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Top 7 Fast AI Obituary Writers You Should Not Miss

In today's fast-paced digital world, AI-powered tools are making once-time-consuming tasks easier than ever before. This includes the commemoration of loved ones' lives through thoughtfully written obituaries.

AI obituary writers allow people to automatically generate well-crafted memorials by simply inputting basic personal details about the deceased. These services provide customized tributes instantly, saving families precious time and emotional bandwidth during an enormously difficult period.

The top AI obituary writers combine thoughtfulness with technological efficiency to create meaningful memorials. This blog post provides an updated 2024 list of the 7 best fast, affordable AI tools for crafting obituaries worth remembering.

Section 1: Understanding AI Obituary Writers

AI obituary writer meaning is automated services that use artificial intelligence technology to generate customized obituaries. They prompt users to provide basic facts and details about the deceased, such as their name, birth/death dates, family members, career highlights, interests, and accomplishments. Sophisticated algorithms then analyze these details to compose thoughtful, thorough life summaries that honor the deceased.

AI obituary writers offer significant time-saving and accuracy benefits over trying to produce them manually. They can instantly create complete drafts tailored to the individual that only require minor user edits. Their programmed intelligence also mitigates the difficulty in encapsulating someone’s life highlights under emotional duress. The AI ensures important milestones are remembered accurately and respectfully.

Section 2: Top 7 AI Obituary Writers to Genetare Obituary Fast

1. FuneralTech


FuneralTech's AI Obituary Writer, also known as the Click. Click. Obit., is a fast, state-of-the-art obituary writer AI tool that integrates seamlessly and easily into its website. It brings advanced AI technology and convenient 24/7 accessibility to families for creating obituaries.

  • Latest AI tech for high-quality obituaries
  • Creates obituaries in seconds
  • Simple prompts and questions format
  • Accessible 24/7 directly through the funeral home's website
  • Can seem impersonal with very little writing needed from families
  • Limited ability to customize AI-generated text

2. Tribute Technology


Tribute Obituary Writer is an intuitive obituary writer tool from Tribute Technology that makes it easy for families to create customized, meaningful obituaries in just a few clicks from a funeral home's website.

  • Easy-to-use prompts for families to respond to
  • Option to recreate with different tone styles
  • Families can edit and share final drafts
  • Empowers families to write on their own
  • Quality of AI writing can be inconsistent
  • Limited customization options

3. Legacy


Legacy's free ObitWriter uses advanced AI to turn memories into thoughtful obituaries. It generates a full draft for families to review and customize for newspaper publication and online memorial pages.

  • Free to use
  • User-friendly AI draft review/editing
  • Integrates obituaries into Legacy's wider online memorial ecosystem
  • Keeps obituaries visible for community remembrance
  • Must publish obituary on Legacy to use service
  • AI does not always capture nuanced personal details

4. Akeeva


Akeeva's Obituary Writer promises to create beautiful, detailed life stories in minutes using AI to save families time and emotional difficulty while writing.

  • Convenient, fast obituary generation
  • Detailed, personalized life stories
  • Easy for anyone to use
  • Alleviates writing burden for grieving families
  • AI writing style lacks human touch
  • Less room for personal customization

5. FrontRunner Professional


FrontRunner Professional's Obituary Writer uses AI to empower families and staff to create thoughtful, high-quality obituaries within seconds using prompts on a funeral home's website.

  • Extremely fast obituary creation
  • Tone style options for customization
  • Families can edit final drafts before sharing
  • Alleviates writing stress for families
  • Limited ability to manually customize AI text
  • Quality of writing is not always ideal

6. 1Director


1Director’s AI-powered obituary writer pulls data from its case management software to reduce errors and instantly generate polished, personalized obituaries for families. It is an obituary writer free.

  • Prepopulates data to prevent mistakes
  • Included subscription feature
  • Custom overriding abilities
  • Facilitates family collaboration
  • Requires use of 1Director software
  • AI narration can lack personal touches

7. ChatGPT Obituary Writer


While not a specific product, ChatGPT’s AI capabilities can be used to automatically generate custom obituaries by prompting it with details about the deceased. It is more like an obituary writer generator.

  • Completely free to use
  • Conversational input style
  • Can fully customize generated text
  • Very fast turnaround time
  • Inconsistent quality and accuracy
  • Repeated outputs for more text

Section 3: FAQs of Generating Obituary with AI

1. Exploring AI Obituary Writer Jobs and Salary

AI obituary writing is an emerging career field as demand grows for these services. Most obituary writer jobs currently involve working for the obituary writer companies featured in this blog to help train their AI algorithms. Obituary writer salary typically range from $45,000-$65,000 annually based on experience. With the increasing adoption of AI writing, specialized obituary writer roles may disappear, though programming and AI training jobs will remain.

2. Free AI Obituary Writers and Templates

While most advanced AI obituary writers charge subscription fees, ChatGPT provides free AI-powered writing and obituary writer templates created by other users. Users simply provide prompts about the deceased, and ChatGPT generates custom obituary text to download and edit as needed. Some funeral home websites also offer basic fill-in-the-blanks obituary templates for free that families can use before publishing. ChatGPT is the best free AI obituary writer.

Section 4: Ultra-Tips: Best Photo Enhancer for Old Photo

While AI obituary writers help craft thoughtful memorial narratives, AI photo enhancement technology can repair and improve the quality of cherished obituary photos. Damaged, faded prints from decades past can be restored to their original vibrancy. The best AI photo editor for resurrecting aging obituary images is HitPaw Photo AI.

HitPaw Photo AI is an intuitive yet advanced AI photo editing software packed with features tailored to obituary photo restoration. Its one-click image enhancer utilizes AI to perfectly clarify details and enrich color in dull scans or prints.

  • AI Image Enhancer: Naturally upscales image clarity, color, and resolution from any faded, damaged print or scan. Ensures no obituary photo is too far gone for revival.
  • AI Face Generator: The professional face model rebuilds damaged facial features and textures in obituary photos with striking realism. The perfect tool for reconstructing those smiling vintage closeup images.
  • Object Remover: Erases unwanted people or items in the background of obituary photos that would distract from the deceased with just a few clicks.
  • Background Remover: Replaces cluttered backdrops with a clean, solid color so the focus remains on honoring the deceased in obituary images.
  • AI Photo Colorizer: Flawlessly hand-color black and white obituary photos with realistic pigments for that perfect vibrant print or online memorial display.
  • Step 1:Go to HitPaw's website and download their photo editing software for free to start restoring aged obituary images.

  • Step 2:Open HitPaw and upload the old or damaged obituary photo you want to enhance. It supports all common formats like JPG, PNG, and TIFF.

  • Step 3:HitPaw has AI models tailored to different photo restoration needs. Choose Scratch Repair Model for overall quality boosts, Face for rebuilding facial details, Colorize to add tint and more.

  • Step 4:Preview how the AI enhancement improved your obituary photo. Export the renewed image once satisfied to use online or in print memorials.



As discussed, services like FuneralTech, Tribute, Legacy, and Akeeva use advanced algorithms to create thoughtful, high-quality obituaries within seconds that only require some final manual polishing.

But if you want to color and enhance your photos, we highly recommend HitPaw Photo AI.

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