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ReelShort Free Coins: How to Get Free Coins on Reelshort

You don't always have to use money to buy coins for ReelShort. Just yourself ReelShort free coins, and unlock most of the episodes in a series with the free coins.

how to get free coins for reelshort

ReelShort movies are growing in popularity, more interesting to watch, and too thought-provoking to stop watching. After getting hooked up by watching the first like 7, 8 or, 9 episodes, coins are what you'll need to unlock the remaining episodes. When you think of using dollars to open new episodes, think of ReelShort coins.

In this article, we'll show you how to get free coins for ReelShort.

Part 1. What is ReelShort and How Does the App Work?

Every online platform has its target audience and ReelShort has gotten it right. Content consumers are becoming more busy and time-restrained. To capture these audiences, ReelShort movies are streamed vertically and in bite-size. If you use smartphones mostly to watch videos, ReelShort is best suited to you.

ReelShort is a video streaming app whose videos are divided into 1-2-minute episodes and one has to pay the locked episodes to watch. As an HD video streaming platform, you'll get original short-form shows that cannot be found on other video-sharing platforms.

How Does ReelShort App Work

ReelShort publishes new videos weekly in genres like drama, thriller, romance, and suspense. The first few episodes are usually free to watch. To watch all the video episodes on ReelShort, you'll have to use coins to pay to unblock episodes. ReelShort works by targeting middle-aged busy viewers with money to spend on entertainment.

ReelShort aims to bring the movie twists upfront in every episode so audiences can focus on the characters. And why are the movies in vertical? So that viewers don't concentrate on the background.

Part 2. How to Get ReelShort Free Coins to Unlock Episodes

If buying coins on ReelShort is too expensive, there are other ways to get coins to unlock blocked episodes. Unlike the monthly subscription on Netflix paid using real money, ReelShort is designed to use virtual money. The reality is that ReelShort is expensive when buying coins using a credit card or PayPal.

ReelShort rewards you with bonuses for watching 5 ads per day to make it cheap for you to watch episodes continuously. This is among the tactics you can use to earn ReelShort free coins.

Here are sure ways to get you ReelShort free coins that will get you enough coins to unlock about 5 episodes.

how to get free reelshort coins

1. Watch Ads Daily To Get ReelShort Free Coins

Watching ads daily will earn you enough free bonuses equivalent to coins to unlock several episodes. Since not every show has free episodes, don't fall for the ReelShort offer to purchase coins. ReelShort now offers a maximum limit of 7 ads daily, earning you up to 250 bonuses.

reelshort free coins hack

For you to earn free coins, watch the movies from the app. Download the app to your device and get the first 10 ReelShort free coins for checking in. After check-in, you'll be asked to watch an ad to earn 20 coins. Different ads earn different amounts of coins. Watching a single ads will earn you between 15-40 coins. The total amount of Reeshort free coins I'll earn today after watching today's 7 ads is 175 coins.

2. Daily Check-In on The ReelShort App

So that you don't miss check-in daily on the ReelShort app, don't forget to turn on the check-in reminder. Among the easiest ways for you to earn free coins on ReelShort is by daily check-in on the ReelShort app.

checking in daily on reelshort to earn free coins

The main disadvantage of using this method to earn free coins on ReelShort is you can only check in once per day and the coins earned are few. Bonuses or the free ReelShort coins you get expire after 5 days.

3. Performing Daily Tasks

From the ReelShort app, you'll get 30 free coins if you accept to receive a “New Drama Notification” as a reward for performing those daily tasks. Another daily task you can perform on ReeShort and get ReelShort free coins is to “Follow ReelShort on WhatsApp”. For this task, ReelShort rewarded me with 30 free coins.

Daily tasks vary from one to another. Perform the tasks you find to get ReelShort bonus coins.

4. Download Apps and Games

Downloading apps and games directly from the ReelShort app will earn you the highest amount of coins. This doesn't come on a silver platter. To earn the 330 free coins, you've to download an app or a game from ReelShort and complete one-, two-, or three-story levels.

how to get free reelshort coins

Part 3. Tips: Download ReelShort Movies to Watch Offline without Coins

There are so many negative reviews majorly about ReelShort movies' cost. To many viewers, it's taking too long to get the ReelShort free coins reward. To avoid these challenges and watch ReelShort free, download ReelShort movies to your device to watch offline. And the recommended tool for downloading ReelShort movies is the HitPaw Video Converter.

This software downloads videos, images, and audio from all the popular video, audio, and image-sharing websites. It not only downloads files fast but even new users find it extremely easy to use.

HitPaw Video Converter Main Features

  • Downloads videos and audio from 1000+ sites like Reelshort, YouTube, Dailymotion, BiliBili, Instagram, Soundcloud and many more sites
  • Download full episodes from Reelshort without registered account
  • Watch Reelshort movies offline without ads
  • Download Reelshort movies to 4K/8K quality
  • Convert video to any other device and format without compromising quality
  • Batch downloads videos at ultra-fast speed

How to Download Movie/Videos From ReelShort with HitPaw Video Converter

  • Step 1.Free download and install the HitPaw Video Converter into your computer. This program works on the latest Windows and Mac systems.

  • Step 2.Go to Reelshort official website, search for the movie and open it. Copy its link from the browser address bar.

    copy reelshot video link
  • Step 3.On the HitPaw Video Converter, navigate to the Download tab. Click on the Paste URL icon. Wait for the program to finish analyzing the link.

    analyzing video link
  • Step 4.Once the parse completes, you can see the video info. If it is a playlist link, you will be able to preview all episodes. Choose the desired episode(s), and choose a format, quality, and subtitle.

    download full episodes from reelshort
  • Step 5.Finally, click the Download button to start downloading full episodes from Reelshort. After the downloading process completes, you can access to the downloaded video via the Downloaded tab.

    reelshort video downloading process

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can We Watch ReelShort for Free?

A1. Yes, you can watch ReelShort for free. The first option you should use to watch videos free is to watch ads, perform daily tasks, and download apps and games to earn free ReelShort coins to unlock locked episodes.
The best alternative to watch ReeShort free is by downloading the videos with the HitPaw Video Converter into your computer to watch offline.

Q2. How Do You Unlock Episodes on ReelShort App?

A2. To unlock episodes on the ReelShort app, earn coins on ReelShort and use them to pay for the locked episodes to be unlocked. You can opt to buy the coins using your money or use the ReelShort free coin hacks explained.


There are different ways of earning ReelShort Free coins. Watching ads, answering survey questions, and accepting a notification earn you ReelShort bonus coins. With these free ReelShort coins, you get to watch ReelShort free. Who doesn't want to avoid the extortionate offers on ReelShort? Download the HitPaw Video Converter and start downloading your favorite movies from ReelShort to watch offline for free.

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