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(Updated!) BEST 6 Ways to Get Glass-breaking Sound in 2024

In the world of sound effects, the sharp and startling sound of glass-breaking holds a unique place. Whether for filmmaking, game development, or theatrical productions, the right glass-breaking sound can add intensity and realism to any scene. In this guide, we'll reveal the top six ways to source these captivating sound effects for free in 2024.

glass break

Best Way to Get Glass-breaking Sound on Windows/Mac

HitPaw AI Voice Changer

HitPaw Voice Changer is your ultimate tool for accessing an array of sound effects, including the realistic and dramatic glass-breaking sound. It's designed to elevate your audio experience in content creation or any project requiring authentic sound effects.

Highlight Features

  • Rich Sound Library:
  • Explore a vast collection of sound effects, with the standout glass-breaking sound at your fingertips.

  • Seamless Integration:
  • Effortlessly add glass-breaking sounds to your projects for an instant dramatic effect.

  • Instant Sound Adjustment:
  • Experiment with and preview sound effects in real-time to achieve the perfect result.

  • Intuitive Design:
  • Navigate through the software with ease, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Using Steps of HitPaw Voice Changer

1. Import the Audio/Video: Begin by importing your audio or video files featuring glass-breaking sounds.

Importing files in HitPaw

2. Choose AI Voice Effects: Select the AI voice effects that best suit your glass break sound.

Importing files in HitPaw

3.Tweak Voice Settings: Adjust the pitch and voice similarity to refine the glass-breaking sounds in your audio or video.

Importing files in HitPaw

Leverage HitPaw AI Voice Changer to elevate your glass-breaking sound experience, adding depth and realism to your content or gaming adventures. Whether you're a content creator seeking dramatic effects or a gamer aiming for immersive experiences, HitPaw AI Voice Changer is your go-to tool.

2 Most-Picked Glass-breaking Sound Effect Apps

1. Soundly

Soundly sound effects platform

Soundly is a comprehensive sound effects platform that offers a wide array of high-quality glass-breaking sounds. With its extensive library and intuitive interface, Soundly is a favorite among audio professionals and content creators.


  • Vast Library: Access thousands of sound effects, including a variety of glass-breaking sounds.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Quickly find and preview sounds with Soundly's user-friendly interface.
  • Cloud Integration: Store and manage your sound effects in the cloud for easy access and organization.

Steps to Operate

1. Download and install Soundly from their official website.

2. Browse or search for glass-breaking sounds in the library.

3. Preview and download the desired sound effect for your project.

  • Extensive collection of high-quality glass-breaking sounds.
  • User-friendly interface for efficient sound browsing and selection.
  • Cloud storage for easy sound effect management and access.
  • Some advanced features may require a subscription.
  • The vast library might be overwhelming for new users.

2. ZapSplat:

Online glass break sounds

ZapSplat is a popular online resource for free sound effects, including a variety of glass-breaking sounds. It's a go-to platform for content creators looking for quality sound effects without breaking the bank.


  • Diverse Sound Effects: Choose from a wide range of free glass break sounds.
  • Regular Updates: ZapSplat frequently updates its library with new sound effects.
  • Simple Navigation: Easily find and download sound effects with a straightforward interface.

Steps to Operate:

1.Visit the Zapsplat page.

2.Use the search function to find glass-breaking sounds.

3.Preview and download the desired sound effect for your project.

  • Large selection of free glass-breaking sound effects.
  • A regularly updated library ensures fresh content.
  • Easy-to-use interface for quick sound effect browsing and downloading.
  • Some premium sounds require a subscription.
  • The website's layout might be basic for some users' preferences.

3 Hottest Online Glass-breaking Sound Effects

1. Videvo:

Videvo stock sound effects

Videvo offers a diverse range of creative assets, including a selection of glass-breaking sounds. It's a comprehensive resource for content creators looking for high-quality sound effects.


  • Wide Variety of Glass-breaking Sounds: Access different types of glass-breaking sounds to suit your project needs.
  • Filtering Options: Easily find the desired sound with filters like categories, duration, and licensing.
  • Free and Premium Options: Choose from a mix of free and premium sound effects.

Steps to Operate:

1. Visit their page.

2. Browse or search for glass-breaking sounds.

3. Download the selected sound effect for your project.

  • A diverse range of glass-breaking sounds.
  • Advanced filtering options for easy searching.
  • Both free and premium sound effects available.
  • Some premium sounds may require a subscription.
  • Limited selection of free sounds compared to premium options.

2. Voicy:

Free soundboard on Voicy

Voicy is a popular platform offering a wide selection of sound effects, including glass-breaking sounds. It provides users with an easy-to-use interface for exploring and downloading sound effects.


  • Variety of Glass-breaking Sound Effects: Find authentic and expressive glass-breaking sounds for different content creation needs.
  • Advanced Search and Filtering: Locate sound effects based on keywords, categories, and popularity.
  • Curated Collections: Discover popular glass-breaking sounds through curated collections and trending sections.

Steps to Operate:

1. Navigate to the website.

2. Explore the library of glass-breaking sounds and other sound effects.

3. Select and download the desired sound effect for your project.

  • Wide range of glass-breaking sound effects.
  • Precise sound selection with advanced search and filtering.
  • Easy discovery of popular sounds through curated collections.
  • The interface might be overwhelming for some users due to the abundance of options.
  • Advanced features may require a learning curve for new users.

Voiceai voice effects offers innovative voice-changing and sound effect capabilities, including glass-breaking sounds. It's perfect for adding dramatic effects to your content or gaming experiences.


  • Authentic Glass-breaking Sounds: Access a variety of effects and settings to replicate the sound of glass-breaking.
  • Real-Time Voice Modulation: Modify your voice in real-time for gaming, streaming, and online interactions.
  • Wide Format Support: Compatible with various audio and video formats.

Steps to Operate:

1. Download and select "Glass-breaking Sound" from the options.

2. Choose from a range of glass-breaking voice effects.

3. Adjust the pitch and characteristics to match the desired sound.

  • High-quality glass-breaking sound effects.
  • Real-time voice modification for interactive experiences.
  • Supports a variety of formats for compatibility.
  • Free users face limitations in processing and exporting files.
  • Compatibility may vary across different platforms and devices.


The sharp and distinctive sound of glass-breaking is a powerful audio element that can add drama and intensity to your projects. With tools like HitPaw AI Voice Changer, and platforms like Videvo, Voicy, and, you have access to a wide array of high-quality glass-breaking sound effects. These resources provide both free and premium options, ensuring that you can find the perfect sound to suit your creative needs. Whether you're working on a film, a game, or any other multimedia project, incorporating these glass-breaking sounds can elevate your content and captivate your audience. So, explore these platforms and let the sound of breaking glass bring your projects to life.

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