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How to Get Apple Music 6 Months Free Trial

Getting on a musical journey often comes with a price tag, but what if you could indulge in your favorite tunes without spending a penny? With Apple Music's 6-month free trial, that dream becomes a reality. Here, we'll navigate through the avenues that lead to this enticing offer, ensuring you're equipped to enjoy uninterrupted musical bliss for half a year.

Get Apple Music's 6 Months Free Trial

The Allure of Apple Music's 6-Month Free Trial

The allure of Apple Music's 6-month free trial lies in its promise of unparalleled access to a vast library of music, tailored playlists, and exclusive content, all without any financial commitment. This tantalizing offer opens the doors to a world of musical exploration and discovery, allowing users to immerse themselves in their favorite tunes for a generous half-year period. With such a compelling opportunity at hand, one might wonder how to seize this remarkable deal. Thankfully, there are various methods available to make this musical dream a reality, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the magic of Apple Music without breaking the bank.

1: Apple's Exclusive Deals (6 Months)

Apple frequently entices new users and rewards loyal customers with special music promotions. By purchasing eligible audio devices like AirPods or HomePod, users can unlock an extended 6-month free trial of Apple Music. This enticing offer caters to both newcomers and existing subscribers, making it a compelling option for music enthusiasts of all kinds.

This offer is available to owners of the following products:

  • AirPods Pro
  • AirPods (2nd generation) and AirPods (3rd generation)
  • AirPods Max
  • Beats Studio Buds, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, Beats Solo Pro, Beats Fit Pro
  • HomePod mini
  • HomePod

2: Collaborations with Partners

Apple extends its reach by partnering with companies like Verizon, Rogers, and Barclaycard to offer exclusive deals to their customers. Through these collaborations, subscribers can enjoy up to 6 months of Apple Music without spending a dime. Whether you're a telecommunications customer or a credit card holder, there's an opportunity waiting for you to elevate your musical experience.

3: Best Buy's Limited-Time Offers (3 Months)

For those seeking a more traditional route, Best Buy unveils a range of enticing offers on Apple Music subscriptions. From 3 to 12-month free trials, Best Buy caters to both new and returning subscribers, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to indulge in their favorite tunes without the Apple Music subscription cost. Act swiftly, though, as these music promotions may not last long.

Get Apple Music for Free through Best Buy

4: Verizon's Integrated Offering (6 Months)

Verizon seamlessly integrates Apple Music into its smartphone plans, offering eligible Unlimited customers a complimentary subscription for the first 6 months. By subscribing to select Unlimited plans, users can access Apple Music's extensive library of songs, playlists, and more, all without incurring additional charges. It's a seamless experience for Verizon customers looking to elevate their musical journey.

5: Barclaycard's Exclusive Offer (5 Months)

Residents of the United Kingdom can elevate their musical experience with Barclaycard's exclusive 5-month free trial of Apple Music. As a Barclaycard holder, subscribers can enjoy not only Apple Music but also other Apple services like Apple TV+, Apple Fitness+, and Apple News+ at no additional cost. It's a comprehensive entertainment package for music enthusiasts across the UK.

Get Apple Music for Free on Barclaycard

6: Rogers' Exciting Promotion (6 Months)

Rogers caters to both Android and iOS users with its 6-month Apple Music promotion. By subscribing to the Rogers Infinite plan, users can unlock a half-year of Apple Music at no cost. Whether you're a new subscriber or an existing one, Rogers ensures that everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Apple Music without breaking the bank.

Get Apple Music for Free on Rogers

Extra Tips: How to Get Apple Music Forever after Free Trial Ends

While there are several methods to enjoy Apple Music for free up to 6 months, it's crucial to remember that a subscription fee of $10.99 per month will be automatically incurred after the trial period concludes. If you choose not to continue with a paid subscription, you will lose access to all your Apple Music tracks, a situation many music enthusiasts may find disappointing.

However, there's a solution to this problem. By using HitPaw Apple Music Converter, you can convert songs from Apple Music into MP3, FLAC, WAV,or ALAC formats at a speed 10 times faster than normal. This way, you can download your entire Apple Music library in one go and permanently save all your music tracks on your local drive, retaining access to your music even after your free trial or subscription has ended.

Features of HitPaw Apple Music Converter

  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, FLAC or M4A
  • Remove DRM from Apple Music songs
  • Keep original ID3 tags
  • Download playlist and album in the built-in web player
  • Listen to Apple Music on any device after downloading
  • Keep the downloaded songs for permanent offline listening

How to Download Apple Music for Permanent Offline Listening

  • Step 1:Open HitPaw Video Converter after installation. Go to the Music tab and open Apple Music Converter.

    hitpaw apple music converter
  • Step 2:Sign in to your Apple Music account using your Apple ID. This step is crucial for accessing your music library and initiating the conversion process.

    Sign in to your Apple Music account using your Apple ID
  • Step 3:Utilize the built-in web player to search for your favorite songs or artists. When you open a track or playlist, click the Download button to analyze the track info.

    download apple music
  • Step 4:After analysis, you can preview the music info. HitPaw Video Converter defaults to MP3 as the output format. However, you have the flexibility to choose from other formats such as M4A, FLAC or WAV. Adjust the output bitrate according to your preference.

    convert apple music to mp3
  • Step 5:Click the "Convert All" button to initiate the conversion process.

    downloading apple music to listen offline

After the conversion is complete, access the converted songs in the specified folder. Now you can enjoy your Apple Music offline and without any restrictions.


Unlocking Apple Music's 6-month free trial is a gateway to unparalleled musical exploration. by leveraging the methods outlined above, you can unlock six months of musical delight with Apple Music's free trial. However, to ensure your Apple Music playlists remain accessible after the free trial ends, consider using HitPaw Apple Music Converter to download and convert Apple Music to MP3 format.

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