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How Can We Tell the Difference? The Trump Arrest AI Photos Look So Real

Donald Trump is the former president of the USA and has been pretty controversial. He has had many cases against him, including one of the strong ones about the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, a porn star. On the 21st of March 2023, when Trump was all set to get arrested, social media, especially Twitter, was filled with AI-generated images showing the arrest of Donald Trump.

If you intend to talk about the Trump arrest AI photos and how the trend went, look at this mind-blowing guide.

Part 1: Trump Arrested AI Photos Go Viral on Twitter

Elliott Higgins, creative director and founder of Bellingcat, tweeted that people are making Trump AI photos. The post was seen 2.2 million times, so many people found the AI photos of Trump being arrested legitimately. Since Twitter has clear instructions that no one could mock or harm others through an image, Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, laughed at the post and revealed that they wouldn't be taking action against this.

The craze of the Eliot Higgins post was such that many people believed that Trump had been arrested, and several newspapers also talked about the AI photos of Trump being arrested.


Part 2: 5 Tips to Spot AI Fake Photos Like Trump Arrest

You can see millions of AI generated images circulating the internet. Unfortunately, determining that the images you're seeing there are generated by AI technology isn't a difficult task.

Luckily, we have listed amazing tips that will help you to assess whether the images are AI generated or not.


1. Look at the hands

AI Image generators have a history of creating human images having multiple fingers. Despite AI technology becoming popular worldwide, it also has some glitches, and you can easily identify them without wasting time.

2.Inanimate objects could be off base.

An AI generator like Midjourney that produces AI content, including the Trump arrest AI photos, could defy logic and reality. You can look at the fences, eyeglasses, and bicycles to spot the clue regarding the images created via the AI generator. The AI-generated images might miss the earpieces or earrings, which should be enough to reveal that images are generated.

3.Check for garbled text.

If you're assessing the AI image and whether AI creates it, you'll need to look for the writing on the AI-generated images' background, like billboards or Street signs. It might have happened that the image you've generated might have sounded real, but the things appearing in the background don't make any sense.

4.Scan the background

The images produced by AI may have distorted or blurry details, particularly in the image background. The law enforcement officers' faces were misshapen or blurry in one of the AI photos of Trump's arrest. In the other AI Trump photos, police officers were looking in the wrong direction.

5.Are the photos artistic looking or overly glossy?

AI-generated photos might be garishly stylized, and people appear with plastic-looking faces. The AI-generated Pope Francis's face has had the aesthetic sheen revealed by Henry Aider. Although AI software helps you to make the images smooth and soothing, it doesn't give them the much-needed perfection.

Part 3: How Should We Treat AI-Generated Photo

The concept of creating fake images is a familiar one. For Instance, in the past, a photo of the shark present in the flooded city streets was circulated during several storms, including hurricanes. We shouldn't overthink the AI fakes and must not ignore the fake images circulating here and there.


Researchers have found that if we believe that whatever we're heading is fake, the fake AI-generated Images won't harm us in any aspect of our life. We all have fallen for fake images at some point, and there is no issue becoming a fool while seeing deep fake images. However, these photos shouldn't get generated aiming to mock or harm someone as it is completely illegal and unethical.

Part 4: How to Enhance the AI-Generated Photo to Its Perfect Condition

Is improving the quality of AI-generated images possible? You can't expect the AI generations to produce the perfect photo quality. Hence, you might need to upscale the image quality, and that's what HitPaw Photo AI is pretty good at.

ai photo generator trend

With the 5 eye-catching and mouthwatering AI models, improving the quality of images has become so much simpler. HitPaw Photo AI also requires you to import the image and let it do the rest making the photos look watchable.

  • Upscale the image quality in a few clicks
  • Enables you to modify the quality of images automatically
  • Compatible with the Mac and Windows
  • Doesn't affect the resolution of photos
  • Helps you to resize the image effortlessly
  • 100% safe

You can follow the guidelines below to enhance the AI-generated images.

  • Step 1: Sign up with the personal credentials after installing the HitPaw Photo AI enhancer on the Mac or PC. Next, you'll need to start the program and click the Choose File option to upload the photo you want to upscale.

    ai photo generator trend
  • Step 2: After dragging the image to the timeline of HitPaw Photo AI, you'll need to select the AI Model you'd like to apply to the images.

    ai photo generator trend
  • Step 3: Preview the photos after adding the AI model and hit the Export button to begin downloading the edited image.


The Trump arrest AI photos had taken the world to storm, with fake images of AI photos of Trump arrest circulating everywhere. Apart from revealing the origin of the AI Trump arrest photos, we have also listed mind-blowing tips to spot fake photos like Trump arrested AI photos.

HitPaw Photo AI is the most recommended and sensational photo quality enhancer if you intend to improve the quality of AI-generated images automatically.

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