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How to Get Apple Music Receipt

Receiptify integrates seamlessly with Apple Music. This makes it easy for you to get Apple Music receipt. Receiptify Apple Music is a dream come true for music enthusiasts because it unleashes users' music listening habits on Apple Music. With Receiptify for Apple Music, you'll get to know your top favorite songs, artists, albums, and genres.

apple music receipt

Do you want to know your favorite top 10 songs you've been playing on Apple Music and how to download them to listen offline forever? With HitPaw Apple Music Converter, it'll take you a few seconds to convert and save your favorite Apple Music songs permanently into your computer. Generating Apple Music Receiptify will enable you to see the tracks, artists, and albums you cherish most. Keep reading to learn how to get Apple Music Receipt and the easiest way to save the songs on the Apple Music Receiptify.

Part 1. What is Receiptify Apple Music?

We discussed Apple Music Replay in a previous article. While Replay will give a yearly and monthly recap of your listening history, Receiptify will generate a receipt of the top 10 most played songs. Receiptify Apple Music emanates from the integration of the two online services: Apple Music and Receiptify.

Receiptify Apple Music is an online tool that displays users' top 10 most-played songs on Apple Music in the form of a receipt. One of the advantages of Receiptify is the ability to generate your last week's, last month's, last 6 months, and all-time top 10, or 50 most-played songs on Apple Music. With the receipt, sharing your favorite tracks, albums, and artists with your friends is easy.

Receiptify works well with Apple Music. It also integrates with Last.fm and Spotify. However, it doesn't work as Spotify as it does with Apple Music. Receiptify for Apple Music only does “Heavy Rotation” This means it showcases data for an undefined period of times.

Part 2. Why You Need Receiptify for Apple Music

Most are the times when you want to listen only to your most favorite music. Even without knowing the name of the song, you the lyrics to these songs automatically flow in your mind. Receiptify for Apple Music, gives you the opportunity to have a list of only the tracks you keep listening - the tracks you love most.

Here are other reasons why Apple Music Receipt is important for you:

  • It shows your music preferences:Receiptify showcases your favorite Apple Music tracks, albums, and artists. The songs you prefer and play, top the list on the receipt.
  • Gives insights into your listening habits:Receiptify allows users to see their top 10 most-played songs on Apple Music, thus providing insights into their listening habits, and music preferences over certain periods.
  • Compatible with diverse operating systems:Receiptify seamlessly integrates with the commonly used operating systems. This makes it possible for you to integrate Receiptify with Android, iOS, and web users.
  • Easy to share listening history:It'll be easy for you to share your listening history on all social media platforms in a receipt-style format.
  • Tracking music listening stats:Since you can generate Apple Music Receipts for the past different periods of time including a whole year, it's possible to keep track of your listening stats.

Part 3. How to Get Apple Music Receipt

Getting Apple Music Receipt is too simple, All you need to do is visit the Receiptify website and log in with your Apple Music account. It's free to integrate Receiptify with your Apple Music account and get receipts based on your listening history for the past one week, last 6 months, and last year.

Follow these steps to learn how to make Apple Music Receipt:

  • Step 1.Go to the Receiptify homepage on your browser and choose the option "Log in with Apple Music".

  • Step 2.Log in with Apple log in information. Do you use Safari? After opening Safari, allow a pop-up to enable you to log in with your Music app.

    receiptify website
  • Step 3.Click on "Allow" on the “Access Request prompt”. Then, filter your Apple Music receipt-style data by selecting either 'Top Tracks', 'Top Artists', or 'Top Genres'.

    generate apple music receipt
  • Step 4.Receiptify will automatically analyze your Apple music listening data and generate a receipt-style representation showcasing your top 10 most played songs, artists, or genre.

To download this Apple Music receipt, click on the "Download Image" at the bottom.

how to download apple music receipt

Part 4. What to Do If Receiptify Apple Music not Working

It's not automatic to log into your Apple Music from Receiptify and start making Apple Music receipts. If you log in to Apple Music on Receiptify and it doesn't generate receipt or you can't find the login page, there's a reason for Receiptify Apple Music not working.

Here are the solutions for Receiptify Apple Music not working:

Solution 1. Allow pop-ups on Android, iPhone/iPad

Allow blocked pop-ups on your web browser or device. This will enable you to find the Receiptify Apple Music login page.

On your Android, launch the Chrome app on your Android device. Next, go to the address bar, click on "More" , and then go to "Settings". Lastly, select "Permissions", next choose "Pop-ups and redirects", and then enable "Pop-ups and redirects".

Solution 2. Restore internet connection

Test your internet stability, or strength by first steaming tracks on Apple Music. If the app can't play, restart your router. If the problem persists, use an alternative stable and strong Internet source.

Solution 3. Try refreshing the Receiptify website severally

Probably Receiptify is getting choked by too much traffic. Or, the Receiptify app on your browser has errors. Refresh the Receiptify website severally to fix the errors, and then log in to your Apple Music.

Solution 4. Clear cookies

Clearing cookies on your browser and website data can fix Receptify Apple Music not working. Again, when you clear cookies on a specific website, you improve its performance.

Part 5. Bonus Tip: How to Save Apple Music Receiptify Top Songs Forever

Now that you know your favorite songs on Apple Music, saving the songs to your device will give you the freedom to play them anytime offline. To save the Apple Music tracks on the Receiptify list, use HitPaw Apple Music Converter. Remember, the moment your Apple Music subscription expires, you cannot listen to the top 10 songs or artists on Apple Music.

HitPaw Apple Music Converter allows you to download and convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, and many more formats losslessly. It has an easy-to-navigate user interface and it downloads tracks at ultra-speed.

HitPaw Apple Music Converter Features

  • Removes DRM protection from Apple Music songs.
  • Converts Apple Music to MP3, WAV, M4A or FLAC at 120X faster speed.
  • Supports batch downloading of Apple music playlists.
  • Has a built-in Apple Music Web Player to listen to and download Apple Music songs directly.
  • Preserves the original ID3 tags after conversion.
  • Also supports downloading music from other streaming platforms including Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, etc.

How to Convert Apple Music Receiptify Songs to MP3

Follow these steps to convert, download, and save Apple Music as MP3 with HitPaw Apple Music Converter.

  • Step 1:Free download HitPaw Video Converter on your Windows or Mac, Install and launch this software. Click on the Music tab and choose Apple Music Converter.

    opening applemusic converter
  • Step 2:In the web player, please sign in to your Apple Music with your Apple ID.

    sign in to apple music
  • Step 3:Now that you're on the Apple Music. When you open a track, playlist or album, click the Download button to start analyzing the target music info.

    download apple music album
  • Step 4:After analysis, you can preview the music track details. Here, you can check the songs you needed, select an output format and quality. The default format is MP3 320kbps.

    download apple music to mp3
  • Step 5:Finally, click the Convert All to start downloading Apple Music to MP3 in bulk.

    converting apple music to mp3


The introduction of Receiptify was huge step for music enthusiasts and DJs for they can now download, save and share songs on Receiptify Apple Music. That's why you should learn how to get Apple Music Receipt. Being the top favorite and most played tracks on Apple Music, downloading the songs with HitPaw Apple Music Converter would be much better for you can access your best songs at any time.

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