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[2024 Updated] Top 6 Recommended AI Expand Image Tools

After clicking the images, performing the editing operations on the photos is paramount.

Can you uncrop the images to ensure that the efforts you've put in to create images don't go in vain? Luckily, you can opt for the AI expand image tool to uncrop the image without affecting the image quality. The good thing is that this post is all set to introduce the 6 excellent AI image extender free tools for you.

Part 1. What is AI Photo Extender?

AI photo extender is a brilliant tool that enables you to uncrop the images' relevant and most important parts. It performs the editing operations in such a way that the quality of the image is not compromised.

On top of that, an image extender AI is powered by AI technology and analyzes and extends the images automatically.

Scenario 1

While editing the images for marketing purposes, you ended up eliminating the necessary edges from the images. Opting for the AI expand image is an appropriate gig, enabling you to uncrop the image automatically.


Scenario 2

You are worried about the image's quality and size and love to increase the corners of an image without causing quality loss. An AI photo extender assists you to expand the images without asking you to do much.


Part 2. Top 6 Recommended AI Photo Extender Tools

1. Image Extender with Fotor

You can look at the multiple AI expand image tools offering profound features, but Fotor remains one of the most stand out tools ever to grace the world. Fotor isn't only a photo extender; it is much more than that, as flawlessly editing the images is one of the motives of the Fotor.

The interface Fotor brings to the table is nothing gorgeous; you only need to visit the Fotor to extend the images. Fortunately, Fotor offers the free version, but unlocking the advanced features is only possible when you acquire the premium package.

  • Brilliant image quality input
  • Simple used interface
  • Powered by AI technology
  • No installation required
  • The free version prompts the limited features

2. Image Extender AI with Canva

Another reliable image extender you can aim at is Canva. It is one of the most versatile photo editing tools that has all the basics covered. From allowing you to extend the images significantly to assisting them do more photo editing operations, this AI powered image extender has got everything in it for you.

Moreover, Canva also brings various sensational templates to choose from, and you can use the editing operations of Canva to begin the editing operations.

  • No Installation required
  • Effortless user interface
  • Import multiple images
  • No image quality loss
  • Unwanted ads

3. Photo Extender with Kapwing

Kapwing AI photo extender allows you to resize the photos without stretching, helping the AI manage all the editing tasks. It empowers you to browse brilliant royalty-free photos, and the built-in editor is the icing on the cake.

The AI picture extender also offers tools like a trimmer, resizer, waveforms, collaborative editing, background remover and more.

  • Offers an intuitive user interface
  • It doesn't prompt the image quality loss
  • Multiple photo editing features
  • The premium package is a bit expensive.

4. AI Picture Expander with Runway

RunwayML is also a creative and immaculate tool to AI expand image without prompting image quality loss. Extending the images is only a matter of a few seconds courtesy of the simple user interface of the RunwayML, and editing multiple images at once is also possible.

  • Free to use
  • No installation needed
  • Doesn't put the watermark
  • Multiple photo editing features
  • Annoying ads might pop up.

5. Extend Image with AI on PicSo

Extending the images and making them look joyful is also possible courtesy of PicSo. It is quite an exciting and immaculate way for AI to expand image, and it doesn't mess up with the image quality. Picso carries some of the most advanced AI-powered features, enhancing the user interface brilliantly.

  • Simple user interface
  • No Installation
  • No watermark
  • Turn the text into a beautiful image
  • Extend the images effortlessly
  • The premium package is expensive.

6. AI Picture Extender with Phot.AI

If you're ignoring Phot.AI, you'll regret it later, as it is a brilliant AI photo extender that expands the images automatically. It is blessed with AI technology, implying that you can perform all editing operations automatically.

There are several things to look at in Photo.AI, but this tool offering professional features without charging even a penny is one of the best.

  • Simple user interface
  • Free to use
  • Multiple photo editing features
  • The free version carries the watermark.

Part 3. The Best AI Tool to Enhance Images with HitPaw Photo AI

Struggling with the images' shortcomings isn't new, as millions face this issue. Luckily, tools like HitPaw Photo AI overshadow the issues you face with the images. Blessing you with six outstanding AI models and a simple user interface, HitPaw Photo AI asks you to enhance the image quality in a few seconds.

The algorithm of the HitPaw Photo AI is such that importing multiple images simultaneously and then editing them at once is also possible.

  • It lets you resize or reshape the images instantly
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Put away the blur and noise from the images
  • Upscale or enhance the images in one click
  • Explore the 6 eye catching AI models
  • Import multiple photos simultaneously

Here's the step by step guide to learn how to enhance images through HitPaw Photo AI.

  • Step 1:Install the HitPaw Photo AI and then start it to begin the editing operations. Click on Choose Photo and then import either one photo or multiple images into the Timeline of the HitPaw Photo AI.

  • Step 2:Go through all the 6 AI models of the HitPaw Photo AI and select the most appropriate.

  • Step 3:Once you're ready to get the outcome of the photo, click on the preview button to review it. Next, tap the Export icon to download the photos to the preferred location.


Part 3. FAQs of Realistic AI Photos

Q1. Can you extend an image with AI?

A1. Artificial intelligence can do anything, and extending an image is also one of the most prominent features of AI. To extend an image, all you need to do is import the photo into the main interface of the photo extender and then let the AI photo extender do the rest.

Q2. How do I use AI expand the image background?

A2. You can expand the image using some of the sensational AI expand tools. You must upload the photo and select the background before clicking on the Expand icon to expand the image background. The process will last only a few moments before extending the photos.


Finding reliable AI expand image tools is still a daunting task. Roaming about here and there doesn't help you acess the most reliable image extender tools, but this post does. We have gathered 6 inspiring ways to help you learn how to use AI to expand an image.

If the AI image extender free prompts the image quality loss, HitPaw Photo AI is the most recommended option to improve image quality quickly.

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