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5 Best AI Tools to Capture the Motion in 2024

With the Motion capture technology, recording the movements and applying them to the 3D model is quite simple. Capturing the motion of the moving objects has become a simple courtesy courtesy of the motion capture tool.

If you're looking for the motion capture suit tool, you can dive into this post to explore the 5 highly reliable and commendable tools given below.

Part 1: What Is Motion Capture

Motion capture tends to record the movement before translating it into the data which could be the reason by an animation software. This way, you can apply the motion capture reading to the 3D character or rig.

There is a miscommunication around that motion capture requires a big production team and a big budget. Instead, you can even use the cellphone to capture the movements of the objects performing the functions on your device. For instance, Instagram uses the mocap type to track the face in real time before applying the simple animation overlays.

It is kind of the same technology which you can see in the facial mocap app of Rokoko for iOS allowing the 3D artists to capture the facial method helping you to apply these motions in the custom character in the 3D animation projects.

Part 2: Top 5 Avatar Motion Capture Software

Exploring many options to get reliable motion capture animation software on board is difficult. Luckily, we've reviewed 5 of the most sensational facial motion capture tools listed below.

Rokoko motion capture

If you're aiming for the motion capture tool, there won't be any better tool than the Rokoko. It is a commendable avatar motion capture that allows you to track the movements of the objects, allowing you to translate the data into 3D animations.

The best thing about the motion capture camera tool is that it doesn't affect the image quality, and you won't see the unwanted watermark or ads spoiling the fun. On top of that, Rokoko motion capture offers affordable rates, and you won't have to spend a lot of money to create the amazing 3D animations.

facial motion capture


  • Offers a simple user interface
  • Doesn't affect the image quality
  • Prompts the affordable services
  • Easy installation

Vicon motion capture

Another amazing capture the motion tool you can look at is none other than Vicon motion capture. Only visiting the official webpage of the Vicon motion capture and then installing the software on the PC will be enough to capture the movements made into the mobile device or into your surroundings.

With this webcam motion capture tool, you don't need to put in the hard yards to capture the motion and then translate that data into 3D animation.

motion capture movies


  • Comes up with the intuitive user interface
  • Allows you to track the movements of the objects quickly
  • No image quality loss
  • Easy installation process

Blender motion capture

Blender is amazing open source software which is used widely on the indie projects across the globe. It prompts reliable integration and is one of the most popular and reliable software in the mocap system.

Whether you're looking to capture the movements of objects for personal purposes or commercial purposes, Blender doesn't take any extra time before getting the job done. On top of that, installing the Blender is fairly simple, and you can get the premium package of these amazing tools quickly without paying a lot of money.

motion capture animation


  • Open source
  • Used by the individual creators
  • Totally free to use
  • Free retargeting plugin for the mocap animation

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine was used for video games initially, but things have evolved immensely recently. With the live streaming capabilities and real time rendering, Unreal Engine for virtual previsualization and virtual production.

It empowers you to capture the movements of the people walking to the streets or events happening into the mobile device. Despite offering highly professional and amazing features, Unreal Engine ensures you can produce highly sublime and amazing outcomes, and turning the tracked data into 3D animation is simpler than you think.

face motion capture


  • Great for game development
  • Perfect real time rendering
  • Offers the top-notch virtual production solution

Cinema 4D

After exploring the various motion capture animation tools, if you want to access some more virtual motion capture tools, you can go for the Cinema 4D. It prompts the simple user interface and doesn't ask you to spend much money to start capturing the motion.

Apart from capturing the motions of the objects, Cinema 4D also lets you transform the collected data into 3D animation without affecting the quality of the images.

motion capture


  • Fairly versatile and simple to use
  • Premium package comes up with the affordable rates
  • Simple animation toolset
  • Prompts the FX system
  • Comes with easy installation

Extra Tip: Best AI Motion Generator Online

Gone are the days when you would have to spend a lot of time editing an image and adding the animations to the photos. With HitPaw Online Dance Generator arriving to the scenes, you can upload the images and apply the commendable animated templates.

Despite offering highly professional and advanced features, this free online photo animator offers the services for free. With HitPaw Online Dance Generator, you can produce a mesmerizing animated avatar having outstanding and eye-catching image quality.


  • It helps you to produce the animated images quickly
  • Doesn't put the watermark on the images
  • Doesn't affect the quality of the images
  • Supports the Mac and Windows
  • Allows you to import the multiple images simultaneously
  • Offers the affordable premium package
  • Explore the amazing free trial version.

Here's the step by step guide to create the animated avatars quickly through HitPaw Online Dance Generator.

Generate Now!

Step 1:

To begin with, you'll need to visit the official webpage of the HitPaw Online Dance Generator and then select the photo you'd like to animate. You can also drop and drag the images into the timeline HitPaw Online Dance Generator HitPaw Online Dance Generator also enables you to import multiple images simultaneously as it supports batch processing.

motion capture system

Step 2:

HitPaw Online Dance Generator offers many outstanding animated templates; you can select the most appropriate option from there. HitPaw Online Dance Generator empowers you to explore the AI generated image templates.

generate motion ai

Step 3:

With HitPaw Online Dance Generator, you can quickly add animations to the images, courtesy of the fast algorithm. After applying the animated templates, you'll need to click on the Preview button to review the changes made to the images. Once you're satisfied with the outcome of the images, you'll need to hit the Export button to download the images to the computer.

ai generate motion


Despite having many motion capture markers around the globe, finding the most suitable and reliable options remains a big challenge. We have listed some of the most sensational and commendable motion capture tools that empowers you to gather the data about the movements made into the mobile device or other devices.

HitPaw Online Dance Generator remains the most recommended option when it comes to producing the AI generated avatars. Apart from allowing you to create impressive animated avatars, HitPaw Online Dance Generator doesn't affect the quality of the images.

Generate Now!

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