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(Updated!) BEST 6 Ways to Get Alarm Clock Sound in 2024

In today's fast-paced world, getting up on time is crucial. Whether you're a heavy sleeper or need that extra push, finding the right alarm clock sound can make all the difference. This article explores the best methods to get alarm clock sounds in 2024, catering to various preferences and platforms.

From traditional alarm clock sound machine to innovative online alarm clock sound, you'll discover reliable options to ensure you never oversleep again. Let's explore these six practical ways to wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Part 1: Facts About Alarm Clock Sound

Alarm Clock Sounds

Waking up to the right sound can significantly impact your mood and daily productivity. Although people can use an alarm clock with a sound machine, advancements have led to various online alarm clock with sound.

From gentle melodies to more abrupt tones, alarm clock sounds play a crucial role in our morning routines. Understanding the science behind alarm sounds and their effects on our sleep patterns can help us choose the most suitable option for our needs.

Part 2: Best Way to Get Alarm Clock Sound on Windows/Mac

HitPaw AI Voice Changer offers a unique approach to alarm sounds, allowing users to customize their wake-up experience easily. This innovative software provides different features to enhance the alarm clock experience, making it a standout choice for Windows and Mac users. You can't only use this alarm soundboard but also pick up from various vibes, moods, animals, and other categories. It even lets you add the keybind for the specific sound effect. You can also save the sound parameters for the next time. It even enables you to preview the sound and voice effects before applying.


  • User-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  • Customize alarm sounds with AI voice modulation
  • Export your alarm clock sounds in popular audio formats
  • Provide alarm sound clock effects on Discord, Twitch, etc.
  • Free trial available for first-time users

Click Now & Check How to Use Soundboard

Step 1. Choose HitPaw Virtual Audio

Choose HitPaw Virtual Audio

The first step is to open any compatible platform you want to play the alarm clock sound and choose "HitPaw Virtual Audio" as the audio input.

Step 2. Select the Alarm Clock Sound

Select Alarm Clock Sound

Launch the HitPaw Voice Changer and open its "Soundboard" section. Go under the "Vibe" category and select the "Alarm Clock" sound. Click it to apply and listen to the effect.

Step 3. Change Global Settings

Change Global Settings

It's time to check the bottom to enable or disable the "Switch voice changer" and "Hear myself." You can also change the "Volume" and start looping.

Step 4. Adjust Voice Settings

Adjust Voice Settings

Lastly, hover your mouse over the "Original" section with the "Save adjust" button. This button lets you adjust the "Volume," "Pitch," and "Timbre." That's all!

Part 3: 2 Most-Picked Alarm Clock Sound Apps

Besides using an alarm clock sound machine or an online alarm clock with sound, it's better to use mobile apps for ease of use. Let's explore the two best ones.

1. Alarmy (Android & iOS)

Alarmy Alarm Clock Sound

Alarmy is a top-rated alarm clock app known for its innovative wake-up methods. It is a popular choice for those seeking a reliable alarm solution. It even offers a sleep-tracking feature for a quality rest.

Step 1. Install Alarmy from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 2. Customize your alarm settings, including sound and wake-up challenges.

Step 3. Set your alarm and ensure it's enabled before going to sleep.

  • Variety of wake-up challenges to ensure you get out of bed
  • Customizable alarm sounds and snooze options
  • Provide in-app purchases
  • Advanced features require a premium subscription

2. Loud Alarm Clock (Android & iOS)

Loud Alarm Clock Sounds

Loud Alarm Clock is a simple yet powerful alarm app designed to wake even the deepest sleepers with loud and persistent alarms. You can also set the timer after you can't snooze anymore.

Step 1. Install the Loud Alarm Clock from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 2. Set your desired alarm time and customize alarm sounds if preferred.

Step 3. Ensure your device's volume is maximum for optimal wake-up alerts.

  • Simple interface for quick alarm setup
  • Loud and persistent alarm sounds
  • Customizable snooze options for added flexibility
  • Limited additional features compared to other alarm apps

Part 4: 3 Hottest Online Alarm Clock Sound

For those who prefer online tools, here are the three best online alarm clock sound tools to explore:

1. Orange Free Sounds

Orange Free Sounds Alarm Clock

Orange Free Sounds offers a diverse selection of alarm sounds, ranging from traditional beeps to nature-inspired melodies, catering to various preferences.

Step 1. Open the Orange Free Sounds website and navigate to the "Sound Effects"> "Alarm Clock Sound."

Step 2. Browse through the options and choose your desired alarm sound.

Step 3. Download the chosen sound file and set it as the alarm tone on your device.

  • Easy download process with no registration required
  • Regularly updated library with new additions
  • Limited customization options
  • Come up with the ads on the interface

2. Storyblocks

Storyblocks Alarm Clock Sounds

Storyblocks offers a premium selection of high-quality alarm clock sound effect suitable for professional and personal use, ensuring a reliable wake-up experience.

Step 1. Sign up for a Storyblocks account and access the "Sound Effects" under the "Media Type" section.

Step 2. Use the search filters to find the perfect alarm sound.

Step 3. Tap the "Download" icon for the chosen sound file and set it as the alarm tone on your device.

  • High-quality audio files suitable for various applications
  • Offer the customization of the desired sound effect
  • A paid subscription is required to access the full library
  • Not suitable for the professionals

3. Mixkit

 Mixkit Alarm Clock Sounds

Mixkit offers a curated selection of royalty-free alarm sounds, including nature sounds alarm clock. It is perfect for personal projects or professional presentations, ensuring a seamless wake-up experience.

Step 1. Visit the Mixkit website, choose "Sound Effects" from the menu, and search for the "Alarm" sound category.

Step 2. Preview the available options by clicking the "Play" icon and choose your preferred alarm sound.

Step 3. Click "Download" to save the selected sound file and set it as your device's alarm tone.

  • Royalty-free alarm sounds suitable for various projects
  • Easy download process with no attribution required
  • Regularly updated library with new additions
  • Limited customization options compared to dedicated alarm apps


Finding the right alarm clock sound is essential for starting your day on the right note. Whether you prefer a traditional alarm clock sound machine or innovative online tools, plenty of options suit your needs. However, for a truly customizable and unique wake-up experience, try HitPaw AI Voice Changer due to its AI-powered voice modulation capabilities for a personalized alarm sound.

In a world where every second counts, don't let oversleeping hold you back. Take control of your mornings with the best alarm clock sound solutions available, and embrace each day with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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