the IFPI Artist of the Year 2023, the Top IFPI Global Single Chart 2023, and the Top 10 IFPI Global Album Chart 2023.

HitPaw Video Converter is recommended for downloading the IFPI Global singles and Albums from Spotify.

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