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[2024] Quick Niconico Downloaders Recommendation

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-05-23

Niconico is a famous Japanese streaming site and has a lot of video resources. Niconico video downloader is the best video downloader that you have ever used. It has exciting features and converts videos into different formats quickly. You can upload, view, share and download videos from Niconico.

You might be wondering how do I download videos from Niconico? To get your answer, keep reading!

Stable and Fast: Use HitPaw to Download Niconico Videos Right Away

HitPaw is an excellent downloading and converting software. It's a simple yet feature-rich desktop converter that allows you to download video with a fast speed from 1000+ popular sites such as Niconico, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and so on. The only thing you need to do is copying the video's URL and paste it in HitPaw. Then you have the access to download it without limits. Compared with other Niconico downloaders, HitPaw could be the easiest and most stable one.

What's more, You can use HitPaw Video Converter to convert videos from one format to another. It allows converting videos and audio files to over 800 different video and audio formats. A built-in editor also prepared for you to do any edits if you want.

Following is a step to step guide to download Niconico videos by HitPaw Video Converter

First of all, you can get HitPaw Video Converter now by clicking the button below.

Step 01 Open HitPaw Video Converter and Select “Download” Tab. Click “Paste the URL”

Step 02 Past the URL of the video you want to download. It'll soon start analyzing. You can choose to download its video, audio, or a thumbnail. Resolution and format are also supported to be selected.

use hitpaw as a good niconico donwnloader

Step 03 Click “Download” to get videos on your device.

use hitpaw as a great niconico downloader

Convenient Choice: Niconico Video Downloader Chrome

If you are a Chrome user, then you would be surprised to find this amazing Chrome extension, which is an exclusive Nico video downloader for chrome. It is the Awesome Niconico downloader. This downloader will allow you to download niconico videos on your chrome easily and quickly.

Awesome NicoNico Downloader

Awesome NicoNico Downloader for Chrome is a Niconico video downloader powered by fbion.com. The tool allows you to download videos, thumbnails, and avatars from Niconico video, as well as copy video tags and owner IDs. As a multilingual extension, you can change the language of the panel to one that you are familiar with.

Following is a step to step guide through which you can download Nico Nico video.

  1. Navigate to the Chrome web store. Look up Awesome NicoNico Downloader.
  2. Select "Add to Chrome. "Select"Add extension" in the confirmation window that appears.
  3. Open and play the Niconico video that you want to save. At the top left of the video, there is a small download button.
  4. To be redirected to the download page, click the button.
  5. Choose a video resolution – 720p, 360p, or something else – and download it.
awesome niconico downloader is a nico video downloader for chrome

Another Option: Nico Video Downloader Online

If you are looking for other options to download video from niconico downloader. You can choose Amoyshare and Paste video downloaders to download Niconico videos.


It's a fantastic Nicovideo downloader for Chrome and Firefox. It allows you to easily download various Niconico video content to MP3 or MP4 format. AmoyShare's Niconico Downloader allows you to download Nicovideo to MP4 in a variety of resolutions.

amoyshare is a nico nico video downloader online


PasteDownload is essentially a web-based video downloader that supports multiple video sites in one place. You can download videos, audio, and photos (if any) from Niconico video by simply pasting the video URL into the above input form.

PasteDownload will automatically extract the video file from Niconico video so that it can be downloaded and saved on your device offline. With this, you can watch the video whenever and wherever you want, without needing to connect to the internet.

pastedownload is a nico video downloader online

FAQ: How do I get audio from my Niconico?

Niconico may be the best website to watch anime, video games, and pop music if you enjoy them. If you are still left with the question in your mind, how do I get audio from my Niconico? Don't worry. Following are the two solutions to download Niconico MP3.

Solution 1: Use HitPaw to download the MP3 format of the video

You can use HitPaw for Niconico video download. You can directly download the Niconico video from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other website in MP3 format using HitPaw easily and effortlessly. You can use the following steps to download the MP3 format of the video using HitPaw.

  1. Copy the link of the video.
  2. Paste it on HitPaw
  3. Choose MP3 format to download

Solution 2: Use HitPaw to convert file to MP3 format (If already have video file)

If you already have a video file on your device and you want to convert it into MP3 format. You can do that by using HitPaw. Simply upload the video and use the convert option to select and then choose the MP3 format and convert the file.


In a word, Niconico video downloader is a must-need for you if you're a Niconico lover. HitPaw Video Converter could be the one you like. With it you can freely download video, audio from Niconico stably and fast. Of course, downloading YouTube videos is also available. What are you waiting? You can try it now!

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