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How to Fix Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video Error?

If you are one of the 80% of parents whose children watch YouTube, ensuring a safe online environment is likely a top priority. YouTube's Restricted Mode serves as a valuable tool in achieving this goal, allowing users to filter content based on titles, video descriptions, and age restrictions. However, occasionally users may encounter an error message stating, "Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video." In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the reasons behind this error and provide step-by-step solutions to rectify the issue.

youtube restricted mode has hidden comments for this video

Part 1: What Is Restricted Mode?

Restricted Mode acts as a content filter on YouTube, using algorithms to identify and restrict content that may not be suitable for all audiences. The filtration process involves checking video titles, descriptions, and age restrictions against predefined filter settings. While it is a valuable tool for users seeking to control the content they or their children view, it's important to note that it's not entirely foolproof. Some undesirable content may still manage to bypass the filters.

How to Turn On Restricted Mode?

Activating Restricted Mode is a simple process that can be done by following these steps:

On YouTube Website or Mobile App:

  • Click on the account icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap the restricted mode toggle to turn it on.

Part 2: How Restricted Mode Works?

  • 1.YouTube Search Algorithms
  • Restricted Mode relies on YouTube's search algorithms to analyze and filter content. These algorithms are automated systems that assess various aspects of videos, such as titles, descriptions, and age-related restrictions.

  • 2.Manual Monitoring by YouTube Employees
  • In addition to automated processes, a team of YouTube employees routinely monitors the filtration system. They manually flag inappropriate content when necessary, enhancing the effectiveness of the filtering process.

  • 3.Administrative Level Restrictions
  • If you face issues disabling Restricted Mode, it may be enabled at an administrative level on the network. Contact the network administrator for assistance.

  • 4.Browser-Specific Activation
  • Restricted Mode is browser-specific, so it needs to be turned on individually for each browser or device you use.

Part 3. Why Do You Get the "Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video" Error?

This error message indicates a problem associated with YouTube's Restricted Mode. It commonly occurs when browsing in Restricted Mode on YouTube or when a system administrator has activated this mode for the network. Restricted Mode not only filters video content but also disables all comments, even those that pass through the filters. How do I fix restricted mode hidden comments on YouTube? Let' try to understand.

Part 4: How to Fix 'Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video' Error?

1.Disable Restricted Mode

  • On PC: Click on the profile picture, select Restricted Mode, and toggle it to the off position.
  • On iOS: Open the YouTube app, tap the profile picture, go to Settings, and turn off Restricted Mode.
  • On Android: Open the YouTube app, tap More, go to Settings, then General, and disable Restricted Mode.
disable restricted mode to fix restricted mode has hidden comments error

If the error persists after disabling Restricted Mode, proceed to the next steps.

2.Turn Off Your VPN

Disconnect from your VPN if connected, as network administrators often enable Restricted Mode on VPNs to filter content. Reopen YouTube to check if the issue persists.

3.Alter Your Domain Name Server (DNS):

  • On Windows 11/10 PC, open Control Panel, go to Network and Sharing Center, select Internet Protocol Version 4, and click on properties.
  • Choose "Use the following DNS server addresses" and enter in the preferred and alternate DNS server fields.
  • After changing DNS, check if the error persists.
chnage dns to fix youtube restricted mode has hidden comments error

A Pro Tip: Save YouTube Videos to Computer

YouTube has become a vast repository of content, and sometimes, you might want to download videos for offline use. HitPaw Video Converter is a versatile tool that allows you to download videos from various platforms, including YouTube. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to use HitPaw Video Converter to download YouTube videos in MP3 or MP4 format with HD quality.

Main Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • Download videos from 10,000+ sites
  • Convert YT videos to MP4 or MP3
  • Download videos in up to 8K resolution.
  • Download subtitles along with video
  • Download all videos from a YouTube playlist or channel
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  • Edit downloaded videos within the built-in editor

How to Download Any Video From YouTube using HitPaw Converter?

  • Step 1:Begin by launching the HitPaw Video Converter application on your computer. Once opened, navigate to the "Download" tab. This is where you'll initiate the process of downloading YouTube videos.

  • Step 2:Open your preferred web browser and go to the YouTube website. Find the video you want to download and copy its URL from the browser's address bar.

    copy youtube link
  • Step 3:Return to the HitPaw Video Converter application and click on the "Paste URL" sign. This action will automatically paste the copied YouTube video URL into the interface.

    paste link
  • Step 4:After pasting the URL, HitPaw Video Converter will analyze the link, displaying video and audio information. You can download videos up to 8K resolution with HitPaw Video Converter. Choose the desired file type, subtitle, and decide whether to download the cover thumbnail.

    youtube to mp4 8k
  • Step 5:With the video details configured, click the "Download" button to initiate the downloading process. You can pause and resume the download at any time, providing flexibility in managing your downloads.

    downloading videos from youtube
  • Step 6:Once the download is complete, you can find the downloaded video in the "Finished" tab. From here, you can play the video using the built-in player, open the output folder to check the converted files, or start editing the downloaded video(s) according to your preferences.

    watch youtube video offline

By following these steps, you can easily save your favorite YouTube content for offline viewing, offering convenience and flexibility in accessing your preferred videos anytime, anywhere.

The Bottom Line

YouTube's Restricted Mode is a valuable tool for parents and administrators seeking to regulate content exposure. However, encountering errors such as "Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video" is not uncommon. By following the detailed solutions provided in this guide, users can troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

We alos introduce a relable video downloader tool-HitPaw Video Converter. It offers an effective way to save YouTube videos for offline watching without ads or premium account.

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