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Best 10 AI Picture Outline Makers to Turn Photo to Sketch

Creating outstanding outlines on your photos can help transform them into captivating and unique works of art. If you want to emphasise your picture's key elements or add a little creativity, then you can use the best picture outline maker. This tool will add an artistic touch to your picture whether you want to enhance your social media post or are looking to create custom graphics.

how to make an outline of a picture

Part 1: 10 Best Photo Outline Makers Free Online

When it comes to how to make an outline of a picture, there are numerous tools available that can transform your pictures into unique sketches and line drawings. These tools utilize advanced technology to simplify the process and allow users to unleash their creativity.

1. VansPortrait

If you want to know how to make an outline of a picture then VansPortrait is here for you. It just takes five seconds to create an AI-generated line art. AI will take care of the rest; all you have to do is upload your photo to the website. You can easily and quickly turn a photo into an online line drawing with the desired result by using VansPortrait.

picture outline maker Features
  • Minimalism is a unique feature.
  • VansPotrait offers animated filter options.

2. Fotor Picture Outliner

How can I make an outline of a picture? This is a common question and the solution is the Fotor picture. Fotor Picture Outliner is a powerful and adaptable AI-powered tool. It is used to turn images into line drawings in black and white or as a single-colour image. It is simple to use and has an intuitive interface, so anyone may use it regardless of artistic ability.

app that makes outlines of pictures Features
  • It is a free picture outline maker.
  • A quick and inexpensive approach to generate line drawings.

3. Picsart

With only a few clicks, you can easily convert your images into stunning line drawings using PicsArt. It is another well-known line-drawing generator. How to make a picture outline Without any prior drawing knowledge, anyone can easily turn your photographs into line drawings using this program.

app to make an outline of a picture Features
  • It has Customization, you can change the line thickness, colour, and style to fit your tastes.
  • You can embellish your drawings with text and other design components.

4. Tech-lagoon

With the simple web tool Image to Edge from Tech-lagoon, users can easily convert their favourite images into line art or stencil-like designs. Users can customize and create one-of-a-kind designs by adding text overlays and adjusting line thickness.

free picture outline maker Features
  • Several file types are supported by Image to Edge.
  • It offers a variety of models, including Smooth, Pencil, and Fine pens.

5. Rapidresizer

RapidResizer is also a sophisticated online application that allows you to easily turn your photographs into high-quality line art. With this software, you may accomplish your desired outcomes with a variety of features and customization choices, whether your goal is to create original designs or convert your favourite photographs into black-and-white line drawings.

how to make a picture an outline Features
  • It offers four distinct styles: adaptive, threshold, thin, and edges.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.

6. Media.io

You can turn images into lovely sketches with Media.io Photo to Sketch. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, the tool transforms the image into lines and hues to produce a hand-drawn appearance. You can select from a variety of sketch methods, including pencil, pen, charcoal, and more, and upload your own photos.

how to make a picture an outline in photoshop Features
  • It has a personalization option, you can change parameters like contrast, brightness, and line thickness.
  • It provides you with high-resolution PNG or JPG files.

7. Lunapic

You may edit your photos outlining effects to create line art online using Lunapic. The end effect is more like a black-and-white photo than a line drawing because the line in the output photo is insignificant. As the image illustrates, one of the best things about this picture outline creator is the variety of effects it provides.

how to make a picture into an outline Features
  • It can create different styles and moods for their pencil sketches by adjusting the pencil width.
  • This tool gives you more control over the final output of your pencil sketches and aids in the creation of the desired style for your photographs.

8. Vectordad

Easily turn photographs into beautiful line drawings with Vectordad, an amazing line art portrait generator. Its capacity to create incredibly intricate and precise line art that accurately captures the spirit of the source image is what makes it unique.

how to make a picture just an outline Features
  • It produces amazing results in a fraction of a second.
  • It offers an automated and effective photo-to-line-drawing conversion tool, which resolves the issue of manually producing line drawings.

9. Super Stencil Maker

The primary goal of the Super Stencil Maker line art generator is to meet your needs for paintings, t-shirts, signs, and other art-related items. To further personalize the result, you can also choose from a variety of stencil styles, such as street art, graffiti, and military, and change parameters like contrast and brightness.

how to make a picture just the outline Features
  • It produces a more watercolour-like look.
  • You can choose the stencil's format and size, which makes it appropriate for a variety of uses.

10. AI Draw

AI Draw is an additional online tool for turning photos into line art that lets you alter the colour of the image. When combined with a curved line, it can produce an original and artistic impression. It just takes three steps to use and is simple. After selecting Get Started and uploading a picture, watch as the AI drawing starts.

how to make a picture outline Features
  • It allows us to see the entire process of AI turning your image into a line drawing.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.

Extra Tip: How to Make an Outline of a Blurr Picture

Enhance Your Picture to a Higher Quality HitPaw Photo AI--Best AI Photo Enhancer

No doubt, the HitPaw Photo AI proves to be a blessing not only for designers but all the other content creators. They can take full benefit of this amazing tool and can create stunning content.

HitPaw Photo AI, well-known for its prowess in photo editing, extends its versatile capabilities to serve as a proficient photo enhancer. This multifaceted software empowers users to take their images to the next level, enhancing their quality, appearance, and visual appeal.

picture outline maker Steps to Use it

The steps of how can i make an outline of a blur picture are very simple to follow.

  • Step 1:Visit the official website of HitPaw Photo AI to access the official software package. After downloading, launch the software and import the image you intend to enhance.

    app that makes outlines of pictures
  • Step 2:You can do this by either clicking the "Choose File" option or simply dragging and dropping the original image into the software interface.

    apps to make outlines of pictures
  • Step 3:Once the image is uploaded, initiate the enhancement process by clicking the "Preview" button, allowing a brief processing time.

    free picture outline maker
  • Step 4:After previewing the effect, and once you are satisfied with the enhancement, click the "Export" button to save the improved photo.

    app to make an outline of a picture


Conversion of a picture into an outline has become an easy task because of the available platforms as photo outline maker. These tools come with amazing features and speculation that let content creators and designers bring betterment to their work. You can go ahead with HitPaw Photo AI for the creation of stunning video content along with the facility of a photo outline feature.

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